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Children in Syria will meet this month to join in mass prayer to end the "spiral of death"that is killing hundreds of people in rebel-held districts of Aleppo.... Pray for the children of Syria, especially those in Aleppo, who are the innocent victims of this war. Pray for their healing, in spirit, mind and body, and for their future to be one of peace and hope, not violence.Pray for the children who will join together to pray for Aleppo. Pray that this witness will touch many hearts to also stop and to pray for this city and nation. Pray that the warring factions will also see, and be challenged and convicted to seriously seek and end to the killing.Pray that many residents of Eastern Aleppo will be able to leave and find safe havens while they have this opportunity.Pray that God will use this time for good in Syria, that many hearts will be turned to Him and may He soften the hardest of hearts and let Syria live #prayforaleppo #aleppoholocaust #syrianeedsyou #savetheirchildren #alllivesmatter #peoplepower #endthesyrianholocaust #uniteagainstterrorPLEASE #wakeupworld

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