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Gentle GlancesThe #subway was packed and with the cold weather, space was filled tighter than usual with all the voluminous winter coats. With just enough room to hold my #sketchbook open close to my chest, I was virtually frozen in space only moving slightly with the ebb and flows of the crowd of people that would spill in and out at each stop. As we continued on, the entire cab would sway together like one gelatinous blob. Sway. Jolt. Stop. The suction noise of the door locks releasing. At the swish of the sliding doors, I catch the eyes of a stranger. As more and more people insistently squeeze into the packed cab, we are mercilessly pinned against opposite walls. Through a sea of bodies we share a silent conversation of amusement and resignation of our current plight. I could only see her eyes, but I am sure we exchanged smiles. Sway. Jolt. Swuerp. Swish. A wave of fur lined vinyl rolls away and she is gone. #mrmtravel #subwaystories #sketch #그림 #dibujo #서울

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