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Pizzette! San na?! Lol! Bangenge dehel stressed! #stressed #antok #wackymonday #dinner


It may sound obvious, but we have to keep breathing to live, and when we’re busy and stressed our breathing can become shallow. Whenever you feel particularly stressed and tired, stop and take some healing breaths. The world will be able to manage without you for 5 minutes – and you’ll feel so much better for it. Visit my Wellbeing website (link in bio) for some calming breathing exercises to help oxygenate & energise the body, giving you a healthy glow. LizX⠀


Day 75: McIntyre BluffModern society is a complex game. We built it and it rewards us with many advantages. Safety, services, and products to name three. The game can become quite stressful if taken too seriously, however. Because all that complexity is hard to navigate. It is a relatively new invention and our ape-like brains are still struggling with it. More and more stressed people are finding that spending time in nature feels quiet and peaceful. You feel less stressed. You feel... at home.


"STRESSED NAFTA" Sapete i miei amici quando sono incazzati tentano ad avere questa soprannaturalità e abilità nel cantare, ma non se ne accorgono.. e tocca a me fargli uscire questo lato nascosto. Base: Twenty One Pilots: Stressed OutVittima: Domenico Messina #mimmomix #flstudio #vegas #studio #vocalmix #2017 #mast3r


BLOG ARTICLE Monday got you stressed? Meditation may hold the key. Matt was kind enough to share some of his personal experiences with anxiety and how meditation was the key to a more positive and healthier outlook. Tag a friend who seems stressed out and check out the Live section of our Blog for his article (via link in bio)..Live more, #liveinnermost Feat: pearsonfit_


When you are sick stressed and anxious. Not a good blend.... BUT I had a good night at art class tonight and even did a demo for the class so I am feeling a little better, minus the sniffles. #art #artist #artclass #sick #eew #eww #beingsicksucks #help #halp #stressed


Ok so im back to square one. Got 1lb away from my goal and decided to treat myself. 1 cheat meal turned into months of cheat meals. I gained almost all of my weight back. Im now at 143, 5lbs away from where my highest weight was. Fell into depression and was stressed and when im stressed i like to eat cookies and coffee...all day. But im stopping it here and i will not be there again. #startingover #gettingbackontrack #igotthis #fitmamaintraining #dontwanttofeelthiswayanymore #getmemyshakes


Stressed but still looking fab.


too blessed to be stressed


Getting. Stressed. :) #faefaepic


Too blessed to be stressed


When stressed and in doubt, cupcake it out!


my whole body is stressed idk what to do


Bro this #MSUHvZ got me stressed .


Even in the stressed mood Oluwa is my strength


Those F1 cars may have stressed me to be sick


Fresh & stressed. Killer combo.


Ever so proud of myself #neveragain #stressed #madebyme


when stressed, smoothie bowl #smoothiebowl #fruitistheanswer


Stucky -Song- Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots (Remix)

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