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Gettin skilled #newbornclass


Looks pretty skilled #patriotsmania


Never seen that done before!!Blows my Mind... #skilled #Skills #SkateorDie #Skatepunk


With qualified, skilled and experienced guides you will conquer any peak in Cape Town.


MPNP under the Expression of Interest System The latest draw of candidates (draw #19) for the MPNP Expression of Interest System (EOI) was held last July 29, 2016. The accepted candidates were sent letters of “advice to apply”. The Skilled Workers currently in Manitoba were issued a number of 155 letters of “advice to apply”. The score of the lowest-ranked candidate was invited is 593 points on the EOI scale. For Skilled Workers Overseas, a number of 454 letters of “advice to apply” were issued. The score of the lowest-ranked candidate invited is 545 points. The Expressions of Interest from Skilled Workers Overseas did not consider few skills in this draw. Unless, they were directly invited by the MPNP under the strategic Recruitment Initiative. The excluded skills were the following: • Registered Nurse• Secondary and Elementary school Teacher• University Professors• Vocational and College Instructors• General and Specialist Physicians #mpnp #eoi #manitoba #ircc #cic #canada #immigration #canadaimmigration #skilledworker #skilledworkers #expressionofinterest


One of our skilled team showing off some premium Chilean sea bass. #jjseafood #seafood


"When they was sleep on you, but then realize you low-key skilled as fuck" #funnydoodle #artmeme #glowup #mfdane


If our street players here are as skilled as this guy, patay tayo dyan :) #streetplayers #guitarist #instrumentals

We knew Katie was skilled at working with her hands, but this takes her impressiveness to a whole new level! #madaboutmarch #marchmadness #whosyourpick


The Italian job- Another day is over at the Andes, felling very lucky with this wonderful crew. Nothing better than working with talented and skilled professionals


Manufacturing is returning to the US and companies are struggling to find skilled labor. Safety training for new and current employees is more important than ever. #secova


Use our skilled software engineers to build out the logic and functionality of your website or mobile application.


Hunt or be huntedKill or be killed I guess am here doing d hunting Nd ur going down cuz am skilled Dz quote keeps me going #nodulling youngsaint_Cleveland


There may have been more popular and skilled singers but no one came close to being as influential as #SaeeinZahoor in the world of folk music. You can listen to his track in episode 6 of #CokeStudio9


There may have been more popular and skilled singers but no one came close to being as influential as #SaeeinZahoor in the world of folk music. You can listen to his track today in episode 6 of #CokeStudio9


Showing love to one of my favorite #plasticsurgeons in Atlanta. If you want a skilled surgeon with an eye for detail Dr. Stanley Okoro is one of the best. #GeorgiaPlasticandReconstructiveSurgery #TresBelleCare


Today we celebrate the International Day of the Artisan. This is how #riadtable inspired in the making of a cement tile, is given shape and colour in his skilled hands.

#tbt Jeff Glover Seminar at Modesto Power. He exemplifies that a small skilled person can neutralized weight and strength disparity.


"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." #backtowork #raiamsterdam


Skilled, Educated, builders and engineers, scientist and doctors seeking #asylum in #kenya #ghana #nirobia #amnisty #africa #zimbabwe #mozembique #nigeria #southafrica

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