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11 1 Nov 21, 2017

Bench Day - Claimed 120 kgs for 1 Rep max @ bodyweight of 85 kgs. Best bench till day was 140 kgs, but ya I m trying to reach that level again. This bench press doesnt come under the IPF ( International Powerlifting Federation ) as my hips and head was off the bench. So I m not practicing the powerlifting style here, just becoming better at benching naturally. Thats the kinetic chain activation when my hips raised up. Doing so some will say that " you will injure your back and stuff like that ". But when you understand physics , then you will get to see that this load is not structural and hence not dangerous for the spine. #benchpress #benchday #ipfpowerlifting #powerlifting #chestday #1repmax #ketogenicdiet #strengthtraining #pushpullgrind #scientifictraining #trainforpower #trainforperformance #painandgain #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #aethetics #puma #strongpeople #strongman #fitnessfreaks #fitnessenthusiast

15 0 Nov 21, 2017

Bootcamp op een unieke locatie met fanatieke deelnemers! • REAL-PT • In samenwerking met sportstadheerenveen gaven wij een bootcamp aan verschillende regionale bedrijven • #bootcamp #realpt #personaltraining #strongpeople

13 1 Nov 21, 2017

Supechallenge in progress! Muchas coach Rodolfo Urtaza and me. And it's just the beginning. Stay tuned! 😂😱💪🎪

78 2 Nov 21, 2017

Calisthenics Cup 2017🏆 We are very excited for this BIG edition! With 10 battle categories. Famous athletes, amazing shows, special guests and more than 100 athletes from all over the globe!🌎 THIS WILL BE THE BIGGESTS EDITION EVER!!! The Netherlands - Belgium - Germany - France - Italy - America - Slovakia - Portugal - Ireland - Bosnia - Serbia - Macedonia - Sweden - Poland - Switzerland - Lithuania - UK ✊🏻💪🏻🔥 Get your tickets at: Or claim your spot at the international calisthenics cup. (Power battles only) December 9&10th. #sapweekend

48 3 Nov 21, 2017

CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME🔥 . . -Normal Pushups, 8-12 reps -Diamond Pushups, 8-12 reps -Planche Lean Pushups, 5-8 reps -Wide Pushups, 8-12 reps -Uneven Pushups, 5-8 reps/side -Clap Pushups, 5-8 reps -Slow, hold 5 seconds, explosive Pushup, 5-8 reps Rest 30-60 seconds between each exercise. Do 3-4 rounds of this 3-4 times per week🙏🏽💪🏽

153 8 Nov 21, 2017
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