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MODELING We all have someone whose professional work we admire. Perhaps an athlete, entrepreneur, business-person or entertainer. But whom are you MODELING for your own life? Whose life provides any sort of a roadmap for you? Because the truth is that most people are meandering and not modeling. It has been said that success leaves clues. So whose breadcrumb trail are you following? The time you save and the tricks you acquire will become assets for you and speed you towards your OWN success - but only if you know your specific individuals. Whether your goals pertain to fitness, finance or personal, get deliberate about whose footprints you follow. Style, approach and attitude are all components that you can incorporate, if they are congruent with yours. These people can be current or historical, so ling as you “know” them well. Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln and Elon Musk are some of the folks on my list but the names on yours aren’t as important as the fact that you have a deep knowledge of how THEY would address specific problems in YOUR life. Because the big secret that nobody tells you is that there isn’t enough time in life to learn all you need to be successful. So you MUST leverage the wisdom and insights of other successful people. And this requires active and focused modeling of the folks who can help you - even if unwittingly.

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💜💜Lucia Loves...💜💜 . An organic skincare and natural, afro hair products company. All made by me, 15 year old Lucia, in the Eastend of London. Check out my YouTube channel, run solely by my 9 year old brother- my products, his words! . 💜 #success #Successful #lawofattraction #successmindset #brothersisterteam #sisterbrotherteam #familybusiness #TeenBusinessOwner #teenownedbusiness #teenageentrepreneurs #SuccessfulWomen #keytosuccess #successstory #roadtosuccess #businesssuccess #keystosuccess #dreamscometrue #intuition #Oxytocin #LuciaLoves #successleavesclues #successdriven #besuccessful #onlinesuccess #successstories #SuccessfulWoman #Vegan #manifestation #hardworkpaysoff #womeninbusiness 🔥

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Endless creativity the more you use the more you have. Tap ❤️ to like!

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Midweek March Madness at the Arcadia Market Center everyday seeing all these hardworking realtors building their real estate business through lead generation, marketing, mastermind meetings, scheduling weekend open houses... and so much more. #kwarcadia #kw1 #kwculture #successleavesclues #makingthingshappen #marchmadness

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All teams going through different stages of development, I've joined and managed teams at varied stages during their development. In the coming video posts, I will be talking about Bruce Tuckman's Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing model, which will help you see what stage your team is at.

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The moment you stop learning, is the moment your soul dies.🤤 Which gender are my followers?💙,❤ or 💛 ____ createnlearn ____ #selfimprovement is key😎

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Work Hard so you can Play Hard. . . . Nothing beats a day where you completely kill it. When you do everything you needed to do for that day. Whether it be school, work or home related, you feel good af when night time comes and you have everything crossed off your list. Work Hard so you can Play Hard 🌟 . . . 🚶Follow motivatingtheyouth 🏃 🚶Follow motivatingtheyouth 🏃 🚶Follow motivatingtheyouth 🏃

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😂😂 So very thankful for my Slimroast ☕👙❤

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