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My latest creation: Jaguar tarot bag.. #tarot #tarotbag #bag #purse #goldenjaguar

0 0 Jan 17, 2018

Welcome to #basicbruha ✨ this Instagram was started to share our findings and explore different practices while getting to know ourselves as #bruhas. We are two mestiza women who come from generations of bruhas. The lingling-o amulet represents fertility and prosperity while embodying the feminine essence — that which nurtures life within itself and gives birth to it. We invite you to comment, share and ask questions so we can provide a welcoming platform for everyone to learn more about what it means to be a bruha in this day and age. #bruja #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #tarot #crystals #linglingo #hellapinay #fertility #amulet #mestizas #witches #moderndaywitches

1 0 Jan 17, 2018

☀️ 今日の運勢☀️ 2018/1/17 今日のカード:THE WORLD「世界」 . 健康面、精神面が良好な日。 交際中の人は以前からの問題を解決できそう。今日はほっと一息つけるかも。 恋人と一緒に海外旅行などを考えると、これからの生活に張りが出そう。 . ———————————————————— チャットでカンタン恋占い【Chapli】 ちょっと誰かに相談したい時にオススメ⭐️ 使った後はちょっぴり元気になれるサプリメントのようなアプリ ダウンロードは Chapli_app のリンクから or App Store/Playストアで「Chapli」で検索🔎 ————————————————————

3 1 Jan 17, 2018

the dark moon has me everything in its proper place, or would life feel dull without a bit of upheaval here and there? 🌚 oracle deck: innerhue golden abalone and sage wand: rootsandveins

2 1 Jan 17, 2018

Second chakra mantra: I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way. Carnelian is one of the many sacral chakra stones: courage, vitality, sexuality and confidence. . . . . #lifecoach #healer #yogatherapy #crystals #crystalhealing #carneilian #selfcare #balance #joy #life #healthy #happy #whole #intuition #intuitivehealer #yogi #restore #palmreader #tarot #mystic #reiki #reikihealing #yogini #equinox

3 0 Jan 17, 2018

Moldavite, rough opal and peridot sterling silver pendant with a 24 inch snake chain. Available for purchase. Please send me a private message for details.

2 1 Jan 17, 2018

Got to collaborate with the lovely rhysands.sassenach this weekend to help her with an art trade! Not only is she awesome to work with, but it was so much fun to plan and do a themed shoot with artistic intent! ~ Interested in collaborating for a themed shoot? Send me a message!

1 1 Jan 17, 2018

NEW MOON : BEGIN AGAIN  The first new moon of the year brings with it a much needed refresh of energy. We started 2018 with a full moon, a Supermoon, that was as energetically powerful as it was beautiful to witness. There was a lot of conversation around the support the moon provided to create and stick to resolutions. The powerful energy  of the supermoon also carried the potential to shift us off balance. With such potent energy we can feel overwhelmed, lost, and unlike ourselves. This is to say, however the last two weeks were for you, whether energizing or depleting, the restorative energy of the new moon allows us to begin again. We take whatever has been going on and we put it to rest. We tune our hearts and intentions to what is ahead. Think of this new moon, the first of the new year, as the space between a long exhale and the next inhale. There is a pause within which infinite opportunity exists. Anything can happen.  This new moon is the perfect time to pause and reflect : how did I treat myself over the last two weeks? What did I do with the momentum of both the supermoon and the collective energy of the start of the new year? There is no judgement, rather witnessing and then setting a refreshed intention for this new moon cycle, constantly reminding yourself of the power you possess. #newmoon #tarot #intuition #tarotreader #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreading

2 0 Jan 17, 2018

Part 2 of return of the ex. He needed closure and so he got it. I will always remember him and he taught me love...for another and for myself. · · Ladies and Gentlemen...always remember those who have loved and hurt you...not to remain hurt or angry, but to see how far you've grown. This man was my best friend, but now he has to move on because I'm not going back. I am moving on with my life and am ready to love again. · · I thank him for the times we shared...and I thank him for being a sign from Spirit. I passed a mighty guys have NO idea. I passed with flying FUCKING colors. Because I'm not going back to him and I feel no anger. I wish him the best and he has said the same for me. · · Before your prayers are answered, I truly believe that a "distraction" is sent. To see if you will step back or leap ahead. I feel Spirit definitely tested me with this to say Well Done, my daughter. Get ready for your reward: your Twin!! And for that...I am grateful!! 💖💖

8 1 Jan 17, 2018

Mujer elemental de agua. Comenta tu una idea para la próxima mujer elemental!! Después vemos en qué resulta 💜💜💜🐲

14 1 Jan 17, 2018
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