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Never give up~always keep your belief!!Dream will be come true!!!please hold your staunch~ #clowenballet #purplechristmastree


Having like-minded individuals with the passion and can-do attitude gives you life and energy. Thank you, bro-for your staunch support in speaking at the conference and your lovely FutuReady Ambassadors. #passionforsport #IASF #friendshipthroughsport


We r so in #love with this wonderful #framedprint by #Edinburgh based Staunch design company ... #concretewardrobe #instore #inshopnow #scotland #map #mapofscotland #green #forsale


The Living Art Ranger got some love today, Predator RAW lift kit and Achilles XMT 33" tyres! Looks staunch as. #kiwityres #fordranger #rangernation #predatorraw #predatorshocks #rawshockabsorbers #achillestyres #achillesxmt #achillesdeserthawk #achillesnz #livingarttattoo


As the mainstream struggles to accept alternative, even staunch industry leaders still cry foul play when introduced to holistic communication and dynamic, multi-level marketing #HolisticCommunication #SocialMediaMarketing#engagement #communitymanagement #whitehat #whitehatwork #whitelabel #nonamebrand #blankpage #digitalmarketing #marketing #traditionaladvertising #contentstrategy #contentstrategist #b2b #b2c #communication #business


Allow me to introduce myself .My name is Karina Wirihana and I am the owner of Beauty Revelation. I am a self taught MUA and have a passion for empowering woman and helping to bring their inner beauty out. I love been creative and blessing others and try to keep God at the centre of all that I do. I am a mother of two and reside in Gold Coast Australia but am originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand .I am of Maori descent and am a very staunch Christian.I am looking forward to meeting all potential clients and am honoured to have already met some amazing woman along this journey...Please feel free to dm me with any questions or queries you may have regarding anything make up or to make a booking. I offer very affordable prices have a home based beauty room but can also travel to you as well.BEAUTY REVELATION Fearfully & Wonderfully Made .. #beautyrevelation #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #makeupbyRina #goldcoastmakeupartist #makeupartistgoldcoast #mua #wakeupandmakeup #makeup #makeupislife #makeupartist #goldcoast #makeuplover

We are so excited for James Beard Eats Week, and you should be too... because you get to eat THIS. Chilled Maine lobster with minted cucumber spaghetti, avocado, & egg salsa {$35}. We asked chefjohncoletta what inspired him to make this dish and he said, "I worked at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City where James Beard was often seen participating in barrel tastings, cooking classes, food promotions and celebratory meals. James Beard originally helped to develop the food of the Four Seasons and later became a staunch supporter of the restaurant. He believed that the cook who enjoys his work will eventually develop layers of contrasting and complementing textures, flavors, colors and ultimately a unique and personalized style. My dish is inspired by his quest for culinary excellence." Enjoy it starting Friday! choosechicago beardfoundation #JBEatsWeek #EatsWeekSneakPeek #jbfa #jamesbeard #beardhouse #lobster #chef #wine #rosé #cheese #spring #alfresco #lunch #pasta #cocktails #pizza #dinner #martini #italian #bar #imbibe #cocktail #happyhour #foodie #foodandwine #eeeeeats #feedfeed #f52grams #huffposttaste #winewednesday


#Repost from conscious_god #TrumpAgain #SMFH #LOVEisWhatWeNeed Regrann from freedom_faction - (Credit: TheAntiMedia) A day after #PresidentTrump signed into law three #executiveorders to combat what he called “the menace of rising crime” — including one designed to protect police — a group of #lawenforcement professionals published a report on Friday urging the newly elected U.S. leader to rethink his crime-fighting strategy.The report, co-authored by dozens of members of Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration — a group consisting of over 200 professionals from both police departments and prosecutors’ offices — warned Trump not to “repeat the mistake” of introducing policies that rely on harsh prison sentences. “Decades of experience have convinced us of a sobering reality: today’s crime policies, which too often rely only on jail and prison, are simply ineffective in preserving public safety,” the group said in the report.On Thursday, President Trump signed three executive orders into law designed, he said, “to restore safety in #America” and “break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth.” “A new era of justice begins and it begins right now,” the president claimed.Trump, a staunch supporter of police who campaigned for the presidency on slogans such as “ #BlueLivesMatter,” has long stated he wants to increase protection for the nation’s law enforcement officers. And as it happens, the text in the orders signed Thursday does just that.Under Trump’s new mandates, the United States Attorney General will be instructed to “review existing Federal laws to determine whether those laws are adequate to address the protection and safety of Federal, State, tribal, and local law enforcement officers.” And the man who’ll be reviewing those laws will be Jeff Sessions, Trump’s choice for attorney general — who, as it happens, was being sworn in at the same time the president was unveiling his new orders.While speaking to the press after the ceremony, Sessions echoed his leader’s sentiment. More in comments #PoliceState" #Freedom_Faction #S


Page 1 - How Hip-Hop Went Vegan: “I’ve been vegan for so long—I used to joke with Jay Z about it all the time,” says Jermaine Dupri, the hip-hop mogul behind the storied So So Def record label. “I’d go to his 40/40 Club and there wasn’t much I could eat, so he’d come over all the time and be like, ‘JD, here you come with that vegan shit!’ Then one day I look up and see him and Beyoncé are being vegan. I told her, ‘You know, he used to make fun of me for that and now he wants to be vegan.’ I had to ride him about that.” Dupri has been a staunch advocate of avoiding animal products for more than a decade now, but Jay and Bey’s dalliance with the diet began in December of 2013. With Hov’s 44th birthday on the horizon, he decided to take up a 22-day vegan challenge. “I prefer to call it, plant-based!” he blogged enthusiastically.Jay Z’s “spiritual and physical cleanse” dominated the headlines, but he’s just one of a number of high-powered hip-hop artists who are trading filet mignon for grilled tofu. André 3000, Common, MCA (before he passed away), and serial rappers’ baby mom Erykah Badu have all embraced veganism to various degrees, while the RZA even became a figurehead for animal rights group PETA, fronting a campaign with the Wu-Tang Clan-referencing slogan, “A better tomorrow is a vegan tomorrow.” If the cliché used go that aging rock stars turned hippie and sequestered themselves in small countryside farms, these days hip-hop’s 40-plus set is following a similar (albeit less bucolic) script, foregoing a regimen of excess for one centered around the purities of an animal-free diet.In light of the music industry’s pitfalls, this emerging trend should come as no surprise. Years spent toggling between stints on the road and late-night studio sessions fueled by a diet of greasy foods, processed snacks, and boatloads of fine spirits take a toll on the body. jayce7 #veganhiphopmovement #vegan #hiphop #jeyce7 #vegancelebrity #jermainedupri #erykahbadu #rza #plantbased #wakaflocka

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