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9 ESSENTIAL TOUCHES FOR A CLASSY INTERIOR - Stair RodsA staircase is a standout feature of a home so it makes sense to really capitalize on it - especially if it’s found in a front entryway. Elegant stair runners add class like no other but what really finishes them off well is a pairing with glossy stair rods. By using stair rods, it provides additional detailing to a stair runner and creates a really contemporary and impressive look. One of the best things about stair rods is that you can customize them to match any interior. Cubed, round, stone - whatever works with the scheme. These embellishments help to get a good balance of traditional and contemporary. (Part 2 of 10) #essentialtouches #stairrods #interiordesign #raynorrisdesignliving #raynorrisdesign


A better shot of the stair rail alone. Balusters feed straight into the stair tread for a more customized look. #stairrail #interiordesign #industrialdesign #customironwork #batonrouge #batonrougeartisan #rawiron #distefanodesignsandfab #iron #customironwork #potd #custom #ddf


Snow Day Leg Blaster! Stair Hops: Hop onto the bottom step then hop back down to ground level. (30 seconds)Side Stair Steps: Stand w/one foot on the bottom step and one foot on the ground. Engage your core and raise the leg that that is at ground level up to your hips (15x each side)Stair Speed Steps: As fast as you can, alternate toe taps on the bottom step.(30 seconds)Calf Raises: Stand on the bottom step with your heels hanging off of the step. Come up onto your toes, squeeze the back of your legs, and return to the start position. (15x)Stair Lunges: Step up on the bottom step and sink down into a lunge. (15x/leg)Repeat 2-3 times! Make sure to stretch when you are done! #boymomfitness #boymomstrong #snowday #workthelegs



Stair or Stare #RichmondeHotel


Those stair fits have grown on me


Access from the seating bowl to the arena floor or stadium field is often imperative for flexible sports venues. Staging Concepts excels at providing field stair units that are sturdy, fit the design of the space and are easy to set up and take down. We customize stair units to your specific venue and have vast experience in making sure your field stairs meet your specific needs and last a long time. #fieldstairs #stairunits #arenastairs #arenasetup #stadiumstairs #conventioncenter #studiocitymacau #portablestairs #stagingconcepts #SCElevates #venuemanagement #IAVM #stadia #staging #productionrental #picoftheday


Stair safety - done #keyclamp #newstudio


Sculptural stair Photo cred: mrobinsonphoto


Lol right after I did my 40min on the stair stepper....


The stair runner is installed and we LOVE the black binding


Twinning with out Stair Pro #Stryker #StairChair #StrykerEMS


The stair and light combination that just keeps on giving. #amalirose #iphoneonly


That day I forgot proper stair usage etiquette


Exodus fam getting in their workouts on our new stair climbers What a view from up there!


Stair chair job, gonna be fun #stairchair #ems


Please no stair chair lifts today. #Emt #superiorambulanceservice #stairchair


The grand stair at 41 Cooper Square in NYC. Photo by iwanbaan


We love it when our clients are as excited about a custom fir stair detail as we are!


Stair view of the other side of the 2nd floor hallway. #revit #cloudrendering #interiordesign


Punnished chest, and triceps to finnish off with 10 min abbs and stair stepper...

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