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Bushby Residence, WA, 2015 Built on a largely conservation-bushland block in the South-West, solar-passive design, and a broader immersion in the Bushby bush. And a master-bedroom-with-fun-bathing, an office, a place-for-wine, a hearth-or-2. We edited that to 2 small light-weight structures, responsive to heating-and-cooling, easily placed within the untouchable-bush. A series-of-levels step away from the social-arena of the existing house to the privacy of these new ‘bowers’. On this journey a deck offers pause, a harbour-view, a party-venue, and star-gazing. A series of external stairs/landings/verandahs offers options in finding a sunny spot. ‘Tis a playground of tunnels and cubby-houses. Safe retreat, but fun, too. In the bowers, local-granite gabion-walls provide design and thermal backbones, while the natural material-palette warms South-West greyness. The ol-shack is downgraded to 2-bedrooms but a resultant new fab-new gathering-hall enables for casuals to dos, holiday-mode. It’s now fitted with a great-hearth, a spacious-and-soulful centre.

10 2 Feb 22, 2018

As we were leaving #watkinsglenstatepark the temperature had dropped to less than 50 degrees! #stonewall #hikingday #itgotcold #historicfun

3 0 Feb 22, 2018

Adelaide WYD? If you’re going to be hot at least have the decency to be sunny as well! Just another excuse to sit inside and feed our obsession with ivy covered walls and sneaky little windows I guess... x

120 7 Feb 22, 2018

A view down the line. Sandstone from D and K Sandstone. Woodend project. #dandksandstone #sandstone #handmade #stone #stonewall #stonemason #stonemasonry #waterfeatures #pond #chiselandhoe #woodend #macedonranges #outdoors

7 1 Feb 22, 2018

A wall we took over from last year, now has its deck. #featurewall #stonecladding #stoneveneer #gable #deck #stonewall #dreamscapestoneconstruction #sorrento #geelongsmallbusiness

10 0 Feb 22, 2018

Between the soothing stone walls and the bold matte black fixtures, this perfectly balanced shower gets our gold medal! 🥇

35 5 Feb 22, 2018

You’re so vain, little bit of a retro look!

52 2 Feb 22, 2018

Episode 2 of Stonewall in the Void: The next day, Stonewall and his men had marched along the road, preparing for an assault on Howard's line. But instead of attacking near Wilderness Church, which, as Stonewall and Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee had discovered, would lead them into a frontal assault on the XI Corps, Stonewall decided to continue on for two miles where they would turn at the Turnpike and attack the flank directly. The attack fomation included lines of the divisions of Brigadier Generals Rodes and Colstom, each one stretching for close to a mile on either side of the Turnpike. Dinner time came, and Howard's men were resting the time to attack had come. "General, are you ready?" Stonewall asked Rodes. And Rodes nodded in response. "You may go forward then." And thus the onslaught began. Stonewall's men tore through the 153rd Pennsylvania and 54th New York regiments with ease before seizing a pair of artillery pieces and turning them on their former owners. Howard, despite his brave efforts, could not rally his troops to fend off the impending Confederate wave, and by nightfall, the XI Corps had suffered nearly 2,500 casualties, while Stonewall had advanced to within 2 miles of Chancellorsville. Stonewall now hoped to launch an attack on Hooker's men before they, having withdrawn earlier to hold defensive lines around the city, we're able to coordinate a counterattack. He rode ahead of the farthest advances of his own men to determine the feasability of this move, and when he started to return, three gunshots rang out Stonewall had been hit. As Stonewall faded out of consciousness, his soldiers carried him to safety before an artillery explosion nearby went off. Stonewall's vision faded to black.

9 2 Feb 22, 2018

Join us for our monthly membership meeting this Monday, February 26, 2018, and hear Marilyn Grunwald speak. The event is always free and new members are welcome to join! 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at the West Hollywood Library. We'll see you there! #weho #stonewall #lgbt #resist #la #democrats

9 1 Feb 22, 2018

Stairway to Stonewall #stonewall #fashion #shoes #westvillage

7 0 Feb 22, 2018

melbflowershow 2013 ‘ReSurgence’ designed by #candeodesign Constructed by semkenlandscaping plants from bayroadnursery via warnersnurseries Sculpture by thetinman_metalwithheart paving by anstonarchitectural water feature by burrettandrew This garden was a cracker. Everyone poured their heart and soul into this and the result speaks for itself. This garden won a silver medal and ‘Best Use of Plantlife’ an award we cherish and are extremely proud of. #semkenlandscaping #bayroadnursery #warners #damianvick #anstonarchitectural #mifgs #mifgs2013 #mifgs2018 #showgarden #melbourne #landscapedesign #plants #stonewall #waterfeature #sculpture

39 6 Feb 22, 2018
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