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RIDGES POV: She puts my head on her shoulder and kisses my cheek and runs her hand through my hair. I immediately feel a wave of calm enter my body. Sydney: Ridge.. I've never stopped loving you. Even though you said some pretty hurtful things to me, I know you love me. I could see the hurt in your eyes everytime you saw that my love. *laughs* You looked like a baby deer. Ridge: *Laughs* I'm sorry syd.. Sydney: It's okay love. Closure. All I needed was closure. #simstagram

1 0 Aug 21, 2017

Ridges POV: I pulled her closer and put my hands on her face. Ridge: Sydney, I'm so sorry- *starts crying* I just. I've never had feelings this strong for anyone. She looks up and looks straight into my eyes. She's confused. Ridge: I've never loved Bella. I didn't know what love was till I met you Sydney Rose. *Sobs* I just love you too much too lose you syd. I- just- lo- love you syd.. #simstagram

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Wgd I'm Preston👅 -I am a bookworm 📚 -Family oriented🤰🏽 -Quick learner ⚡️ -Genius🤔 -Single🔓 -I work for Simstagram📲 -I have a twin sister👯 - • •💯 (Tags)->- #sims4 #sims4legacy #Simstagram #Sims4rp #Simselfie #Ts4

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Мы решили отправиться в отпуск . Гранит Фоллз - это великолепный отдых вдали от цивилизации . Наш лагерь окружали хвойные леса , которые обеспечивали свежий воздух . Так же , здесь находились чистые и прозрачные ручьи . Надеюсь , отпуск пройдет на славу и мы обязательно сюда вернемся . 🌲 [ #thesims #thesims4 #sims #sims4 #ts4 #sim #simstagram #ea #origin #life ]

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RIDGES POV: I thought about her all day yesterday. I thought of 32 ways to say I love her. And I didn't use a single one. Ridge: Sydney, please just hear me out. Sydney: Why? So you can't just a rip me apart more than you already have. Knowing that I ripped her beautiful kind heart apart made me desperate. Ridge: Sydney.. Please, I- I just wanna make this right. She turns around slowly. She has no makeup on. I can't help but gasp a little because damn. Seeing her all natural, she looked incredible. Sydney: Fine explain.. I take a deep breath. You can do this ridge. You can do this.. #simstagram

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Боже , Влад , что с тобой случилось ? Как так вышло , что ты стал поваром в баре "У Гоги" ? [ #thesims #thesims4 #sims #sims4 #ts4 #sim #simstagram #ea #origin #life ]

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*DINNER TIME* G: So guys me and your father have something to tell you, it was a big surprise to us Z: what is it mom?! K: your going to have a little brother coming soon Z and J: yay we've been asking for ever *Tessa starts to sweat heavily* G:What's wrong honey you look sick T:umm ahhh I'm kinda sick K: what's really wrong?? (Side eye) T: ok... I'm pregnant too... *Silence* T: And my mom said I could live her right?? G: dose Jordan know??? T: yes I told him right when I found out • • • #sims #simstagram #ts4 #simslegacy #simslife #simsfamily #simstumblr #simsforlife #simsdrama

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Iknow it's not the best but i need to update so!!❤🌚 . . #sims #simstagram #sims 3 #simscc

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Angie stared at the three positive tests for what seemed like eternity. She felt her chest get tight and a lump develop in her throat. She didn't know how it happened at her and Jamal had been so careful. She knows a condom broke a few weeks ago, but didn't think she was fertile at the time. But either way, it happened. Somehow, it happened and now she was pregnant. She had just turned twenty, and she wasn't ready for a baby. Jamal was waiting outside, biting his fingernails. She walked out and looked at him. He knew the look. Jamal- Angie, you're- Angie- Pregnant. #sims4 #simstagram #simmer #sims4story #thesims #sims4rp #Thesims #simsta

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