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I chose a shipping method today that cost me more money ($2), because the items would ship nicely in a flat rate box rather than shoved and squashed in a flat rate mailer. They were expensive items and I wanted the presentation to be awesome for my customer when they opened the box! Sometimes cheapest is not the best choice for shipping! Ever spend a few extra bucks to give your customer a better experience opening your shipment? #treatshopperswell 💋

18 1 Sep 23, 2017

Realistic sales techniques.

12 3 Sep 23, 2017

Customer is the boss.

39 3 Sep 23, 2017

Dream as if you´ll live forever, live as if you´ll die today.

12 1 Sep 23, 2017

The more you A/B test, the more you'll know what works.

12 1 Sep 23, 2017

El Social Selling trata de establecer relaciones entre los usuarios y los productos que se venden mediante el uso de RRSS📲: Te vamos a compartir algunos consejos para tenerlos en cuenta a la hora de hacer tu estrategia de SS: ✔Monitorea lo que se dice de los productos en las redes. ✔Descubre que es lo que mayormente buscan los usuarios. ✔Aprovecha al máximo las herramientas de RRSS. ✔Identifica eventos que anticipen compras por parte de los usuarios. ✔¡Importante! Cuando los clientes presenten problemas, soluciónalos pronto posible. Fuente: iebschool #strategy #social #rrss #redessociales #marketing #socialmedia #socialselling #socialmediamanager #socialmediaexpert #marketingdigital #website #design

4 0 Sep 23, 2017

"You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think." — Winnie the Pooh (A. A. Milne) Robert Proctor - Psychologically Unemployable Serial Entrepreneur, MLM Start-Up and MLM Software Consultant and President of MultiSoft Corporation "I Help Entrepreneurs Launch Their Network Marketing Company and Teach Them How to Build a Thriving MLM Business" #MyMLM #MLM #MLMtips #MLMsuccess #MLMindustry #RobertProctor #RealRobertProctor #Entrepreneur #SerialEntrepreneur #MillionaireMindset #MLMSoftware #MultiSoft #MultiSoftCorporation #NetworkMarketing #NetworkMarketingPro #NetworkMarketingTips #SocialSelling #Positive #Motivation #Inspiration #Success #Quotes #Quote #QuoteoftheDay #Friday #fridayvibes #fridayfeeling #WinniethePooh #AAMilne Why do some MLM’s achieve success, often overnight, while many others fail? Journey with me, Robert Proctor, CEO & President of, architect of and and founder of and, to discover the answers… Are you are open to launching your own MultiLevel Marketing, Network Marketing, Social Marketing, Direct Sales Company? Do you need to obtain great MLM Software? If so, call me directly at +1 239-945-6433 or +1 239-839-4904 Or eMail me at robert

16 1 Sep 23, 2017

☀️🍂Hope your Friday is everything you want it to be. . I worked in the yard, cleared stuff around the house, had an impromptu phone call with a dynamic business strategist and ate a salad sitting in the sun. As I was doing dishes with Prince blasting, I thought 'life is good' there is JOY and that JOY is NOT conditional or contingent on my earnings - it's how i SEE my life, sweet family and all that I have especially health! . Money doesn't buy Joy! Money gives us options. Think the Kardashian's.🤔 . Joy is truly about being in the moment and FEELING that moment for the Gift it truly is! 💋Hugs and gratitude for the likes and conversation this week! I see You! XO-T.♥️✨🦄 . . . . . . . .

10 2 Sep 23, 2017

I heard this yesterday, and I love it.

19 1 Sep 23, 2017

En Camara Cantabria minutos antes de comenzar mi ponencia sobre #SocialSelling

23 1 Sep 23, 2017

One statement bracelet can make your casual weekend style pop! #bracelets #weekendstyle

16 1 Sep 22, 2017


10 2 Sep 22, 2017

This girl has a plan.

36 6 Sep 22, 2017

How can you become a great influencer in your market? The first step is getting a pair of our awesome Social Jack Influencer Shades 😎

21 2 Sep 22, 2017

Wow we are at over 600 registrants for this FREE #LinkedIn webcast. LINK IN BIO. I will be sharing some of the newest LinkedIn features and strategies based on all of the recent changes. Thanks amfam dreambankmsn and ctrudolph deandelisle1 and the rest of the hosting team.

6 1 Sep 22, 2017
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