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21 2 Nov 23, 2017

His 5 hours perfecting the rink tonight has me all 😍 #wethenorth🇨🇦

43 1 Nov 23, 2017

My little winter bunny is snow ready☃️❄ #beckamnicholas #babyboy #8months #winterfashion

90 2 Nov 23, 2017

Lunch breaks at thelinenyc

57 1 Nov 23, 2017

Thankful for makeup that all fits in this little travel pouch I made last week (had to make sure it fit for an upcoming trip!) 🏡✈️🏔🌲🚙❄️🏡

59 6 Nov 23, 2017

joannagaines from fixerupper_hgtv gets the Turkish Overdyed rug thing - pictured here from her latest project 💕

41 2 Nov 23, 2017

Rocking black, white, patterns, and those baby blues 🧜🏼‍♀️ #waittheresamermaidemojinow #misseviejames

178 2 Nov 23, 2017

Missing this beautiful view and time with my mama and papa today. #tbw #novascotia #crescentbeach

53 2 Nov 23, 2017

🐻makes an appearance on IG! What are you all most excited about for thanksgiving?

50 1 Nov 23, 2017

#Sinterklaas and long post alert— Until today, I politely chose to let this tradition slide, to passively ignore it if you will. The answer to why is more than one but that’s not what this post is about. The babes do celebrate it whether I like it or not (I approve/accept) at school and with their grandparents. This post is also not about why I decided to finally budge. They never once asked, but today I did— ask them if they would like to put their shoes. {For the non Dutchies: in return for singing a song, leaving a drawing or a letter and carrot (for Sint’s horse) in a shoe before bedtime, children are gifted a small🍪🍬 🎁 which they find back in their shoe on the next morning}. Twinkling eyes✨ and as soon as we returned home from school, they drew their best drawings and picked the best carrot while singing Sint songs. B mentioned a few times lately that he wants to give away all his toys in return for music and instruments... while drawing he repeated this... as before I just nodded and smiled🙈😍🎶 As soon as he finished, he started gathering his very favorite toys next to his shoe! He said he wanted Sinterklaas to take it all with him because he surely knew exactly which children didn’t have any toys and so it was best if he could pass it along to them... really usually I have my words ready but he caught me off guard. I just said something like ok but wouldn’t you miss playing with these things and also making him aware that this will mean he won’t get his favorite toys back, and we won’t replace. He wouldn’t budge... And so my man and I decided to honor his wish (and just to be sure— have Sint save the toys in the storage for a while). We also decided that even though it’s a beyond huge gift (and we were planning to give it when they’re a little older), NOW was the best time to bring out Ramon’s huge old synthesizer so they can start practicing together. Twins benefits so N is of course in too, as she followed and gifted some toys too❤️ #theartofgiving

36 5 Nov 23, 2017

There is this beautiful field across from the river with the mountains as the backdrop, and these tiny old wooden buildings. I pass it every time I go into town, and I imagine a little family rolling up in their covered wagon and being like "Yep, this is the spot." 🙌🏽 I totally get it, little old school family, totally get it.

109 10 Nov 23, 2017

This beautiful beach with stairs and a bridge over the watery inlets. ☺☺💕

39 4 Nov 23, 2017

A quick trip to the creek in the woods before sunset. Sickly children needed some fresh air, and some tired parents needed to take a deep breath as we slide into this long weekend. This is the good medicine right here.

34 1 Nov 23, 2017

Table is nearly set || #thanksgiving2017

51 3 Nov 23, 2017
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