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💥Protein Smoothies💥 - - Currently I am eating in a caloric deficit which means I am feeding my body less energy then I am expending. Protein smoothies are a staple in my diet every day. They are a great way to get in a lot of protein. For example my usual smoothie has 50-60g depending on the ingredients that I use. - - All you need is: 1. Protein powder 2. Liquid (I use an unsweetened blend of almond/cashew milk because I like the consistency that it produces) 3. Frozen fruit 4. Any other ingredients (I love peanut butter but you could also use PB2 which is a powdered version of peanut butter that is lower in calories) 5. You probably want a blender too....that might help. 🤷🏻‍♂️ - - Shoutout to surlybrewing for sponsoring this post. Use the code “albino15” for 15% off your next surly purchase. Please don’t do that. It’s fake. - - - #iifym #food #diet #bodybuilding #fitlife #fitness #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #cleaneating #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #workout #muscle #inHisnamewelift #workhardstayhumble # #supplements #teamLegion #motivation #LegionAthletics #faithandfitness

66 2 Feb 22, 2018

Feeling a little blue today😪😂🤷🏼‍♂️ . When oxprofitnesssupplements leaves you a tank at the gym and you end up matching way too much 😂 finishing off shoulders with triceps working up to 40’s on overhead extensions superset with machine dips doing some BFR👌🏼 . Sitting at 177lbs this morning. By far the best and leanest I’ve felt at this bodyweight. I think the best things I can attribute this to is not focusing excessively on the scale letting it control my day to day intake, taking things really really slow with the weight gain, lifting heavy, and not doing crazy amounts of cardio. I’m the past I’d be waking up early, going for walks, being super active all day etc. now I’m forced to not do that with a broken leg so I’ve been getting way more sleep and rest and it’s done me really well on this progression 🤙🏼

623 20 Feb 22, 2018

Check out these latest photos from my match with EL RIDICULOSO on the last episode of Proving Ground XICW's "Proving Ground Season 4: Episode 5" is THIS SUNDAY, February 24th, in Warren, Michigan at the Hot Rocks Music Bar. Show starts at 5:30. This show will get crazy. Team GQ (Lotus and myself) vs. Team Jacobs (Dre Jacobs, Alex Weir, and Jack Price). Potential for best match this year... ...So needless to say, don't miss it. Photography by: chazyshay #photography #actionphotography #TeamProPhysique #legionathletics #teamlegion #fit #physique #physiquemodel #npc #ifbb #abs #actor #model #modeling #prowrestler #wwe #nxt #gfw #impactwrestling #ringofhonor #evolve #pwg #roh #wwn #raw #smackdown #xicw #CLASHWrestling #JustinMane

103 6 Feb 22, 2018

Hump Day=Leg Day - - Started off today’s leg day with the Barbell Back Squat. For those of you who don’t know, it is a compound exercise which means that it involves more than one muscle group. In this case the back squat primarily involves the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. - - You want to start off your workouts with a compound movement like the squat, bench press, deadlifts, and over head press. The reason for that is because these are going to give you the most “bang for your buck” as they use large groups of muscles and they allow you to safely progressively overload. - - The second video you see is first of me realizing I think I’m a lot stronger than I actually am and having to lower the weight. 😂 Secondly you will see that I have been using my lorealusa as my skin is glowing. Jk I’m just extremely white. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lastly, the leg extension is an example of an isolation movement as it isolates the quadriceps. Isolation movements have their place but I would suggest focusing more on compound movements due to the fact that a movement like this only allows you to add so much weight before you either hurt yourself or your form goes to 💩. - - Lastly, you will see me performing the Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift which is a great hamstring/glute exercise. You want to focus on sticking your bum out on the way down until you feel a nice stretch in your hamstrings and then proceed up. - - - #iifym #food #diet #bodybuilding #fitlife #fitness #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #cleaneating #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #workout #muscle #inHisnamewelift #workhardstayhumble # #supplements #teamLegion #motivation #LegionAthletics #faithandfitness

59 6 Feb 21, 2018

Too many people feel the need to impress others or the need to prove their worth. Stay true to yourself and just do you. Focus on progressing in all areas of life because there’s always room for improvement.

747 47 Feb 21, 2018

🔹Key Movements for Shoulder Development🔹 . My 2 favourite movements for burning out those delts are lateral raises and face pulls. I'll start with one or two compound lifts (OHP) and then get in to isolating different heads of the deltoid. Remember to go a bit lighter until your form is proper to isolate the right muscles and help prevent unwanted injury. . 1️⃣ Lateral raises are a staple when it comes to shoulder training, although they are often performed with bad form and too much weight. Keep a slight bend in your elbow and concentrate on bringing your arms out and not up. The dumbell shouldn't finish higher than your elbow like you see happen with a lot of people. 🔥 2️⃣ Face pulls are great for targeting your posterior (rear) delts. I like using a rope and cable set up and varying the starting point a bit, usually having it close to eye height. Use the opposite grip as you would for tricep push downs and start with a protracted scapula (shoulders pushed forward) and arms fully extended. Pull towards your eye or mouth area (whichever feels better) and keep tension on the delts for the entire movement. A tip that helps me is to try to pull my hands apart and back at the same time, and finish by driving your elbows back as if you're hitting a back double bicep pose. 🔥 ----- I'll also add that, in most cases, the posterior (rear) delt is commonly underdeveloped compared to the rest of the shoulder as it is the hardest part to isolate and your anterior (front) delts get smashed when you train chest. I'm currently training chest 2-3x a week so I don't need many movements for them, but I suggest you incorporate a few! Let me know if this info is helpful! . 🛡Team Legion Athletics🛡 🔹Use code: FIRSTPURCHASE for 10% off!!! Link in bio. legionath 🔹 . - - - - - - - - #shoulderday #delts #dumbbells #shoulders #shoulderworkout #shoulders #teamlegion #fiercesupply #canadianmade

440 62 Feb 21, 2018

#conditioning day. Got in a good stretch and warmup then ran sled/carry sprints for 3 rounds. Then finished with 2 rounds of walking deads. Kept the weight light (107lbs per bar/175 sled) since yesterday was deadlifts and the whole point of today was some #strongcardio. Thanks for the idea txvikingstrength - Special guest appearance by liftingiscake 's booty 😂 - Oh and got some new shirts fr om deadliftcc definitely check them out they have some great designs and good prices! #teamlegion #tfnl #teamforneverlean #cardio #sledsprints #farmercarry #fitness #fitfam #fitstagram #powerlifter #powerlifting #wannabepowerlifter #crunchcerritos #crunchfitness

36 2 Feb 21, 2018

One year transformation!!! Started at 214lbs and I'm currently at 165lbs!! A lot of hard work went into this, super proud of what I've been able to accomplish and for what's to come!! Shoutout to allpurpose_lmt for mentoring me all throughout my fitness journey!! #fit #fitfam #fitforlife  #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessjourney #training #weighttraining #train #trainingforthatnewrole #workout #workoutmotivation #getstrong #cardio #nopainnogain #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #healthy #health #healthylifestyle #gym #gymgrind #gymtime #gymmotivation #teamlegion #olympusathleticclub #transformationtuesday #instafit

155 16 Feb 21, 2018

Legs Feed The Wolf 🐺 . Back to some one legged basics today: ▫️DB Step Ups to Balance 👉🏼Hold two dumbbells and stand in front of a bench or box. Step up with one foot, driving through the heels, and drive the other leg through and upward to create a 90 degree angle (like a knee raise). Balance, and return to starting position to repeat on the other leg. . ▫️Bulgarian Split Squats 👉🏼 Stand in front of a bench or box, facing the opposite direction with one of your feet back up on the box. Stand far enough away to create about a 90 degree angle with the other leg as you squat. Squat down as far as you comfortably can, similar to a lunge. . . . . #legday #squats #bulgariansplitsquats #stepups #legsfeedthewolf #legs #splitsquats #fitfam #fitspo #legionofboom #teamlegion #balance

63 2 Feb 21, 2018

Meltdown 2018 begins today. Current physique at 206 pounds. I’ll post weekly updates. I’m planning on about 8 weeks, working my way down from 2500 calories slowly. As always, I’m going to use legionath PHOENIX and FORGE to speed the process up as much as possible. Hoping to get that 6-7 % body fat look. I really couldn’t tell you what I’m at right now, but I’m A tad uncomfortable.

116 28 Feb 21, 2018
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