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‘I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.’-FLW

157 1 Feb 20, 2018

“Through a Glass Darkly” by Heloise Crista. You know I love a beautiful blue. 💙 Also, I love the story of Ms. Crista, who came to study at Taliesin in 1949. Apparently she was told by Mrs. Wright (the third Mrs. Wright) that she was a sculptor. And so she is. And she’s still at Taliesin West, and she’s still sculpting, and she’s in her 90s now. #heloisecrista #taliesinwest

8 0 Feb 20, 2018

It did not rain. Okay, maybe a couple of drops, but that’s it. Last day here: Taliesin West, just around the bend. #taliesinwest #sonorandesert

20 2 Feb 20, 2018

Ended a super fun weekend with super awesome people at the super amazing Taliesin West. It was all so super duper and I absolutely loved it! 💕✨ . . . #scottsdale #arizona #phoenix #weddingweekend #weekendgetaway #holidayweekend #instatravel #travelgram #architecture #franklloydwright #taliesinwest #history #caligirl #nature #art #arthistory #architecturalhistory

51 2 Feb 20, 2018

Coolest house I’ve ever seen #franklloydwright #taliesinwest #arizona

20 3 Feb 20, 2018

doesn’t get much more heavenly in my book. #taliesinwest #franklloydwright

159 3 Feb 20, 2018

Kara Goes (Taliesin) West | 2.19.18 #boldtbach2018

68 7 Feb 20, 2018

just a wisconsinite in the desert🌵 #franklloydwright #taliesinwest #architecturetour

24 0 Feb 20, 2018

A year of gratitude, day 86 :) Today I took a drive out to see my beloved Becky at work and it just so happens she works out by one of my favorite places in the world, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. I wanted to turn in sooo bad but resisted because I knew a lot of time & money would be wasted there, haha! So today I’m thankful to live in a place with such a strong FLW presence. Truthfully, I don’t know crap about architecture. I just know that I love FLW! I love his style, the meaning, the feelings behind everything, and his life story is crazy & intense. I have 8 billion books and countless pictures of my visits to both Taliesin East & West. I know I need to get out and see more of his influence and stuff in the Phoenix area because there’s so, so much to see and learn from him. Man, honestly, I love Frank Lloyd Wright something crazy!

9 1 Feb 20, 2018

I love the Moon Gate in the garden - Japanese inspired. Frank Lloyd Wrights favorite color is red. #franklloydwright #scottsdale #moongate #taliesinwest #gardens #beautiful #architecture #architecturephotography #japaneseinspired

21 0 Feb 19, 2018
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