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carolinapanthers__ TIght End Chris Manhertz working technicals with safefootball and speed and agility with Coach lukejacobwilliamson Very cool guy and interesting story on how he started playing pro football. #doyourush #rushelite #nfloffseason #trainwheretheprosgo


#Repost fakebakebeautynicola with repostapp・・・Here comes the beauty technicals: This needle-free Collagen Plumping Gloss is a 2-phase product that allows you to prescribe your own pout, taking it from zero to hero. Mix either one, two or three drops of the Collagen Plumping Mixer with the Collagen Plumping Gloss for additional va va voom. Containing an effective peptide, this signals the lip to produce more of that coveted collagen, while Glycerin gives a plump, hydrated look and a very clever Copolymer creates the illusion of a glass-like smoothness… Mwah! Just mix, apply and maximise! Tel: 07920516291 to order yours now £14.95 #lipinflate #Manchester #fakebakebeauty #screamandpout #ordernow


The Big Bleau is a large-format volume with a texture and finish of Fontainebleau. A large pinch or good jug, but if we turn becomes a great big sloper. It is a perfect volume for competitions, combining several identical each offers show in any competition.Technicals: Anchor type: Only Screw on Weight: 4.300 kg Texture: Fontainebleau Hollow at the back Material: Polyurethane Brand: Psyco Art Holds Design: Ferran Guerrero Price: 64,94 € (VAT Included) #psyco #psycoholds #psycoartholds #psycoartholdsstudy #psycoartholdsdesign #psycoartholdscompany #shapingholds #holdshaping #hollowback #designinbarcelona #designpsycoartholds #design #texture #organic #fontainebleau #screwon #volume # #bleau #newshapes #newholds #polyurethane #climbinghold #climbingholds #presas #presesdescalada #presasdeescalada


New blog post up ! Remember these are only summaries. The detailed , explained posts are available on our site in the blog section. See link in bio. #AUDUSD #Fundamental: Fed says something, market disagrees, what a unique situation right ? Not so much these days but next week the Fed will give the central bank a chance to add more clarity.As for #AUD, a meeting holds later in the week. #Technicals: AUD went full steam and it showed, especially since the train was not meeting much resistance from the #USD . Now at a crucial point with possible upcoming opportunities. #EURUSDF: #EUR doing well this week as things seem to go in the right direction with the French presidential elections and the #GDP forecasts update.T: Last week’s predictions turned true. We’re keeping an eye on the intra-days. #GBPUSD F: #BoE goes into confusing territory as the wishes aren’t much supported by the facts. The intentions sing beautifully but we’re not holding our breath until updated inflation forecasts and speeches from more #MPC members arise.T: Surprise to many but called by us, the #GBP went from 1.2100 all the way up to 1.2400. “What now?!”, you may ask. Check the blog post for details. #USDCADF: Bad #Oil news, bad #CAD news. Luckily , the USD sell off saved CAD’s face as essentially when everyone is ugly nobody looks particularly hideous. Next week we have some important #CPI release so keep an eye on that.T: Bears for days in Canada. Apparently not enough bear traps, however we might be able to capitalize on these movements if the right signals happen. #USDCHFF: Clear statements given by the #SNB which only means one thing.T: Currently we’re hovering around parity which is a key zone that could model the right signals. #USDJPY F: Although the USD sell off empowers the #JPY, the fundamental situation doesn’t look as pretty for the yen even if on short term we could see otherwise.T: Just as we predicted, the yen respected the top of the range and sold off, falling towards the next set of obstacles. We’re now considering a set scenarios that give us clear signals as to what will happen next.All these + #FTSE, #DAX and #DJI analysis available now on our site

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