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. . ทุกๆการกระทำที่ดีงาม จะย้อนคืนสิ่งดีให้กับคุณเสมอ.... miss you pgg🐷👧🌻🐣 . Star Nations - The Starseed & Lightworker Community Star Nations is a high vibrational community & social network for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers, Lightwarriors and Awakened Beings of Light, who are here to assist the planet and all of its inhabitants to the next stage of its evolution by moving to a higher dimensional existence. A new evolved Earth that we are already co-creating, where we live in alignment with nature and the planet. Where our interactions come from the heart in love and where everything that is created is done so in the highest good for all life on Earth and beyond. #lightworker #starseed #1111 #awakening #divine #spiritualjourney #angelreading #soul #humanity #higherconsciousness #ascension #raiseyourvibration #wisdom #archangels #awareness #enlightenment #spiritual #loveandlight #spirituality #metaphysical #oneness #5thdimension # #universe #higherself #consciousness #synchronicity #namaste #meditation #kundalini #mindfulness

11 0 May 26, 2017

The sad truth about today's society ❤️

24 1 May 26, 2017

The only one who can truly hurt you is you 🕊 * By this I mean that yes others can hurt us but true hurt comes from instances when we betray ourselves. * When we turn our backs on ourselves. * When we ignore our intuition or gut feeling about something or someone. * Hone in on how people or situations make you feel. * Learn to trust yourself. * #trustinyourself #intuition

25 1 May 26, 2017

***REPLAY STILL AVAILABLE!*** Did you miss our LIVE Arcturian Channeled Abundance Code Activation? It. Was. Powerful. To say the least! Check it out by registering for free at: and receive a frequency activation that will connect you to your higher Truth, your real self, an abundance of light and love and feelings of immense gratitude... this frequency will activate abundant shifts within the next 1-5 days after watching as many of our live viewers have reported after the replay. Welcome in an abundance of love at: www/ NAMASTE dear ones <3 <3 <3 #abundance #abundancecodes #dnaactivation #arcturian #arcturians #channeler #channeling #trancechanneler #arcturianfrequency #love #loveandlight #higherself #higherdimensions #galacticfrequency #empowerment #lightworker #lightworkers #spiritualself #spiritualgrowth #spiritualguidance #psychicgifts #spiritualgifts #timelineshifts #starseed #starseeds #soulfam #timelineshifts #consciousness #awakening #ascension

7 0 May 26, 2017

All the answers you seek, all the things you are waiting to come through in response to you heart's call and sacred intentions and wild dreams, will all be revealed and brought into the light in perfect divine order and in a timing orchestrated by the Divine in breathtaking elegance, not a moment early, not a moment later. ❤ When you have done the work, once you take a massive leap of faith, the Universe will meet you more than triple the energy you put out closer to your heart call. Now rest in utter surrender, release the worry and anxiety as to how the answers to your desires are gonna take form...let go of the idea and picture of how your questions are going to be met. From a place of allowing, you will be shocked at the amount of support that pours down your path. You will get the answers, everything will be revealed. Open your heart and listen. ❤🙏

11 1 May 26, 2017

[JOIN ME AT THE YOU CAN HEAL! SUMMIT!] . I love using my gua sha buffalo horn tool on my neck, particularly my SCM muscle (Sternocleidomastoid muscle), since the neck can hold a lot of tension. . This holds true if you are one of the many who tends to hold stress in your neck, upper back, shoulders, and jaw. It is also a popular area that gets activated if we have issues with our Throat Chakra, such as speaking our truth into the world. Unfortunately, I see a lot of this in my treatment room, and gua sha is just one of my tools for easing up neck strain. . Gua Sha is a massage-like healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine that brings up the stagnation in the fascia, muscles, and tissues, using a round edge instrument. The transitory therapeutic petechiae which comes up to the skin’s surface is called “sha”. . As an acupuncturist, I love activating, and rebalancing, the Qi flow within my patients meridians, to help their Inner Healer recalibrate and reconnect themselves to their center, relieve their stagnated energy, and help them move further into their Oneness. . The fabulosity of acupuncture is just ONE of the reasons you need to check out my interview on the FREE online series, the YOU CAN HEAL! Global Summit! I couldn't be more excited to share space with 20+ other experts on how to heal, reclaim your inner power, have optimum health, and live with delicious, vital energy! Not only will I be talking about Acupuncture, but also Twin Flame Relationships (including mine!), starseeds, and my work as a conduit between the Star Nation and Mother Gaia. The YOU CAN HEAL! Global Summit launches June 1st, and runs until June 21. GET ACCESS HERE >>

29 3 May 26, 2017

New moon in Gemini offers you the gift of self-reflection. Ask yourself how often do you listen to your own intuition? It always knows best and will guide you through troubled waters into safety. Trust your inner self as you create your new path way to walk upon. ❤️ need help listening to your intuition? My self-discovery novel- Lost Nowhere will help you 🙏🏼 link to purchase in my bio xox

345 2 May 26, 2017

Fresh juice to heal the body. Taking my ascension process seriously. #indigo #ascencion #starseed #pleaidian #vegetables #fruit #juice

15 5 May 26, 2017

Remember these?? #tbt mua vibes highly on deck🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💕 ♐️SWIPE ! And have a colorful, I meant beautiful night 😂😘

38 3 May 26, 2017
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