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Stressed at work? Baijiu can solve that. Love life getting you down?Baijiu can solve that. Feeling a slight tickle in the throat?Baijiu can solve that. Baijiu CURES ALL (especially the King of them all, #Moutai ) #kweichow #baijiu #liverpool #fubar independentliverpool itsliverpool liverpoolecho visitliverpool_ hipliverpool


Sell the problem you solve, not the product. If you have a problem with messy hair, we are here to solve it. From Oxford, with love


Will I be able to solve this ? #4x4rubikscube #solve


Money also comes when you get paid to solve problems..Comment below. What problems do you solve for a check?. #thedivaspeak


i miss gil :Hey peeps!! My country is down with wifi and i have to use my data:( and they still havent solve the problems from morning Hopefully they will solve it so i can post more


Did not post cubes for a while.But here is a sub 19 solve.its a gd solve to me. #rubikscube #rubiks cube #Gans #356 #s #sub19


Make a box to hold your INTERNATIONAL DISCOVERY AGENT badge, ID card & briefing pack. Solve clues with each chapter in DESTINATION SWITZERLAND to help solve the mystery of the coin in the cuckoo clock! #destinationswitzerland #secretagentkids #caseofadventure #ihsnet #homeschool #homeschoolers #fungeography #homeschooladventure #funhistory


" African centered education is designed to create the kind of people we need to solve African people’s problems. The kind of education that is being received by African people today is designed to solve white folk’s problems. You’re being educated to solve their problems. That’s why no matter how highly educated your people become, the more problems we have. The more, and you heard me say it before, the more degrees in business administration we have, the more other people take over our business districts.Which says what? That this degree is not designed for us to take control of our economic system. It’s not because the assumption is, that Black students are being prepared to work for white folk. Work in white companies. Strive to move up in white systems. The education assumes that whites will continue to be in control of the economic system. And therefore, they are educated on the assumption that they’re going in to get a job from someone else, and they’re not educated in how? To what? Create jobs for themselves. And to create their own economic and political structures.And therefore, you get highly educated Black economists and so forth, who cannot help Black people to resolve their economic problems. And yet they teach at Harvard and Yale. And they get Nobel prizes for what? Solving other people’s problems. And African centered education is designed to get you to solve your own problems. "Dr. Amos N. Wilson #maarifacircle #MisEducation #economics #community #support #NextGeneration #maarifacircleclassic -


Trying to solve this one


Wish to win #NewSwissInTown goodies from #SwissTempelle ?Solve the puzzle and simply follow the steps given below. #Beauty #LoveSkin #Fresh #Skin #BodyLotion #BodyWash #GlowingSkin #Contest #Puzzle #Exciting #SloveandWin #Beautiful #Pretty #RadiantSkin #Fusion #Swiss #Swizterland #contestalert #contestcomingsoon #contestalertindia #contestindia #playthis #goodies #stylenv #giveaway #giveaways1. Follow me and Swiss Tempelle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.2. Solve the puzzle.3. Send your answers in the comment section.4.The contest will close on 17th March at 23:59.5.The name of the winner will be chosen by the blogger.


When you finally solve some stuff


"Problems solve when you evolve." #derekrydall


They can solve your problems #dumpbodies #guiguigui


People to meet, shits to solve


How do you solve a problem like Maria? #howdoyouholdamoonbeaminyourhand


Just another for those who love to solve #mathsisfun #riddler #timeyourself


Solve na ang day-off #loners


A one #littlesmile can solve the ₹manyproblemS .... #Keeepsmiling


Eating > Reading > + Music = Solve! #curryramen #jjajangbokki


Lipstick cant solve all problems, but its a pretty great start


Let Goals School solve this problem for you - enroll at


Looking at the story of creation by God, we will notice that problem solving and taking responsibility started with GodHe created the heavens and the earth,he was able to identify the problem of the earth been out of form and void and with total darkness He took responsibility and said to the problem,I will solve you,OK let there be light and this separated the Night from the dayAnd He proffered solutions to other identified challenges and problemHe looked at them and he said to himself this things are good.My take:When we are able to identify our problems and challenges in our work place,business and lives in general and decide to take responsibility,solve the problem.We automatically become happy and want to take bigger responsibilities, set bigger goals and work harder and smarter to get them done. Self actualisation brings happiness #takeresposibility #solvetheproblem #behappy #stayhappy #nolimitations


Alcohol may not solve all your problems but neither will water or milk #wackywine #rockefellas #diewynwascheap


There is always a way to solve problems without resorting to violence... #PulseQuotes #Quoteoftheday #PulseSudan


There is always a way to solve problems without resorting to violence... #PulseQuotes #Quoteoftheday #PulseNigeria


"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." -Albert Einstein #sneakatoke


"Life is journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy." #syutingceria


And today in do you solve a problem like Maria? balisurfbaby">#soundofmusic balisurfbaby #assemblyitem


Some do Drugs, others pop bottles, I solve my problems with wide open throttles.

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