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So, last Saturday i had my interview at NC State and it basically went horribly. I got in there and it just took me by surprise and went completely how i didnt want it to go. The interviewer really psyched me out and kept wanting to see "happy art", but most of my art comes from when i have really deep emotions. I ended up stumbling a lot and giving a lot of stupid answers. At this point I doubt I'll get a spot, abd my confidence took a huge hit on top of that. I havent looked at my art since then and I finally got myself to pick up a pencil today. I thought I'd try some random character designs to cheer myself up and ended up with an insane botanist, a rapping vampire, a hula-dancing alien, a boxer who's also a hairstylist, a swordfighting ballerina and an iceskating elf. Needless to say i feel somewhat better. #sketches #drawing #art #sketchbook #alien #artwork #draw #artist #drawingoftheday #artofinstagram #sketchartist #characters #characterdesign #charactersketch #illustration #whatevs #igotosleepnow. #sleep

37 6 Jan 24, 2018

I used to draw. ALL. THE. TIME. Then I fell in love with creating art on the computer. I could ERASE and re-do! It was magical! Creating art became my job. Then I stopped picking up pen and pencil “just for fun.” I miss the meditation-like-flow of creating art on paper. I think I will bring that part of myself back to life. Starting with this bunny. 🐰🌹❤️ . #penandink #rabbitdoodle #bunnylove #bunnybuddhism #bunnytattoo #rosetattoo #bunbun #bunnymom #boymom #sketchartist #artistwithin

26 4 Jan 24, 2018

Meow hoot

12 1 Jan 24, 2018

I got my AP Art final back and I'm surprised and so happy that I received an 180/200 which is a 5/6 on a college board AP Art 2-D design rubric...! 😭❤I'll fix this piece some more because there are some things that I need to add. I'm off on a good start, but this is just the beginning for me (T▽T) I have 11 pieces to go!

36 9 Jan 24, 2018
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