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I need prayers for Ayla. The doctors are doing an amdomional xray on her. She has some bloody stools and her low energy the past two days they are worried that it might be a sign of an intestinal problem that some preemies get. Necrotizing enterocolitis is a serious disease that occurs when the intestinal tissue become damaged and begins to die. It most often affects premature infants. Its too early to tell but they just want to monitor her. 6/5/17 #prayers #nicu #preemie #worriedmommy #stomachissues #nec #mommylovesyou

2 0 Dec 14, 2017

Digestive system done.....😥 . LYMPHATIC SYSTEM NEXT! 😁 . Fun fact: did you know that the body has anywhere from 501 to 700 lymph nodes! 😮 . Stay tuned for all things lymph coming up soon! . #digestivesystem #stomachpain #stomachissues #digestivediseases #lymphaticsystem #lymph #lymphnodes #healthknowledge #learnaboutyourbody #foodismedicine

4 0 Dec 14, 2017

At the #gastroenterologist. Widespread abdominal pain - if I had to guess, I'd say #abdominalwallpain flare. #spoonie #tired #stomachissues #itstoocoldout #iwanttobehome

9 1 Dec 14, 2017

#sweetpotatoes are a yummy way to #heal and treat many conditions 🤓 #diabetes #stomachissues #PCOS #ovariancysts #weightloss #lowGI #ulcers #holistichealth 😋👌

15 3 Dec 13, 2017

Did you know peppermint tea is amazing for an unhappy tummy!? It is an awesome thing to keep in the cabinet for anytime your stomach feels unsettled...or for any cold day! When we feel crappy it's easy to want to just push away any pains or icky feelings...but take a minute to listen to your body. To just sit with the discomfort. Let it tell you what it needs :) . . . . #livewithintention #healthcoaching #healthbenefits #healthymom #nutritionaltherapist #paleolifestyle #paleofriendly #rebellenutrition #paleolife #antiinflammatory #postpartumjourney #momhealth #loveyourself #careforyourself #bekindtoyourself #womanstrong #breathe #loveyourbody #listentoyourbody #onebodyonelife #takeontheday #clearyourmind #clarity #beyourself #bethebestyou #inspireyourself #mindfulness #presence #inthemoment #liveinthenow

52 9 Dec 13, 2017

Chicken, bacon and honey mustard salad! . . . It was a huge salad! Maybe a little too big for my stomach and I might not have followed all the digestion rules of rest and digest. . . . I tend to have trouble digesting large quantities of raw veggies and not being in a parasympathetic state did not help either. . . . I did the best I could, took way more enzymes plus HCL and used Vagal Tone, and followed up with younglivingeo Digize on my abdomen. It was all good. . . . . . #lifehappens #parasympathetic #restanddigest #stomachissues #digestion #rawvegetables #gravesdisease #enzymes #younglivingessentialoils #digize #vagaltone #essentialoilsforthewin #stressedout

52 5 Dec 13, 2017

Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” Like “Santa on a Full STOMACH ”. These whimsical, anatomically correct Medical Ornaments are THE perfect gift for your favorite Gastroenterologist, nurse, PA or office staff. Each ornament is hand embellished and signed by the artist. Only $8.95 + shipping. H.M.O. Holiday Medical Ornaments. Order today! Made in the USA of high quality materials. 3” round plastic. Go to my bio to find a direct link to order. #gastroenterology #nursegifts #doctorgifts #physicianassistant #holidaygiftguide #holidaygiftideas #etsyshop #etsyseller #stomach #stomachissues #stomachdoctor #ulcerativecolitis #ulcer #barrettsesophagus #ibsdiet #ibs #ibssucks

14 0 Dec 13, 2017

This is what you eat when you've been on the road for five days and you absolutely cannot tolerate anything else. Dealing with stomach issues is so much fun -NOT. #thewaterlilyproject #lettuce #salad #ulcerativecolitis #crohnsdisease #crohns #stomach #stomachissues #ithurts #colitis #autoimmune #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #hashimotosdisease #aippaleo #aipprotocol

26 0 Dec 13, 2017

Shrimp Vegetti Pesto Pasta (LF,GF,P,LC)▪️Sea salt, to taste ▪️Pepper, to taste ▪️Butternut Squash Veggetti ▪️ 1 lb of Shrimp ▪️¼ cup of sundried tomatoes ▪️Ghee Buter ▪️low FODMAP pesto Pasta Instructions 1. Melt Ghee in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add shrimp, 2 tbsp of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cook, stirring until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add shrimp and sundried tomatoes; cook, tossing occasionally, until pink and opaque, 5 to 7 minutes. 2. In a separate pan, use olive oil to coat Veggetti. Season with salt and pepper for taste. Cook over stove for 4 minutes. Stir to make sure Butternut Squash cooks evenly. 3. Add Shrimp mixture and pesto to the pan with your Veggetti and cook on the stove for 2 mins. 4. Serve.

43 3 Dec 12, 2017

Not impressed with my cup of tea for dinner 😫 but it’s Karma for eating a take away & upsetting my stomach 🙄 ( I’ll suffer for days now) 😒 #slimmingworld #stomachissues

4 0 Dec 12, 2017

PLEXUS...the gift that keeps on giving! 🎄🍉🎁 For years I had tried everything under the sun ☀️ to try and fix my stomach issues, and nothing worked! 😡😭 I'd either get an upset stomach, feel nauseous or finish the bottle of pills and experience no changes in my body. I am forever grateful and blessed🙏 that I took a chance on Plexus because within months📅, these products have done more for me than I could ever have imagined! NO side effects, NO more bloat, NO more stomach pains, NO more binge eating, I'm regular again💩, and I've even lost weight!! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving! 💕

5 4 Dec 12, 2017

After last nights festive my stomach decided it was not happy with what i ate and woke me up at 3am. Im thankful that between the water and the Greens i drank i was able to fall back to sleep with my stomach feeling a little better. Although i still dont feel great today i did another dose of Greens and brought soup for lunch. Hopefully whatever i ate that bothered my stomach will be better soon. So thankful for a product that helps alkiline and detoxify your body to help with my stomach. #wraptasticboymom # #stomachissues #teamchocolate #teamcolendanny

4 0 Dec 12, 2017

Mornings been ruff, lol. Already been up an hour and doesn't look like it's going to get better. Got to pull myself together. I've got 5 depending on me to be on top of my game. I Love my babies and hubby, I really do, but it's getting harder with each passing day. Can't wait till I can get the help I need desperately. #stomachissues #migraines #momlife #Loveofmylife #stayingstrong

8 0 Dec 12, 2017

Struggle with stomach issues? You are not alone. America now has the highest rate of bowel disease in the World. Gross and nasty to talk about, but it is a major health issue for SO MANY PEOPLE. I love the story of my beautiful friend, Jordan.⠀ ⠀ "The first time I remember my stomach issues really getting in the way:⠀ In high school we made it to the state tournament in volleyball. The day we were to play, I was nervous and hadn't gone to the bathroom in a couple of days. I threw up the entire day, during each timeout and on the way home on the bus. ⠀ ⠀ 2nd time it hit me that was something was really wrong:⠀ My senior year of college I dropped to 148 pounds (typically I'm about 160lbs). I ate nothing but steamed chicken and sweet potatoes for months and I would run out of the cafeteria because I had to throw up. I would go to volleyball practice and bruise super easily because I wasn't holding down enough calories or nutrition.⠀ ⠀ 3rd instance:⠀ I was attempting to prevent going in for a colonoscopy at age 22 and I was told to drink an entire bottle of miralax throughout the day. After drinking the whole bottle, I still didn't go to the bathroom. I was on the floor all night with the most intense stomach cramps. The worst pain. I finally went to the bathroom after 24 hours of drinking all of that. I repeat, the worst pain.⠀ ⠀ 4th:⠀ When I was pregnant with Kennedy I was miserable. I would stop at a red light open my door and vomit. Nausea, inflammation, 55 pounds of weight gain, constipation, heartburn, the works. I would throw up prenatal vitamins almost immediately after taking them too. After a trip to the ER because of what I thought was my appendix - ended up being constipation, gas, lots of vomiting. I was desperate. I cut out gluten and spent so much money on probiotics, Metamucil and miralax etc. They didn't even touch my symptoms.⠀ ⠀ After one week of Plexus I knew this was different. I felt relief like I hadn't felt in a very long time. I'm seeing changes. Health and weight changes. Peoples' lives are being impacted, just like mine and that is a HUGE DEAL."⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #painfulbloating #stomachissues #naturalremedies #poopprobs

9 0 Dec 12, 2017

johnlegend kellyclarkson ladygaga ladyantebellum michelleobama barackobama hodakotb will you help us find more children/adults with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and help with #research these kids have #lowmuscletone #lowcognativeskills are #fragile have #stomachissues and have #feedingissues will you be #phelanlucky in 2018. Contact pmsf_official to get your T-shirt all we ask is you post a pic on Social Media wearing it. Please help

1 0 Dec 11, 2017

johnlegend ladyantebellum ladygaga randyjackson kellyclarkson jennabhager these are PhelanLucky children families and friends. We want you to be #phelanlucky as well. Will you come onboard and wear a T-shirt and post in on your social media. These kids are #rare 1700 Strong #seizures #fragile #lowmuscletone #lowcognativeskills #stomachissues #feedingissues contact pmsf_official we want you on our side. We want to work with you. Help us #raiseawarness

3 0 Dec 11, 2017

I use this product daily !! I love it so much. Take a look a how this product helps!! What makes Plexus BioCleanse different from other cleansing products? #Magnesium BioCleanse is a gentle, cleanse that has a long list of benefits: 🍊 BioCleanse #oxygenates and energizes the body. 🍊 BioCleanse #neutralizes the acidic conditions that may promote pathogens. 🍊 BioCleanse helps #detox and cleanse the body; not only GI but also arteries. 🍊 BioCleanse oxygenates the blood. Plexus BioCleanse is rich in magnesium and has the added benefit of a slight amount of sodium. The magnesium and sodium together create a chemical reaction that flood tissues with oxygen creating an alkaline environment in the bowel! Did you know certain disease causing cells cannot survive in an alkaline and oxygenated body? #stomachissues #Oxygen #BioCleanse #CleanOutThatGut #plexus #lovemyptoducts #dailyregemine

8 0 Dec 11, 2017
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