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We all encounter struggles from time to time. Unforeseen circumstances which set us back. Heartache, financial insecurities, loss, endings, change, illness, lack of control of what's happening in our lives....... etc. But what makes us feel weak & vulnerable today will be our greatest gift & greatest strength. Through pain we grow, through change we develop to who we are meant to be, when a door closes for us, the path changes in a different direction towards a new horizon. So don't focus on the storm, trust the process & wait for the rainbow ahead guiding you to brighter opportunities 🌟💛🙏 #inspiration #innerstrength #trusttgeprocess #trustheuniverse #change #struggles #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #dontbeafraid #innerstrength #believe #krishnaconciousness #yougotthis #tomorrowisanewday 🙏

0 0 Aug 24, 2017

Fear, should always be irrelevant! Fear is what keeps life from happening. No one can remove the fear from you! You will have to remove that yourself. We all have fears, But We alll choose if we want to be its slave or master! Choose wisely friends! #mentalcoach #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualbeing #spiritualgrowth #spiritualbadass #forward #alwaysforward #pathofleastresistance #work

2 1 Aug 24, 2017

Find one thing, just one thing that was good, fun, easy or right today and talk about it, share it on social media, put it in your journal, think about it a lot, share it here. That's the thing that will raise your vibration and lift you higher. Blessings Chris.

6 2 Aug 24, 2017

We are the world, We are the children, We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start living. There's a choice we're making; WE'RE SAVING OUR OWN LIVES, its true, we make a better day just you and me 💜💜💜 #goodthings #yogawitch #warriorgoddessintraining #empath #Gemini  #thirdeye #namaste  #love #ascending #magic #moonchild #childrenoftheuniverse #childofthemoon #barefoot #feedyourdreams  #listen #focus #mindbodyandsoul  #poetry #writersofinstagram #goodvibesonly #positivevibes  #innerpeace #light #purpose #thirdeye #namaste #youarethesun  #youareloved #spreadlove  #spiritualgrowth

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When you feel ENVY or lack , say to yourself , " I Love Life and Life Loves Me". Be in Love with your life ❤️Let life bless you today ❤️ #positivevibes #positivequotes #louisehay #love #loveyourself #spiritualgrowth #spiritualguide #dubai #mydubai #dxb #

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This is a revelation really. Once you truly inner stand this, you will release all societal prejudices on male/female relationships. The illusion of master/submissive or matriarch/patriarch will give way for true nurturing loving. #spiritualgrowth #gender #love #noseperations #illusions #onlyloveisreal

6 0 Aug 24, 2017

Morning Musings Relationships Matter I woke up feeling this deep sense of gratitude. Perhaps, it is due to some guided meditation the night before. Or maybe it is just because, I am mindful of the amazing humans, I connect with on this journey. Relationships matter greatly. The quality of our relationships is directly proportional to the happiness we feel in our hearts. Our human connections, pave way for our relationship with the Divine. I know the only way my young heart could conceive a God was when, He was described as a father. Having a loving relationship with my dad, allowed me project those same feelings on the idea of God. All this at only 6years old. As I grow older, I meet amazing people every single day. Some for a season and others for the entire life ride. I actively practice what I term "connection touch points". I consciously, make connections with humans who make my heart merry. I also, do the best I can to connect with everyone I meet on this journey on some level. The gatekeeper, housekeeper, market woman, business executive all have something to teach me. I open my heart to receive the lessons from those who have come before and after me. Today is a great day to activate your Relationship Touch Points and connect or reconnect with someone special. I know some may say, they have been hurt badly. I have also, hurt people unconsciously and you too maybe. Some of my relationships didn't work out, despite our best intentions. Still, I know deep within me that our loving relationships are at the core of our joys. We are happiest when we have a strong community to share our being with. Nobody wants to be alone in this world. Like Maya Angelou said our legacy is " every life we touched". Go ahead and connect with someone old or new. Make new friends today. Hang out with your favourite people. Call your family members and friends. Extend a warm hand of friendship to someone who makes your heart merry. Talk to that old lady, child or construction worker. Let's spread love everywhere we go! #relationships #love #spiritualgrowth #joy #innerpeace

6 1 Aug 24, 2017

Its great to work in a space that puts a smile on your face😄

8 1 Aug 24, 2017

Discover Your Magick. 🕯 Rootwork, Headwork, Spellwork, Tarot, crystals (all charged during the eclipse btw 🌝🌚), books, and sacred essentials. All available on my website 🔮 hand made 14k gold filled charged jewelry will be added to the website very soon as well 🖤 I wanna thank you all for your support and your love! This is only the beginning 🌹 link in bio!

14 1 Aug 24, 2017

Find your inner peace..... that's where you'll find me. I already found you 💑😉👌🏻💗😘😉💓💓🔑🐻🔥🔥 #spiritual #twinflame #namaste #love #spiritualgrowth

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tarotsimpy🌹beautiful #Angelguide #ArchangelMichael #blessings #Abundace #ArchangelUriel #tarotreading #tarot #tarotspreads #Oracle #spiritualgrowth #Strength #Angel #god #faith #peace🍒 Many Love & angel blessings Nilambariw🌱🍀🌾🌿

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From "Escape from the Snakes": _______ Last time, when i saw myself in the mirror, it was like i saw the glittering eye of Mephistopheles. And there was laughter, scornful laughter. And i decided to go back through the mirror to get another perspective, to get "in". And when i did so, i found many broken parts on the ground or flying around. And i knew that they would fit together, if i only could manage to find the key. There were parts that looked like grief, injury, disappointment and sadness at least. But there were also lucky ones, glimmering through the dark. I did not know what to do and felt paralyzed for a long time. Then a kind of shock came up, a great convulsion. And i felt so tired and kind of sorry for myself. So i decided to hold the shards of the shadows right into the little light that came through a window far behind...and when i did this, i could see myself in any of these broken parts. There was a silent part and a laughing one. There was a f****** one and a frightened one. And in one of them i saw Mephisto`s winking eye...and i now knew what this game had been for. I stood up, returned to the mirror and walked through... #art #art🎨 #artist #writing #writer #story #poetry #poetsofinstagram #lyrics #musician #gallery #galleria #textgram #text #psychology #spiritualgrowth #spiritualawakening

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If you want to check out Buddhism or learn to meditate, if you are going through stress or difficult times, we have a list of books for a great place start. Plus a little bonus meditation instruction at the end of the video. 🙏🏻📚 Click the link in our bio! ⠀

21 1 Aug 24, 2017

This is the night me and my beloved #husbandtobee got engaged 💍 😍! It was a pretty intense night 😨were a lot of deep healing occurred. I got to release old core trauma that was stored in my body! Trauma that I have consciously tried to reach several year but couldn't. But this night it happened 😃🤘. And after that extremely powerful release I started to do some strong (unexpected) channelling and got hold on some really interesting information. The hole thing ended up with my hubby asking me: will you marry me? 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes yes yeeeees! 💕😀 We have experienced so much togheter just during this 8 months as a couple. Things we could have never expected 😳😱. Healing on a hole new level that both he and I want to share in a near future. And after all the things I have gone through with him I have started to write a book about emotions, healing and food. I can just say I have a lot of material coming up on my YouTube channel soon 👌🤘🙌 So stayed tuned 🤗☀️ Soulmate, I now believe do exist ❤️⭐️💍⭐️❤️ Love you baby 💋 #engagement #love #healing #trauma #rawlife #rawlifstyle #higherconsciousness #abandonment #soulmate #beliveinlove #spiritualgrowth #spiritual #inlove❤ #channeling #rawspirit #rawspiritzoria

12 2 Aug 24, 2017

Dinner time 💖 most people think healthy eating is gross but I love this stuff mixed it up a bit tonight with some whole grain mustard 👌👌👌👌🍳 healing food - I have found my why now after a curve ball and now I am charging ahead (well slowly - Dr's orders). #unstoppable #nourish #healing #findyourwhy #spiritualgrowth

4 0 Aug 24, 2017
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