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😂 we love this one! We feel the same way about social media!! Have an amazing weekend everyone! Repost communicationhackers

17 2 Nov 18, 2017

The magic behind The Little Chair is revealed! 😱 😂 Mind blowing... I know! 👇 Follow me jeffjhunter for more fun with #artinisland #3dart 🤞😎

76 3 Nov 18, 2017

THE FUTURE & PRESENT IS DIGITAL MARKETING I think everyone reading this already gets this idea - that digital and #socialmediamarketing is the present and the future - you're reading this on instagram, after all. But I'm still amazed when I meet with business owners from the old school of traditional marketing who don't yet grasp this. It's simple: you can reach your target audience and grow your audience with real, active followers who take an interest in your business beyond a single purchase. You can do it while engaging your current audience to take action. And you can do it more cost-efficiently than any traditional marketing method. It doesn't mean traditional marketing doesn't have value but it does mean that if your brand & business isn't doing consistent social media marketing, you're behind. We can help. DM us or email ImigCommunications @ gmail dot com. Our social media growth programs work . . . . . . . . #creativeideas #socialmediamarketer #socialmediagrowth #wordofmouth #wordofmouthmarketing #contentmarketing #internetmarketing #inboundmarketing #imigcommunications #creatives #digitalmarketing #storytelling #storytellers #producers #branding #socialmediamanagers #marketing #blogging #smallbusiness #businessowners #hustlers #contentmarketers #marketers #stlouisgram #stlbusiness #marketingonline #marketingstrategy #314 #communication

37 2 Nov 18, 2017

Taken some time off of posting to gain more knowledge. Reading more, Researching more and taking some online courses. Social Media is ALWAYS changing and it's so important to stay up to speed. I have some really good content coming your way, I hope everyone's ready to hustle 💯 #TheSocialMediaGrind

15 1 Nov 18, 2017

Waiting up early always pays off. 😍 . Always.🧐 . #ashleytalks #earlymornings #businessowners

96 5 Nov 18, 2017

Dear #Hyderabad, I am hosting a 7-hour comprehensive Facebook Advertising hands-on workshop in Hyderabad on Nov 25th. Location: Hitech City Price: 3000/- INR Further Details: link in the bio. Advertising on Facebook is definitely not a rocket science. But definitely one doesn’t get it right the first time. Well, to give you an example, there are 12 Facebook ad types, 10 placements across Facebook, Instagram and its partner sites to place your ad, and 5 types of ad formats to choose from. Now, in this workshop, which of these you should use, when you should use, what combinations work for what industries, case studies, examples and most importantly I’ll personalise the workshop content to your businesses. For that, once you sign up, I will set up a 20 min skype or phone call as per your choice, prior to the workshop to understand your business. This helps me to customize the workshop content. Also, I will be sending you a set of ebooks prior to the workshop to make things easier for you on the day. Download the complete course structure from the link in the bio.

8 1 Nov 18, 2017

✨Be the energy you want to attract ✨

34 4 Nov 18, 2017

EPISODE 96: Have you ever wanted an easy way to manage your Instagram on your desktop rather than your phone? In this episode, we share one of the best ways to do this. #GoodMorningMarketing #SocialMediaMadeEasy

14 6 Nov 18, 2017

Looking to make a bigger impact? We can help you increase your following on Instagram that can lead to higher engagement on your posts. Send us a message right now and we can get you set up. #SocialMedia #iBoommedia #Instagram #GrowYourSocial - - Tag 3 Motivated Friends 😜🔥😜 Like This Awesome Post 🔥🔥🔥 Good Luck With Life And Your Business 👍👍 DM FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING HELP 👍 FOLLOW US➕🔥🔥➕ socialsuccessor #socialsuccessor - - #smm #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamarketer #socialmediacoach #socialmediateam #socialmediahelp #socialmediamanager #socialmediatips #socialmediaexpert #socialmediamaster

25 0 Nov 18, 2017

Nobody owes you a like or a follow. 🎤💧As a small business owner trying to get out there and spread the word on social, it can feel frustrating. 😞😞😞 You're out there engaging with other accounts, making conversation, and meanwhile, the only activity happening over on your account is the occasional cricket chirping 🦗🦗🦗 (or grasshopper? 😂😂😂) and... wait... was that a tumbleweed?! 🤦🤦🤦 Where IS everyone? Don't they understand the "RULES! We talk a lot about community here. We also chat often about authenticity. I get it. You're out there trying to build and grow a thriving community 🌱🌱🌱 and ultimately a successful business. You've got to have a strategy, right? Yes! Strategy is essential, but it needs to come from a place of authenticity. 🌟🌟🌟 When you're engaging in another's social space are you coming only from a place of expectation? Are you liking, following and commenting simply hoping they'll "return the favor?" Or did something spark ✨✨✨ your interest? What about support within our existing online communities? 🤷🤷🤷 There's still a lot of like-for-like expectation out there, disguised as "networking" and "community building." A word of advice? 👉👉👉 Don't let anyone bully you into feeling like you have to engage with them. 👈👈👈 Just as you are not owed engagement, you also do not owe anyone anything. Engage because you care about people and what they are saying, and expect only the same. You'll find yourself stressing less and building a more targeted community. 💜💜💜

39 12 Nov 18, 2017

What do you see ? We see opportunity everywhere. Motivated people will find it! Let us help you with your marketing goals so you don't miss out on a sea of opportunities and customers. #ShopSmall

373 1 Nov 18, 2017

Another year filled with many reasons to be grateful. Happy early Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

63 2 Nov 18, 2017

The door is still wide open !!✨✨✨✨Over 50% of company buyers use social media to locate product /service vendors, however about 95% of Internet marketers holds corporate accounts on social media but less than half respond to the need of the buyer!!😕😕 Make sure you're in the digital Loop and properly educated.🙏🙏🙏 #socialmediamarketer #internetmarketer #onlinemarketer #marketingcampaigns #highqualitybusinessleads #entrepreneur #smallbusinessowner #smallbusinesstrainingcourse #entrepreneurtrainingcourse #onlinetraining #entrepreneurship #networking #businessevent #businessseminars

11 5 Nov 18, 2017
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