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Rise and Shine!🔥☀️ ivanmartinez emiliovmartinez - #martineztwins #team10 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez

2 0 May 30, 2017

CHAPTER 8;HOW COULD YOU?! *erika and jake turned around to see Tessa Tessa:how could youse?!erika your supposed to be my best friend and jake you just broke up with Alissa! Erika:I'm so sorry Tessa. Jake:I love you Tessa. Tessa:you haven't even said sorry jake,we can't be together especially after you've both done this! *tessa storms off Erika:Tessa wait! *jake starts crying.chance walks in. Chance:jake what's up! You okay?! Jake:you are never going to forgive me I'm sorry. Chance:for what?! Jake:me and Erika had a plan to make sure you and Tessa didn't date because Erika likes you and I like Tessa.tessa heard us planning and she said she'll never forgive us! Chance:oh jake,how could you. *chance finds Tessa crying in her room. Chance:(hugs Tessa)are you okay? Tessa:I don't know what to do now. Chance:maybe you should go visit your family for a bit, have a bit of time away.just remember I'm always here for you. Tessa:thank you,yeah I might do that. *tessa is packing her bags.anthony walks in. Anthony:Tessa I have to tell you that I really like you. Tessa:please Anthony I can't. Anthony:oh I just thought you liked me. Tessa:I can't do this anymore.tell everyone I'm leaving for a few days I need some space. *tessa storms out Anthony:Tessa wait! Hope you enjoyed☺️ #tessabrooks #chancesutton #cherika #jessa #chessa #erikacostell #anthonytrujillo #jakepaul #team10

0 0 May 30, 2017

#ivanmartinez #martineztwins #team10 Fanfics coming soon...

6 0 May 30, 2017

Pls come back Anthony! We miss you - Tag Anthony? imanthonytruj

27 2 May 30, 2017

Treat me self too a new rig and bowl for me bong today 💯😉 need some 💯💯💯 🔥🔥🔥to christen her now like 💯👌👊 #sr8bluntzilla #mrkushty #MissLibertyHz420 #durhamcountycannabisclub #serpe420 #yorkshireweed #weedstagram #cannafem #northeastnuggs420 #raw #oneeyedrasta #higherthenplanes #team10 #DankOfEngland #peacekhalifa420 #FlavourChaser

6 0 May 30, 2017

•1st post• it is 8:24 am right now and instead of trying to go back to sleep, i made this picture of Tessa. • i watched this video yesterday and she looked beautiful in every single outfit. she's such a beautiful human being 😍 tessabrooks #team10 #tessabrooks

5 0 May 30, 2017

Why are they dating yet , if i may know?? // jessa.posts_team10 // jakepaul tessabrooks // #jake #tessa #jessa #team10 #heart #posts #selfedit

7 0 May 30, 2017
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