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Starting our Turkey day off right with an 8am workout! Carolyn was impressed that I could put her on my shoulders, not sure if she’s telling me to work legs more or what, but mission accomplished 💪🏽. • Also, I’m sure you all are getting bombarded with Black Friday specials, but legionath is having a 25% off sitewide sale with the code ‘FRIDAY17’. If you do need to stock up, my link is in my bio. We just came out with a nootropic which helps with mood and cognitive thinking. The focus on it is great and it doesn’t contain any caffeine so you can take it at night for people in school who need to study up for their finals coming up! #thanksgiving #swolemate #workout #fitcouple #mrandmrs #justinnutrition #fitfam #teamlegion #blackfriday #arms #flex #muscle

88 0 Nov 23, 2017

Thanksgiving workout complete! 🦃💪🏻 • I have restarted joeyconsagra_ ‘s workout program from the beginning and it’s been kicking my ass! I freaking love it! Pushing myself every single day. Oh and he’s doing / great promotion of 50% OFF his program and nutrition plan. He is donating the proceeds to toys for tots! Go check it out! • Also if you need any supplements legionath is having a 25% OFF Black Friday sale! Use promo code “FRIDAY17” at checkout! Make sure you click the link in my bio! Their Whey+ tastes sooooo good 😍 • Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Time to eat a ton of turkey! 🤣

28 5 Nov 23, 2017

This week I started my new job as a Nurse for the Royal British Legion; it also seemed like the perfect motivation to REALLY start hitting the gym again, in preparation for the London Marathon, which I’ll also be running for the Legion in April. So if you see me in the next 5 months and I’m wearing anything that is not the above outfits, just know I made a special effort! All apologies for the upcoming running spam, but no apologies whatsoever for the upcoming fundraising spam; watch this space! #marathontraining #amigoingtodie #thisisgoingtohurt #royalbritishlegion #rbl #virginmoneylondonmarathon #londonmarathon #nurselife #running #teamlegion

11 1 Nov 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃‼️Enjoy time with family. I know I will! 👍🏼Whoever said that a minute on the treadmill is the longest ever is a GD lie! A minute of battling ropes is an eternity ⏱. I am swinging arms fast & furious for what seems like a minute, look at my timer only to discover I've been at it for 23 seconds! 😳 Active rest day: Are you tired of running for an hour straight? Me, too! It's nice to add some variety to any training- A. Surprise your body. B. Keep your mind engaged! - - - - - 📷🎥 credit: the lovely jenkev1 - - - - (X3) 5 minutes treadmill- (X3) 1 minute battling ropes- (X3) 5 minutes bike- plus 5 minutes of rowing. Finished with 3 sets of single arm hangs- grip was gone as you can see in the video... * * * * * #ocr #teamlegion #fitness #ocrtraining #grip #training #fitcouple #hanging #battleropes #fitnessjourney #fitover40 #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #beastmode #athlete #happythanksgiving

20 4 Nov 23, 2017

What else would you do at 6am on thanksgiving if not squats! Bunch of singles this morning at 325, 335, and 345. Feeling a lot more confident in my squat going into this meet than I was at the last meet 💪

22 2 Nov 23, 2017

#teamlegion #royalcanindogshow

27 0 Nov 23, 2017

Day 471: “Bands are useless” “people just use them to look cool.” Yes, they do look cool, but no they are not useless. Bands are especially good for when doing squats and deadlifts when doing dynamic effort. Helping learn explosiveness out of the hole. One major benefit to using resistance bands is an adjusted mechanical load. When you lift a free weight object thru a range of motion, the load does not change during the movement. It’s a constant mass and provides different stimulation at various points within the movement. To use “muscle heads” who want to build the most muscle, it means that half of the movement of any given exercise isn’t providing optimal stimulation and maximum overload. I take this to mean 50% or so is not optimized. Think of the squat. You are stronger in a quarter squat than a half. And stronger in a half than a full. The sticking point of most squats is at the bottom. As you get higher, the load transfers off the muscle and onto joints. But what if there was a way to make the load variable? By using a combination of resistance bands and free weights at the same time, you can overload the whole range of motion! The free weight will provide the greatest overload the initial point while the bands provide resistance at the finishing portion. •shop legionath link in bio • #TeamLegion #TheGrind

12 0 Nov 23, 2017

When your quads are getting brolly but your calves still belong to a 5 year old child. #babycalves

197 6 Nov 23, 2017

Arm workout done, now where’s that TURKEY.. #happythanksgiving 🦃 💪🏻

101 5 Nov 23, 2017

Lunges. Summer Body on Winter ❄️

142 3 Nov 23, 2017

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." - Aristotle Giving the fans an up-close and personal view of James Alexander at CLASH Wrestling. Photography by: chazyshay #photography #actionphotography #TeamProPhysique #legionathletics #teamlegion #fit #physique #physiquemodel #npc #ifbb #abs #actor #model #modeling #prowrestler #wwe #nxt #gfw #impactwrestling #ringofhonor #evolve #pwg #roh #wwn #raw #smackdown #bwcw #CLASHWrestling #JustinMane

78 2 Nov 23, 2017

In the last 24 hours, my car battery died and ended up needing replaced. Then driving home after picking it up, I blew out a tire (3 weeks after putting on 4 news ones). However, my little brother is home for thanksgiving and for that, I am incredibly thankful 🙏🏼💪🏼 Some days don’t go your way, but there is always a silver lining ⚡️

77 5 Nov 23, 2017
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