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1 0 Nov 20, 2017

black & white 🖤🖤 kristian_kostov_official #teamkris

0 0 Nov 20, 2017

Your voice is the only thing who make me smile right now, you are the only one who make me feel positive right now 😢 thank you Kris 😭 thank you #teamkris 😍😘😙🙊 I LOVE YOU 💖💘💕💞🌌✨🌠👑💎🔺🔻 #kristiankostov kristian_kostov_official

10 1 Nov 20, 2017

The picture of kris on the right is probably my favourite picture of him 😂😂❤️ #teamkris kristian_kostov_official

2 1 Nov 20, 2017

So it's been half a year since I made this account and honestly it's been the best period in the worst year of my life..When I discovered Kris on July 2016 I never thought he'd have a "main role" in my life's "play". I still can't believe how a guy only a few DAYS older than me has achieved so many amazing things in his own, how he managed to perform from Russia's Voice Kids to Bulgaria's X-Factor to Eurovision and Miss World 2017!! He's making me and every member from TeamKris so proud. I'm lucky because I had the chance to get to know the most amazing people here and call them friends(they're tagged in the comments). That's the reason I owe a huge thanks to Kris since he was the reason I met them and because of them my life is better, literally. Having this account, reading comments and messages like: "wow Erika how do you know all these things?", "your account is amazing", "your account made us get closer to Kris" gives me motivation to go on and continue posting even when I'm feeling down because doing something so small actually makes my mood everyday. Yes, Kris has noticed my account some times and he has cheered me up made me smile more times and he doesn't even know. I never thought I'd feel so much good just because of a guy who doesnt even know I exist but I'm so cool with it seriously!! Also, this collage shows his "then and now" live performances and the videos are almost 5 months old from when he visited Athens and performed in MadTV VMA on June 27th, the best day of my 2017, when I had the honour to see him live and sing along Beautiful Mess side by side TeamKris Greece🔝🙏.. His songs, his voice, TK members were there when I needed help the most and I'll be forever thankful to everyone for this, no matter who stays and who leaves, no matter if I ever get the chance to tell him all this in person..just thank you for the smiles, the tears, the argues, for accepting me for who I am, for all the love and support you gave to my account these 6 amazing months. THANK YOU TeamKris and of course Kris, FOR EVERY FUCKING THING🙏🔺 #TeamKris #KristianKostov #KrisKostov #KristianKostovFacts kristian_kostov_official

45 26 Nov 20, 2017

Day3: Kris with donuts 🔺🔺🔺 #teamkris #kristiankostov #kris #kostov

5 0 Nov 20, 2017

My bae ♥ #teamkris

9 0 Nov 20, 2017
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