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Trial and error of recovering from hip pain and humbly realizing it may take a while before I find a stance that checks off depth, pain free and stable to progress in weight. Widened my stance this morning and positioned bar lower. Shout-out to bff da_novacaine for his support all the way from Cali! Pros: no pain, I was waiting for it but never came. I hit a lower depth than prior squats this month. Cons: I tried this fatigued after 8x9 trap bar deadlifts (stupid on my part), and I felt just weak as ever. But I guess this is what patience looks like. At the end that's me telling myself it sucks but give it time. #stopcomparing #startpreparing #metcon #metcon4s #squats #hipimpingement #justdontquit #squat #patience #squatuniversity #tbt

1 1 Feb 22, 2018
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