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For those who breakfast in style 😉 . The Erik Barstool: Antique Tan leather woven onto a teak wood frame

11 1 Feb 18, 2018

A pair of IS9s in reclaimed Teak.

30 1 Feb 17, 2018

Curved back of the IS9 in reclaimed Teak.

33 1 Feb 17, 2018

Recently our very own mrdicksonlee custom built this seat and shoe storage unit for yogaalmahealth from #reclaimedtimber 💚 Let us know if you would like sustainable, custom made furniture for your home or business 😀 #mallowsustainability #sustainablefurniture #reclaimedtimberfurniture

29 2 Feb 17, 2018

Suar wood Twist stools! #backinstock from our New Container! Handcrafted in Thailand come in a variety of twists: solid, single or double! They can be used as side tables, stands or stools. #wanderonthedrive #woodenstool #wander_emporium #thedrive #acaciawood #suarwood #antiquefurniture #sharinglife #vancouverhome #interiordesign #sustainableliving #sustainablefurniture #directtrade #madewithlove #yvr #vancouverdecor #decorateyourhome #recyclereuse #liveedgetable #vancityhype #vancitynow #instahome

16 0 Feb 17, 2018

Bu sehpayla ilk göz göze geldiğimizde bizim marangozhanenin yanındaki atölyenin önünde duruyordu. Savaştan çıkmış gibiydi! Üzerinde kocaman oyuklar vardı ve duvardan aldığı destekle ayakta güç bela duruyordu. Böyle atıkları bulduğumda hiç tereddüt etmeden alıyorum çünkü hem bu tür atıkları nasıl tamir edebileceğimi öğreniyorum hem de onarmanın keyfi bir başka! Tamire başladığımda beni çok zorlayacağını düşünmüştüm meğer çok kolay ve zevkliymiş. Ayaklarını sağlamlaştırdıktan sonra üzerini rölyef pasta ile düzledim. Hiç dokundunuz mu bilmiyorum ama rölyef, çalışması çok keyifli bir malzeme ve size sonsuz seçenekler sunuyor. Ben o zamanlar acemi olduğum için rölyefin üzerini boyayarak mandala çizmeyi tercih etmişim. Ama zevk sizin, dilediğiniz gibi kişiselleştirebilirsiniz. Üstelik mutlaka böyle bir atık bulmanız gerekmiyor, evinizde sevmediğiniz bir sehpaya veya masaya da aynı teknikle pek çok şey yapabilirsiniz. Umarım gittiği evde mutludur o da. Yaşasın tamir etmek. ✨ . ♻️ . ♻️ . ♻️ . #diy #doityourself #diyinspiration #diyproject #upcycle #upcycled #renew #reuse #repurpose #sustainable #sustainablefurniture #furniture #coffeetable #recycle #recycled #atmakullan #ileridönüşüm #geridonusum #sürdürülebilirlik #yenileme #değerlendirme #mandala #sehpa #mobilya #kendinyap #kişiyeözel

76 2 Feb 16, 2018

Working away with my favourite tools, wouldn’t get very far without them. What’s your favourite tool you can’t get by without? makitatools axminstertools Picture by andrea.capello.27 . . . #wood #woodworkingtools #woodworker #dowoodworking #furniture #wooden #sustainablefurniture #carpentry #woodcraft #woodporn #toolsofthetrade #handcrafted #marteloandmo #madeira #decor #makersmovement #handmadefurniture #workshops #bespokefurniture #woodlovers #favourites #makitatools #makita

64 10 Feb 16, 2018

lamps! I am addicted to ambient light! ha The world and all its elements .... I have been looking for a globe for a while - I have seen loads, but I wanted a nice wooden one, and all I found recently were plastic ones. Then, I found this baby! Its a globe with a wooden base on a metal spinning axis AND its a lamp! Im so happy, I want Frankie to know about the world as soon as she can, and having this in her room is a good start! I found this at my new fav op shop which I will post about very soon so you all may indulge in its beauty! 🌏 The beautiful tree lamp next to the globe was a spontaneous purchase late last night at the St Kilda night market. We had watched a live jazz band in a bar and wandered out on the street for a walk when we stumbled across the market. The lights from a stall saying 'Glowing Mushroom Sculptures' instantly caught our eye and we were transfixed by these beautiful lowglo lamps! They are hand made here in Melbourne by lowglo and they are pretty magical! The lights slowly change colour! They are pretty special, it also feels pretty awesome supporting small local creative businesses!

55 2 Feb 16, 2018

today I want to talk about something really cool! Grandparents 💕 we have so much love to give.....why not share it ✌ My mum & dad live in NZ, and even though we are super close with them - I talk to my mum like 3 times a day and message them a zillion photos daily 🤣 we do not get to enjoy them on a daily or weekly basis in person. And Sean's mum lives in South Africa. I was really close to my great granny & my grandparents in NZ growing up and I really wanted that connection for Frankie too - but having no family at all in Melbourne, we felt like we really missed out on the grandparent experience! One day I was chatting to my mum about it and how I wanted grandparents in our lives, and she suggest I google to see if there was any way we could 'adopt' a grandparent or find grandparents who also wanted a family in their lives. I found this amazing website aptly called Find A Grandparent! This wonderful website connects families and grandparents together! I built a profile for our little family and pretty much the next day Nana Norma emailed me! Honestly I cried because I was so excited - what a wonderful wonderful way to connect with people! The website is clever to - it tells you the grandparents that are close to you, you can view their profiles and send emails! So Norma, Frankie & I have been meeting up every Thursday morning for a good few months now and she is just the bees knees! And guess what - Norma loves op shopping! Today we drove over the other side of the city in search of treasure! She lives around the corner from us :) I am so grateful to Find A Grandparent, we have become such lovely friends with Norma. If you too are after this connection, I 100% recommend signing up, creating a profile and taking part! ✌️💕 here is their website and their facebook page Thank you so much Cate for creating this wonderful website! Norma is such a special find, we feel very blessed to have her in our lives! xxx #findagrandparent

47 5 Feb 16, 2018

on Tuesday I was photographing a beautiful family in Keilor East, I thought it a great opportunity for me to go to a new op shop, so I googled op shops in the area and scribbled down 4 on a piece of paper. After I finished my shoot, I got in my car and literally played 'eeny meeny miny mo' with the 4 op shops Id written down and drove to Helping Hands on Fullerton Road. I drove into the massive car park, but it was completely full, I had to park a few blocks away from the op shop, as I was walking up, I saw so many people spilling out of it with their treasure, I was instantly excited! When I arrived I asked to speak to someone in charge and was introduced to Melanie, she gave me a grand tour of this most amazing op shop, I was in total shock! This op shop was amazing, a huge massive warehouse filled with proper op shop goodies! It was packed to the brim! But as we were walking through the wonderland, Melanie was telling me all the wonderful things this amazing op shop does for the community. I was so taken in by their story I was moved to tears! When I was there this op shop was beaming with people, it was lunch time and the buffet smelt amazing! People were laughing & chatting while queuing for food, the corridors will filled with chatter, you can buy the most amazing free range eggs for $5 for 1 doz! There was a volunteer sitting at a table teaching a bunch of people how to make succulent terrariums, people were happy browsing, it was such a treat to be there! 492 Fullerton Rd, Airport West

51 5 Feb 16, 2018
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