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Made it to the Freeplay Gala with Blake... (This edit isn't really the best, sorry😣. I don't do edits often...) 💞💞💞 . . . . . . #simsfreeplaygala #thesims #thesimsfreeplay #simsfreeplay #simstagram #simsaccount #simsaddict #sfp #simsroleplay #thesimsmobile

18 22 Jan 20, 2018

“Mamamamamamama!!” I was snapped out of my shock and excitement by my little muffin screaming from the doorway of her bedroom. “Coming munchkin!” I yelled as I walked to her room. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her downstairs. - “Mama cards!” She got her teaching cards out and passed them to me. I smiled, she never usually took any notice of her cards so I was happy she had insisted rather than me forcing her to sit down and pay attention. - “What’s this card Naak?” I showed her a picture of a rattle. - “Rara” close enough I chuckled and nodded “again?” I asked and she replied “ratrat” closer.. I gave her one more chance and she finally spluttered out “rattle” I clapped “well done baby girl!!” I smiled wide and put the card away. I thought about what else I could ask. - “Naak, what’s this?” I pointed to my belly “is mummy’s belly bigger than usual?” I saw her little face light up in confusion “wep” she said after a few moments. I laughed “Well.. mummy’s having a baby” - “Bab.. baby?” I nodded “yeah, like you princess, mummy’s having another you” She smiled but still looked confused “me in your tummy?” - “No not you, another baba, a smaller baba. You’re a big babe now but mummy’s going to have a little baba.” Her face lite up as soon as she realised what I was saying “baba!! Baba!! Baba!” She yelled and jumped about happily and I joined her giggling

3 1 Jan 20, 2018

Emett’s pov | We decided to skip school today and go get pizza after I swiped some money from the tipping jar at the gym. Hes so nosey and kept asking questions so I told him about me running away . . . #electronicarts #sims4dineout #sims4vampires #simsstories #simstagram #simsedit #simblr #love #sims4runawayteen #simsfan #simsaddict #simsta #simsfamily #sims4cc #ts4 #sims4 #story #games #storygames #insta #instastory #thesims4story #ts4legacy #simslegacy

10 0 Jan 20, 2018

And the test was positive 🤭

8 2 Jan 20, 2018

(MAYA POV) Luna’s phone started buzzing again, and she went outside to answer it. It was perfect, really. I needed to look for a couple of specific books and I didn’t want her asking any questions.

9 1 Jan 20, 2018

So despite zaid’s efforts she would not settle into bed and was now throwing a tantrum. - “Come on now little miss, what’s wrong hmm?” - “Night night” she shook her head. I had no idea what she meant by this but took a wild guess. - “Did my princess have a nightmare?” She nodded and I wrapped my arms around her kissing her soft curls and rubbing her back “it’s ok baby, just a bad dream mummy make it go away now ok? So shall we get some sleep so mummy won’t be grumpy?” She giggles and I lifted her into her toddler bed and tucked her in tight. “No monsters under your bed tonight ok?” She smiled and drifted off slowly as I sat and watched her. - “You’re such a good mummy babe” I smiled softly over at him as we walked downstairs together. - “I’m with her too much to not know what calms her down” I laughed and kissed his cheek softly as we climbed into bed. “I think I’m going to take a pregnancy test in the morning.. I have similar signs like I did with Naak..” - “Ok gorgeous, well text me the result? I should be home earlier tomorrow but I don’t know that for sure ok?” - “Ok handsome” I slurred sleepily as I drifted off gently. *ZAIDENS POV* - I watched her sleep softly, taking in her beauty as she breathed in and out softly. I wondered what she was dreaming about, thinking about. Did she hate me for what happened between us? I didn’t know but what I did know was I was going to make it up to her every day for the rest of our lives. I loved her more than anything and nothing would stop me from taking care of her. I moved a soft piece of hair from across her cheek and brushed it behind her ear. She smiled in her sleep and I kissed her cheek gently before going to sleep myself.

8 1 Jan 20, 2018

After I had settled Naak down for a nap I sat and looked at the pictures I had of Zaid and myself on my phone and sighed softly as I looked at how happy we used to be. Were we ever going to get back to that?.. - “Rada?” I had been that engrossed in my pictures I hadn’t even noticed that my husband had returned home from work. I looked up softly, tears in my eyes. “Oh Rada, whats happened? Are you ok?” I sniffled as the tears ran down my cheeks. - “I’m so sorry about last night baby, I am so sorry!” He held me close and kissed my damp cheeks softly. - “I should be sorry I shouldn’t have kicked off like that, especially when you stay home and deal with Naak all day. I am sorry princess I am. I don’t mean to stress you out. But is there anything else going on with you? ..” - “Like what?” He shrugged and paused for a second - “Period?” - “Nope.. I should be du..” I trailed off suddenly realising I could possibly be late. - “Are you late baby?” I nodded and looked up at him softly. - “Well, give it a few days and take a test ok? And I promise I will help out with madam more ok? I’m here now baby. Get some rest I’ll go give Naak her dinner and occupy her for a little while” I nodded - “Thank you baby, I love you” - “I love you too”

9 1 Jan 20, 2018

🔞🔞BAD LANGUAGE🔞🔞 - - That night Zaiden slept on the sofa in our dressing room and left early in the morning for work. I felt bad for yelling at him and the fact he hadn’t come to bed last night somehow made it worse. I was soon snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Naak wondering around upstairs. I took a deep breath inwards and dragged my lifeless body upstairs to find my daughter running around naked. - “Naak!” I yelled, making her jump. “Come here to mummy please” my voice was stern and strict and I couldn’t help but feel guilty once I saw her sad little eyes. “Sorry baby girl, just.. mummy is very tired, and she needs some sleep. Let’s get you washed and dressed please” she hugged my legs as if she knew what was going on and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I picked her up and plopped her in the bath tub and washed her body and hair. I then redressed my naked baby and left her to play whilst I made her breakfast. Worst mistake I could have made. I had been gone for five minutes and she had somehow gotten into the paint draw and threw it all around my bathroom. For fucks sake. - “NAAK! Stop that right now! That’s naughty!!!” She jumped back throwing the paint bottles on the floor and stood staring at me whilst I mopped up the paint stained floor. “No good standing there. Go to your room. Now Naak!” She rushed out, now crying and sat in her little bear chair. Damn it! Why couldn’t I just have kept my mouth shut. I was taking my anger out on my poor little baby girl now. I sighed and after I had finished mopping my floor I went to kiss her head and apologise for yelling so loudly. She was a good girl really.. I think we both just missed daddy this morning

8 1 Jan 20, 2018

Getting ready for the Freeplay Gala... So excited! 😍🎉✨💚 . . . . . #thesims #thesimsfreeplay #simsfreeplay #simsroleplay #simsaccount #simsaddict #sfp #thesimsmobile #simstagram

20 0 Jan 20, 2018

Ivory's pov: The doctor finally walked in and before she even sat down on her chair I realized she was looking at me boots. D: I thought we had a no heels rule? I: sorry, I forgot about that. I lied, I don't care what this woman says when it comes to me wearing heels, I wear them if I damn well please! D: so... She said as she let out a sigh and pulled her chair towards herself so she could sit. D: how are you feeling? I: pretty good I guess.... D: how's the pain been in the mornings? I: same as always still excruciating... D: are you still taking your pills. I: wouldn't be able to get here if I wasn't. I said with a little more attitude then expecting. D: what about the afternoons? How are they? I: better, the pain is still there but it's manageable. She clicked her pen and started to write something down, as she was writing she spoke. D: you've improved extremely well over this fairly short time, most patients who are in the same boat as you having to learn to walk again, take so much more time to get fully back on their feet then you have, it honestly seems like a miracle! I: *snickers* no it's no miracle, it's just that I've never been a person to have others do things for me, I've taken care of myself for years and I'm not gonna rely on someone else now. D: well Ivory it's always good to have a little bit of help. When she said that something triggered inside of me, and I came a little bit annoyed I: well this have been fun, but I've got to get going. *walks out* D: *calls out* see you next week! I didn't say anything to her I just kept on walking..... • • • ~tags~ #sims #sims2 #sims3 #sims4 #thesims #thesims2 #thesims3 #thesims4 #simstagram #simsaddict #simsdaily

18 0 Jan 20, 2018

About to bring Juliet to her grandma's house before I start getting ready for the Freeplay gala. 😍💚 . . . . . #thesims #thesimsfamily #thesimsfreeplay #simsfreeplay #simsroleplay #simstagram #simsaccount #simsaddict #sfp #simsaccount #simsaddict #sfp #totalsimsdivas

18 0 Jan 20, 2018
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