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Saatnya rasakan udara bersih di mobilmu! 🚐🚗 . Pasang Atmosphere Drive di dalam mobil untuk menjaga kualitas udara agar tetap bersih, segar, dan bebas polutan. Dapat bekerja secara efektif hingga 70°C & -20°C dan terbukti dapat menghilangkan bau rokok & asap kendaraan. . LetsDriveWithDrive DM for details

25 1 Mar 24, 2018

There will be times that you need to be tough and strong so be ready. Click on the link on my BIO to learn how to run a business on your phone.

14 1 Mar 24, 2018

"Prisoned" 🏝🌤

20 1 Mar 24, 2018

👉 Content Converts 🤑 👉🏾 Join my Insta family thejeffherring for content tips and more...♥️

25 1 Mar 24, 2018


18 1 Mar 24, 2018

Growth TIP: Make sure you do SOCIAL within your social media strategy. Devote ‘real-time’ engaging with your connections. How social are you?? . . . #socialmediacoach #dosocial #growthmindset #success #tip #socialmediatip #besocial #perseverance

9 0 Mar 24, 2018

Develop a listening heart.

26 1 Mar 24, 2018

Remember things take time ✨ As much as we’d like it all to happen quick sticks, we’ve got to be patient. I see myself getting annoyed or even disappointed at how things can progress slowly sometimes, but you’ve just got to remember to slow down and enjoy the ride. Cut yourself some slack 🙅🏻 Image: canva

41 3 Mar 24, 2018

Διαφήμιση-Διαχείριση Social Media της Επιχειρισης σας. Σύντομα.. #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamarketingtips #socialmediamanager #socialmediastrategy #socialmediatip #socialmedia #ioannina #ioanninacity #ioannina_greece #socialmediamanagerioannina

14 3 Mar 24, 2018

Need some new ideas to help your practice or law firm? We have plenty! Call us: (818) 434-6622 #digitalmarketing #PracticeBranding #SocialMediaManagement

13 1 Mar 24, 2018

When running an image ad format, your picture will be the drawcard used to stop your potential customers in their tracks and get them to pay attention to your ad. Users first pay attention to the image, then the headline, followed by the copy if they're still intrigued. This means your image is there to buy you that 0.0005 split second needed to capture their attention.... HERE ARE FOUR OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE APPROACHES WE'RE SEEING WORKING RIGHT NOW: 1. Relevance (so if you're targeting plumbers, showing a picture of a toilet etc haha! But seriously, relevance is important) 2. Sex appeal - sex sells, and attractive females work regardless if you're targeting men or women (although obviously works better with men) 3. Abstract - using a high contrast or visually unusual photo to cause for a pause 4. Unedited - grainy iphone pictures of people or situations are seeing some of the highest CTRs out there - most likely as they don't look like ads. I've left puppies, memes, and celebrities out here as - although these get high CTRs, the traffic is a bit click baity and therefor sees higher bounce rates. NOTE: Pictures of the actual client don't tend to work as well as the above unless they are being used on a warm audience or they are well known. No matter which one you use - try to steer clear of stock looking pictures. Nothing screams "I'm an ad" like a fake smile staring back at you! So...... Which one will work best for you? Well just with anything in FB - you should test AT LEAST 4 different ad creatives per ad set to see what your audience will respond to the best. Which one of the above have you had most success with? #socialmedia #socialmediatip #instagramtip #instagramforsalons #instagramforyoursalon #instagramexpert

9 0 Mar 24, 2018

❤️ Duke enjoying #nationalpuppyday w Caleb in the backyard ♥️

12 1 Mar 24, 2018

Although social media can be used as a sales channel, it should be predominately used to build a community for your target audience. It should be a place to build trust and connection.💫

10 1 Mar 24, 2018

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13 0 Mar 24, 2018

1st kickball game of the Spring season for the win 🎉

59 2 Mar 24, 2018
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