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I miss the ocean!! joinrocean

14 3 Feb 15, 2018


101 4 Feb 12, 2018

Fight like cats and dogs, but my dad is awesome and makes a good poser😉😂🌾 #country #manillariver #fishing #dad #love #sunsetoverthewater

20 1 Feb 12, 2018

Maui has been wonderful. Watching the sunset over the water is amazing! #mauisunset #sunsetoverthewater #mauihawaii

34 4 Feb 10, 2018

So beyond excited to have one of my centerpiece designs chosen as “top 40 centerpieces” by martha_weddings 💛🧡💗 Florals rockrosefloral Photo michaelandannacosta

118 12 Feb 9, 2018

Lake Titicaca from Isla de la Luna 🌕🌗🌘 most beautiful precious waters 🌊🌊 #laketiticaca #isladelaluna #sunsetoverthewater #watermedicine

41 5 Feb 8, 2018

Tramonto invernale #wintersunset #tramontoinvernale #sunset #sunsetoverthewater #lombardy #italy - dec2007

13 0 Feb 7, 2018

91 4 Feb 5, 2018

"I love fairy tales because of their haunting beauty and magical strangeness. They are set in worlds where anything can happen. Frogs can be kings, a thicket of brambles can hide a castle where a royal court has lain asleep for a hundred years, a boy can outwit a giant, and a girl can break a curse with nothing but her courage and steadfastness."- Kate Forsyth * "The home to everyone is to him his castle and fortress, as well for his defence against injury and violence, as for his repose."- Edward Coke * "I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions."-Saint Teresa of Avila * Trakai castle in Lithuania🇱🇹 captured by angel_just_life

121 5 Jan 28, 2018
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