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#why would fill up the whole I dug in the #garden ? #startingoveragain #timbersheperd #adogslife

1 0 Oct 18, 2017

So happy I got my workout 💪🏻 in earlier.. and grateful I didn’t have to leave the house 🏡 to get in done... this girl isn’t feeling a nap 😴 today, soooooo more playtime it is then 👩‍👧 #mommydaughtertime

3 1 Oct 18, 2017

I love all the sparkle in this flag! I love flags, they carry so much history and stories, and strength! Whether it's watching my state flag or my country flag, I'm just proud of the PRIDE that each holds. I'm a sucker for the STORIES!! Tomorrow the company I work for, Beachbody, launches in the United Kingdom! I'm super stoked about this because of what I have learned this means for people struggling on their health journey. No matter where we are from, the struggle bus looks the same! Working with so many people in the last 3 years with different stories and transformations has been so inspiring! Their unique stories they share which relate to so many different people I could never relate to. Or, me being able to relate to what others can not and help that one person gain the power to reach their own health and fitness goals, is an incredible feeling and a forever friendship ❤️. On the surface, coaching for this company may seem so superficial to many. It's NOT. It's a DEEP connection we make with those struggling. At least for me! We have to build trust and prove to others we are in this together and we all share the same end goal! HEALTH. Helping ourselves, families and loved ones become healthier!! And making new friends along the way ❤️❤️ I am looking forward to extending beyond where I am able to help now, and growing my friends while watching how what I've learned works for me can work for them. With a new twist on things, including a lovely accent!! 😉 #feelingblessed #united #newstories #opportunitiesawait #lifegoals #lifechanging #ilovemyjob #ilovewhatido #fulfilling #satisfyinglife #isleepgood

4 1 Oct 18, 2017

It all started when my husband of 22 years emailed to say he didn't want to be married anymore and could he come by the house on Saturday and pick up his stuff? . . In the email he told me to hustle up and get the divorce done asap. Oh and by the way, here's a hundred bucks and he's moving to Austria. In complete and total shock and I collapsed on the floor. Long story short. . I remember taking that $100 to the store and thinking What am I going to do? I bought some soup and sandwich meat. #ad #collectivebias #wellyesmoment sofabfood . . . #mealsinabowl #instafoodie #instafood #instayum #startingoveragain #lovellife #loveliving #lovelivinglife #bowlmeover #bowlmeoverblog #souperchefdeb #beinspiring #beinspirational #beinspirationaltoothers #beinspirational2others #aboutme #momentinlife #movingforwardinlife #whattodotoday #happinessiskey #happinessisachoice

24 2 Oct 18, 2017

Yesterday we had a sales contract put on our house and 2 weeks ago I was laid off. Sometimes a new start is needed...looking forward to what the last few months of 2017 and the new year of 2018 bring me💕 #startingoveragain #thingshappen #biggerandbetterthings #steppingback #reevaluate

18 1 Oct 18, 2017

Can’t define myself by what happened in days past, but I damn sure choose to do something today!!!! 💪🏻... being consistent is a constant battle I have to overcome 😐 but it’s something I’m striving for.... Today I showed up for myself 😍 and in my eyes 👀 shows me that even though I’ve lost many battles, I can and will win this war!! 👊🏻

4 1 Oct 18, 2017

And so the adventure begins 🤣🤗🎨🖼️ #dowhatyoulove #startingoveragain

0 0 Oct 18, 2017

So beautiful x

292 2 Oct 18, 2017

Flashback to Mercdes Fashion Festival Lunch last week! Love where my business takes me! Bumped into this beautiful lady beccajane1974

298 2 Oct 18, 2017

I haven't done a set of Deadlifts in a very long time! My favorite lift by far. 315x5 felt good. Surprisingly light, so good to know I didn't lose a lot of strength. Probably didn't need the belt but gotta play it safe 😂 #weighttraining #weightloss #deadlift #StartingOverAgain #motivatedanddriven #Health #tryingtobehealthy

3 0 Oct 18, 2017
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