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Definitely my best on bo2 and 3rd for task!! task.slothyy tasktibt taskcubez tasksteve justice.evade task.jay task.chilly task.opti #tu2k fhbmdk


2ND for task rc task.opti taskcubez task.diirtyz task.slothyy task.evade #tu2k


6th shot in using for task... I think.. lol, took like 4 or 5 hours, this was dumb task.slothyy task.evade task.opti #TU2K


cool spot / first for task task.opti task.slothyy task.diirtyz taskcubez #TU2K


Frost leftover, but eh, 5th for Task task.clutch task.slothyy task.opti ••••30 likes = new post••••GT: Corrupt Nukes••••Clans: user.squad•••• #surnrc #fazerain #720instaswap #dsr #ballista #adapt #rain #bo2 #bo3 #cod #tu2k


My task rc Response in bio!! #TU2K justice.evade task.slothyy tasksteve tasktibt task.diirtyz


7th for task rc #Tu2k task.slothyy tasktibt task.evade tasksteve


First for Task? tasksteve tasktibt task.slothyy task.clutch .Hit in a call w/ li.robinson #tu2k


I love this shot, 6th for Task task.opti task.slothyy task.clutch ••••30 likes = new post50 likes would make my day••••GT: Corrupt Nukes••••Clans: user.squad•••• #surnrc #fazerain #720instaswap #dsr #ballista #adapt #rain #bo2 #bo3 #cod #tu2k


C. Task with consequences, can be combine with diferent task and prioritized with numbers .example A1c , B2CD. Is a task you can Delegate to someone , you can outsource it, it does not need you attention or to be present to be done, like washing the dishes, taking out the trash, you can outsource it and with the time i would take you to get those things done, you can focus on the "A" tasks .E. are task you can Eliminate , they are task low in importance .And remember to take action now! Eat that frog! Eat that frog , Brian Tracy . fixacapp #fixacapp #briantracy #eatthatfrog


First for task RC task.slothyy tasktibt tasksteve


Today task.. first task for the 30days challenge no.7 & no.8 hard for first time.. #30dayschallengerestart #workoutmotivation #healthylifestyle #eatingclean awesome!! #monstafitafterworkout.. #futureaims #newlooks #2017resolution


Chore: an unpleasant but necessary task. #dayoff #home #laundry #posttrip #chore #task


Second for task justice.evade">#TU2K------------------------------------------------------------------------ justice.evade task.slothyy #mw2 #followforfollow #bo3 #elgato #gaming #scufgaming #xbox #xbox360 #xboxone #playstation #ps3 #ps4 #youtube #like4like #stream #likeforlike #billcams #follow4follow #duty #meme #videogamer


Englewood QLP Public Safety Task Force Meet & Greet was an intimate, yet powerful gathering! The task force members have so many resources and connections to align with the public safety strategies. The work we will all do #together will be phenomenal! Quality of life in Englewood is definitely on the RISE! #EnglewoodQualityOfLife #EnglewoodRising #PublicSafety


Monks have been drinking tea for thousands of years to maintain a state of “mindful alertness” during long periods of meditation..But only in the last few years have studies shed light on why tea has this effect on the mind..The two elements responsible for this are caffeine and L-theanine, and it is the combination of the two that makes tea unique from any other drink..We have this combo in both of our Activate products..What L-theanine and Caffeine can do for the Mind.Promote a mindful state of relaxation.Increase our ability to multi-task, and multi-task well.Increase speed of perception.Increase performance under stress.Improve learning ability and concentration.Decrease anxiety.Reduce task-induced fatigue


Not everything you put in your planner is necessary. if you are someone who comes up with alot of things to do, it’s not always easy to schedule them in or even know when your going to take action on it. So what I like to do is have a master task list. These are task that I brain dump on a flip pad and I go back to it when I need to remember or look m back at what I wrote so when the right time comes, I can take action on it. #braindumpideasTo purchase these yearly important dates calander inserts link is in bio sha_lonadesigns


Доброго дня всем читателям!! За окошком совсем по осеннему холодно. А у нас царит тепло и уют. И мы хотим показать вам немного вдохновения к нашим текущим заданиям. Тематическое задание #Comics. Потрясающий мини альбом. Дизайнер Валерия Мякишева. Hello. Autumn. We have the warmth and comfort. We want to show you a bit of inspiration for our task. Thematic task #Comics. Minnie album. Designer Valery Myakisheva.


It’s amazing how fast your day can pass by and you look up to see not much has been done. It’s not enough to know what needs to be done you need a plan. Putting due dates and timelines on goals and task is great for productivity. By doing this you’ll learn to make the best of your time and how NOT to waste it. Make deadlines or time frames for each task and spread them out during the day. Prioritize the most important tasks first to the least Set reminders on your phone to help you stick to your time line. Make sure to give yourself some wiggle room . . Find a local black owned business or list your business for FREE by clicking the link in our bio


Infraspinatus task...!


Task #tu2k


Entry for the first task #ncislameetsartcontest


Pec minor task..!!


Task Vixzin? #TU2K


First for task #taskrc #tu2k :)

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