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Fascinating article on narcissism. I deal occasionally with this personality type in my work and once in a while in my personal life. Best advice, leave them alone, they need help you can't give them. #Narcissism #Run #FaceYourFears #SortYourselfOut

2 0 Feb 19, 2018

another little chapter review of jordan.b.peterson's #12rulesforlife. 2 key things from chapter 9. --- i didn't have time to talk in depth about these points as instagram video is only 1 min. but in this chatper is rule number 9 and called 'assume that the person you are listening to knows something you don't'. it is a really great chapter that males some fantastic points about really listening to people. making sure thst you don't miss anything that maybe beneficial to your life. that is why the repetition technique is so useful. jp gives a breif summary of how memory works too. really good chapter about being efficient with the stuff that goes into the brain. full book review coming at the end of feb. #jordanpeterson #jordanbpeterson #12rulesforlife #phycology #philosophy #bookreview #dontlie #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #wordsofwisdom #inspiration #igquotes #knowledge #motivationalquotes #bigideas #sortingmyselfout #sortyourselfout #cleanyourroom #toplobster

24 0 Feb 18, 2018

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung.

20 1 Feb 18, 2018
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