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The next three posts (including this one) is in the theme of Hugh Jackman and the greatest showman! I saw this movie and made these vids a while ago but forgot to edit them. I love Hugh Jackman! Who's your favorite actor? Idk I like many • Follow my main emma__gormley Backup saturnringzslimez • • #slime #slimes #asmr #poke #slimevideo #satisfy #satisfying #click #clickyslime #glossyslime #slimeasmr #slimepoking #oddlysatisfying #slimeynailnotice #kniarzkslime #talisatossell #slimeianagrande #tropicalrepostsfeature #theslimeywave #ftcrunchtastic #featuremesupersatisfyingslime #crunchyslime #icebergslime #gooey #slimeleafrepost #crunchslimenotice #coffeeslimeynotice #clearslime #redslime thehughjackman #hughjackman

76 6 Feb 19, 2018

How did y'all spend your Valentine's Day? I just did homework alone with my carnations from my friends :) the first clip shows what the slime actually looks like since the lighting made the slime look darker. Idk how I feel about this video the slime was a little sticky also the thumbnail looks like a brain lmao ~ ~ ~ ~ #slime #slimes #asmr #poke #slimevideo #satisfy #satisfying #click #clickyslime #glossyslime #slimeasmr #slimepoking #oddlysatisfying #slimeynailnotice #kniarzkslime #talisatossell #slimeianagrande #tropicalrepostsfeature #theslimeywave #ftcrunchtastic #featuremesupersatisfyingslime #crunchyslime #icebergslime #gooey #slimeleafrepost #crunchslimenotice #coffeeslimeynotice #fishbowlslime #pinkslime

22 3 Feb 18, 2018

Part 2 of my review for slime_city_bitch_ slimecitystaff please tag her! (For info on shipping, packaging and extras look at my other post for her) Strawberry soda cloud: this cloud slime is so soft! Falls nicely and smells amazing! Grape fizz floam: a metallic slime packed with microfoam beads! It's so pretty and has amazing bubble pops! I usually don't like grape scents but this was so nice! I'll probably buy from Carly again her slimes are so high quality for great prices! #slimecityproof #slimereview #slimepurchase

66 4 Feb 18, 2018

So this was my first slime purchase ever it was from scentedslimebyamy and I loved it! Shipping was fast and the packaging was so pretty! Came with a candy, her care card, a baggie of borax and sushi stickers! The slime was beautifully marbled, it was a really thick cloud slime texture, and left no residue! It smelled really pleasant too! If you've never had a cloud slime before, it kinda feels like a mini Japanese candy set (if you've ever had one of those lol) I'd write more but I'm tired and this is my last post until Sunday #scentedslimebyamyproof scentedslimebyamy

123 3 Feb 14, 2018

Review for slime_city_bitch_ slimecitystaff Shipping: pretty fast it took maybe a week and a half Packaging: the bubble mailer was so cute! It was a watermelon! And the slime was in bubblewrap too Extras: came with her care card, a baggie of borax, a cute fake ice cube (omg so cute) and the nicest candies! Omg I love them! Orange crush: sadly the container cracked for this :( however none of the slime leaked and when I played with it, it basically inflated into a 4 oz anyway! Needed a little activator but that's fine and it was so thick and glossy! Plus it had cute little orange sprinkles! And it smelled spot on! The scent was a really carbonated orange soda I have no idea how she was able to do that! Coca Cola butter- also needed a little activator but it's fine. This fluffed up so much! It was sizzly, and oh so creamy! It also smelled heavenly, like a Coca Cola gummy (which I loved as a child!) I will post the other two slimes from this bundle at some other time but I'd totally get this bundle if I were you. The price is great and you get such a cute and nice variety! I also want to let you guys know that I will be gone for a while except on sundays because I am giving up Instagram for lent this year. ALSO THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1,000 FOLLOWERS! I have to make a video for that at some point :') slime_city_bitch_ #slimecityproof #slimepurchase #slimereview

76 2 Feb 11, 2018

Review for popularslime Shipping- ✈️came very quickly in a bubble mailer Packaging- came in a plastic bag and nothing cracked or leaked Extras- came with a receipt, her care card, a baggies of borax and some candy! Yum! Piplup butter- as soon as I saw she made a slime after the Pokémon I had to get it! It reminded me of my childhood! It's kinda glossy and thick but when you swirl it a bunch it becomes super fluffy, sizzly, and it inflated to 12 oz! Like what!? It's scented like strawberry kiwi which is a little strong for me but it's fine! I would totally buy again this purchase was amazing! #popularslimeproof #popularslime popularslime (RIP MY HAND IS IN THE THUMBNAIL!)

2288 23 Feb 10, 2018

What's something good that happened to you recently? 😊 I've been getting a lot of college letters recently and winter break (I think that's what it is) I coming up soon so I'll be free from homework for a week 😄 btw these are putties from Michael's they're a little stretchy but not really ~ ~ ~ #slime #slimes #asmr #poke #slimevideo #satisfy #satisfying #click #clickyslime #glossyslime #slimeasmr #slimepoking #oddlysatisfying #slimeynailnotice #kniarzkslime #talisatossell #slimeianagrande #tropicalrepostsfeature #theslimeywave #ftcrunchtastic #featuremesupersatisfyingslime #crunchyslime #icebergslime #gooey #slimeleafrepost #crunchslimenotice #coffeeslimeynotice #putty #cute #trio

53 11 Feb 8, 2018

Part 2 of my review for slime_og slime_ogcrew Shipping: pretty fast. I think it took a week, maybe a little over. Packaging: as you can see, the container cracked :( however none of the slime leaked out so I still have all 6 oz and I don't think it was her fault since it was double bubbled wrapped. Extras: came with her care card, an baggy of borax, and 2 zotz (which I need more of they're so good) the description also said I'd get a small spoon but I never got it??? Fruity pebbles: okay so before this slime I always thought that the cereal slimes were nonsense like they couldn't really capture the scent BUT THIS SMELLED EXACTLY LIKE FRUITY PEBBLES. I kid you not right after playing with this slime I went out and bought fruity pebbles the same way RIGHT ON! Not the mention the beads were colorful but didn't bleed and the texture was so thick! Great thocks! Plus it inflated a bit! Overall, I can't wait to purchase again she has the best smelling slimes and makes great thick slimes! #slimeog #ogslimesproof

186 3 Feb 7, 2018
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