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Self-reproach takes its toll on our health😷 & our hearts💔

3 3 Dec 15, 2017

“Instead of saying, ‘I'm damaged, I'm broken, I have trust issues’ say ‘I'm healing, I'm rediscovering myself, I'm starting over.’” 🌻

28 2 Dec 15, 2017

Ultra Green Coffee. Interested? DM for more infos. #greencoffee #healthycoffee #diet #newyou #startingoveragain #kapelang

4 0 Dec 15, 2017

🙋🏻‍♀️ amen 🙏🏼 to that! For a long Time I would sit and wonder how it was possible that I could have gone through so much in life. Every single emotion I literally had to go through myself. Bad things happen to good people too. I’m no saint by any means however, I questioned my existence and why I had to go through so much misfortune. Now I totally get but it took a long time. As stubborn and strong willed as I am I had to emotionally, physically and mentally feel pain and suffering to be able to learn from it to understand it. I shouldn’t be alive today. I questioned that too but there is no question why I am still here anymore. I’m 1000% grateful to still be here. I just have to now “trust the process”. No one is exempt from struggles but you do get to choose how you overcome and rise from it. #lifestrugglesarereal #life #hardtimes #painandsuffering #learnfromyourmistakes #frommesstomessage #startingoveragain

110 0 Dec 15, 2017

To welcome something new and exciting it requires stepping outside your comfort zone. Put a big YES in the comments if you agree. #nextlevel #movingon #startingover

8 1 Dec 14, 2017

8 4 Dec 14, 2017

Sometimes, that last page you turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book. #StartingOverAgain

5 0 Dec 14, 2017

Sometimes, that last page you turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book. #StartingOverAgain

7 0 Dec 14, 2017

One of the things I must have every now and again is a good belly laugh (Like last week while watching Mom’s night out movie...hilarious!)! Especially, on those long and stressful days, when all you want to do is put your face into a pillow and scream. You know what I mean? Yes, a good belly laugh is in order. 😔 _____________________ When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Listen, laughter is not only good for the soul but it’s good for a broken heart, your mindset and spirit too. _____________________ Listen you don’t need anything spectacular for a good laugh, Some of my best moments of laughter are the ones where I’m laughing at myself for doing something silly...(yeah, I have those moments). 💫 _____________________ So, if it’s been a while, and you’re having that feeling of wanting to scream into your pillow- TODAY, do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of laughter. I don’t care if it’s by watching a silly movie or by you not taking yourself so seriously that you begin to even laugh at yourself. Just allow yourself to laugh today.. #laughterishealing #selfcare

23 1 Dec 14, 2017


2 0 Dec 14, 2017

Day 66: Crochet Perseverance #365present #apicaday #crochet #tshirts #startingoveragain #fiberarts #basket

9 0 Dec 14, 2017


75 4 Dec 14, 2017

Dinner!! #intermittentfasting #startingoveragain

3 0 Dec 14, 2017

3pm snack!!! #intermittentfasting #startingoveragain

3 0 Dec 14, 2017

Breaking my fast...clean eating! #intermittentfasting #startingoveragain

1 0 Dec 13, 2017
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