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🤷🏼‍♀️WHY I DEACTIVATED INSTAGRAM: 3 weeks ago I hastily made the decision to deactivate my Instagram, with the assumption I would have an overnight change of mind. Turns out I was wrong and some perspective and time off has worked wonders. My reasoning behind this decision was simple: I was feeling AWFUL about myself. The constant stream of photogenic girls was stirring up a bizarre concoction of emotions in me and it became overwhelming. I’d scroll and obsess over these pictures, then look at myself in the mirror and just be SO ridiculously unhappy (there were tears and tantrums on occasion). I became consumed by it all and started to lose sight of important things in real life and to be honest IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT 😊 Since deactivating, Ive had so many important realisations. Genuinely. I have been much more present, less attached to my phone (no scrolling and much less picture taking) and just generally so much happier. I’ve focused intently on work and my ever-growing projects and I’ve spent quality time with friends and family, everything has just been much more enjoyable. I’ve really made time for the things I love and haven’t been pre-occupied with trying to take a good photo (which, by the way, is a horrendous experience for all involved) 😂 One of the best things that has happened has been my change in attitude towards my image and what I share on SM. I’ve finally begun accepting how I look naturally and that’s bloody HUGE for me. I was putting hideous amounts of pressure on myself to look great every day (for the gram) but you know what, I’m so over that, I’m so much more than that and fuck me it feels good ⭐️ An Instagram detox was completely necessary for me. I may make it permanent but if not, ready with a refreshed and healthy mind set. My mental health comes first and I promise that what’s going on in real life is FAR more important than relentless pictures of people looking perfect in the gym. It’s very easy to get caught up in it all so if you have been feeling down about social media, have a break, seriously, show yourself you don’t need it (if I can do it, you defo can) and break the negativity. #reallifeisbetterthaninstagram 💫💖

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This is so satisfying to watch tho😍Tag someone who need to see this

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which company is the most digital of them all? #artcore #society #digital #agency #strategy #design #development #innovation #mag #magazine #article #strategic #projects #team #skyisthelimit

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Things to consider about evolutionary psychology and statistics related to men and women in the workplace and in competition and mate choice. The “is”, not the “ought”. An important distinction. It’s a worrying trend that men are choosing to leave so many fields in the universities and I agree very strongly with the “game”. There isn’t a good way for men to win against women despite calls for equality, at least in the same game. You’re either a bully or a loser, unfortunately in society and it’s not just a human thing. Sexual selection is a powerful and ancient pre-human pressure. I wish people were taught ecology and evolution way more in depth and way better than they currently are. I’m so glad I majored in biology and had some good professors because having the scientific and biological mental toolkit allows me to consider so many more possibilities and think about why things are and things just make so much more sense from an eco/evo lens even if it’s possible that the theories have faults. It’s sad that people view medicine and technological advances as trustworthy but then denounce evolution when it’s grounded in the same scientific principles that provide us with agriculture and internet. I guess it’s understandable since it’s harder to see it in action, but the social constructivists really don’t give it its dues. Disclaimer: everything i say is my thinking, feel free to add logic and data and perspective that could be reasonable. Address the topic, not me, and don’t put words into my mouth. Also, think for yourself don’t just accept what i say either :^) #jordanpeterson #society #education #philosophy #morality #people #thinking #thoughts #discussion #freespeech #politicalcorrectness #controversy #socialjustice #discrimination #gender #race

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Who is a gentleman? For some people gentleman is a rich guy who wears a coat, who has his own business, who has good looks, who has a “swag” inside himself. But this is a misconception of people. Even if you search on a social media about gentleman, you will get the pictures as I have described above. Gentleman is not about how rich you are or how good looking you are, it’s about your manners and the contents of your character. Gentleman is the one who respects women and his girl. He’s the one who sees thousands of girls but he has his eyes only for his girl. The one who respects his girl as his mom. Being a gentleman is not that easy. He has to go through a lot. Society has made a rule that men should not cry. They don’t have a right to cry. They should always hide their pain inside and should keep smiling always. When we talk about girls, that they go through a lot, they survive more than men, nobody thinks about men. Nobody knows what they have gone through. Nobody wants to know! People think that they are men, they should take care of everything, they should respect others, they should keep smiling, they should hide their feelings and they should be always happy! Why? Why they don’t have right to express themselves? They are human beings too! A guy who respects his mother and understands his responsibilities, who works hard for himself and his family, who knows what is priority, who has good attitude towards women is a true gentleman. And every gentleman deserves respect, because every gentleman is a hero in himself. ~Varada Govilkar #words #wordporn #gentleman #writersofinstagram #writer #wordplay #blogger #wordpress #follow4follow #like4like #writerswrite #wordsofwisdom #reading #soulofwords #change #wordplay #man #men #society #writerscommunity #varadagovilkar

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Our next event is upon us. 1st April at Springs Golf Club. Been a high scoring venue over the last two years for our society. 2016 saw samuel2390 come home with 43 points only to be beaten by benjamiiingreeen on count back. In 2017 conor_lambe was victorious with 40 points with Furgy losing out on count back. Will 2018 being another 40+ round? #golf #hgs #springs #greatcourse #birdie #bogey #par #society

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I was the FIRST class chosen to test a NEW concept called "SESAME STREET" .. in kindergarten.. I remember adults with clipboards and a TV being wheeled into my classroom .. the magic began .. and continues.. decades later.. In these times when it seems all "civility and decency" has left #notmypresident .. Grover and Co.. remind me.. that's so not true .. there are the children .. and that.. is hope.. we all need to remember "how to get to SESAME STREET".. 🎵🎵☀️☀️"Sunny days.... Everything's A-OK...🎵🎵🎵🎵💙💙💙💙💙💙 #hope #seasamestreet #children #childrenarehope #childrenarethefuture #sunnyskies #needtoreturn #society #thisisnotnormal #rememberwhoweare #nyc #nycwriter #nycblogger #nycwoman #hopingforthebest #marchforourlives #thegreatestloveofall #upperwestsidenyc #writeon #writersofinstagram #thistooshallpass #centralparkwest #centralparknyc #disheartening #centralparkbarre 💔💙💔💙💔

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The perfect picture to show the perfect life. #instagood #instafame #lies #fake #edited #menshair #selfie #blackandwhite #socialmedia #society

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What happens when we teach our young boys that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness? This NPR story explores how our perceptions of masculinity, and how those ideas are passed along, creating lonely, isolated men. Full story link in bio . . . #social #isolation #masculinity #council #mindful #culturalshift #npr #news #society #men #vulnerability #friendship #community #communitybuilding #story #sharing

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Life matter. What's create us life? What is the origin definition of life?? What would life should be? How life should be perform in the way it should be? Why life have to be that tough to pursue in the way it should not be? Can life be just liked a aerodynamic flow? Can life be just like Vapor of fluid? With careless and un-abstruse being, hence to allow life to be what "Life" is. "Careless, judged-less" therefore release the Tension and compressive in Life but it's Tough in reality to do so. Useless life. #life #matter #consequence #tension #problem #human #society #stressful

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Our society has always been biased, at first it was biased for males and now the scenario is going on the other side. Am not favouring any starata but want you to understand the other side too and understand the need of a balanced society ************Being a male************** All guys are pervert, men are dogs. We have been taunted and abused like this for long, but do we really deserve that. As we all say “ what all glitters is not gold” , why don’t we realize it in our lives too. Not all men are pervert, lusty and ill mannered. Agreed to the point that most molesters or thieves are male, but they are not the only ones who define our community. And there is no guarantee that women don’t do the same. There are some people of this kind in both the community, only their proportions vary. . And if u think they define what males are, then wait, do think of your brother who protects you everytime, supports you , whom you tie rakhi and who loves you more than his life, your father who is also a reason of your existence, who sacrificed everything, all his desires to keep you happy. . Moreover the people who guard the borders to assure that you have sound sleep , who live away from their families and sacrifice their lives for keeping you safe, they are also males . Getting born with different genitals is not the difference, it all depends on what we make of it, how we shape ourselves. . If all time accumulated then those genitals do come to role only for few months in your entire life, but your love, trust, relations and characters stay forever. . Men are blamed that they crave for s*x , but don’t you agree that girls do have those feelings too. Humans may do pariality , but god doesn’t do. He gave us everything equally, whether they are emotions, intimacy, cravings or anything, we all got the same , only the intensity vary . . No actions are either good or bad, its only the intentions behind it, which are responsible for everything. . A person may be good or bad, but don’t judge it on gender, it isn’t right to punish the community for misconduct of few. . Instead of taking immediate actions, try to learn the motive behind it.

7 1 Mar 22, 2018

#Repost mehdifoundation ( get_repost) ・・・ 'Lord Jesus Christ and his message was unique, beautiful. Genuinely speaking, without spirituality, one cannot adopt the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.' HH Younus_AlGohar is speaking about the teachings of #LordJesusChrist today on Sufi_Online - only via ALRATV! Tune in: #SufiOnline  #AlRATV  #YounusAlGohar #Sufism  #Spirituality  #Religion  #God #Divine  #Interfaith  #Faith  #Urdu  #English #GoharShahi  #RiazAhmedGoharShahi  #Soul  #Spirit  #Innerbeing #innerpeace  #peace  #Godly  #society #Jesus #JesusChrist #LordJesus #GospelofThomas #Thomas #Bible #Gnostic

7 1 Mar 22, 2018

Happiness! We look for it in others and things when In reality it is in you. You have made it this far. You have walked your path. You have fallen, stood back up and still kept moving. You have woken up today to work and/or survive to get the things you so crave for and want. So why place your happiness on materials or people when YOU are the one working for all that you’ve manifested or are manifesting? Love yourself! Know you’re enough! Know that you are happiness itself! And know that you deserve it for all the hard work you put yourself through due to society, the world, or life in general. So next time you start feeling down remind yourself of all the shit you put with and have overcame because only divine amazing humans can do that! I love you! 😘 #happiness #choice #loveyourself #you #reality #live #love #learn #theone #work #survive #manifest #society #world #divine #human

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