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43. ,,Jak je to možné? Vždyť já, no, už nějakou dobu jsem nedělala nic, co by zapříčinilo, že jsem těhotná!" rozčilovala se Trisha v nemocnici. ,,Vždyť jsme se snažili, aby jste otěhotněla, paní. Nerozumím tomu. To jste změnila názor?" rozhazovala rukama zmatená doktorka. ,,Já tu byla kvůli očkování a vyšetření jestli můžu jet na školní stáž." odpověděla prudce. Doktorka se tedy omluvila a odskočila do kanceláře. Po chvíli se zase vrátila zpátky. ,,Slečno Carsonová, já pro vás asi nemám vůbec dobrou zprávu. A pro nás vlastně taky ne. Je to dost velký průšvih, tohle se nám ještě nikdy nestalo, ale zaměnili jsme vás a paní Carlsonovou. Ona tu byla kvůli umělému oplodnění. Podařilo se, ale u vás..." Trisha zalapala po dechu. ,,To... Tohle je zlý sen, že ano..." Doktorka si k ní přisedla. ,,Je mi to vážně líto. Netuším, kde přesně se stala chyba." 😲😲😲 #sims #thesims4 #ts4 #simici #electronicarts #ea #origin #maxis #maxismatch #mmcc #simming #simmer #simstagram #simstagrammer #story #storytelling #sims4story #legacy #legacychallenge #sims4legacy #simsfamily #simsfriends #simscouple #windenburg #hellriasims

6 0 Jan 20, 2018

I can't wait to add our little bean💛 •Tags• #ts4 #simstagram #sims4 #simstory #simslegacy #simobsessed #simming #sims4rp #sims4story #ts3 #ts3rp #simmer #thesims4

24 0 Jan 20, 2018

Shopping trip with Que. I have been taking so much breaks walking around. The boys should be coming soon because they have been making me so uncomfortable. ♧ ♧ ♧ Tags👑: • #sims4 #sim #sims #sims4rp #sims4cc #sims4story  #simmer #simstagram  #urbansims #urbansim #blacksimmer #sim3 #sims3rp #simsfreeplay #simsmobile #blacksims

13 1 Jan 20, 2018

Charlie: I'll get mom to help... [ #thesims #sims #thesims4 #sims4 #simsfamily #nocc #simsstory #sims4story #simsfamilystory #simsagram ]

10 0 Jan 20, 2018

Charlie: what to get Amelia for her birthday... [ #thesims #sims #thesims4 #sims4 #simsfamily #nocc #simsstory #sims4story #simsfamilystory #simsagram ]

2 0 Jan 20, 2018

She walked out crying like the child she is I rubbed my eyes as she slammed the door. A couple minutes later, Noami came in with a small smile, holding Destinee’s hand. Destinee ran up and hugged my leg as Noami kisses my cheek. “It’s alright but are you really moving out the apartment?” I nodded. “She knows where we are. She could easily snatch up my babygirl. She may seem like she a crybaby but she really crazy.” “Ooooh story time?” I shook my head. “Nah. Ima get dressed and look up some houses online.” She gasped. “Can I help?” “Yeah since you gonna live with us. I mean unless you want to.” “Hope there’s gonna be enough room for me and Kino.” - #thesims #sims4 #sims4cc #sims4story

7 0 Jan 20, 2018

★ // get yourself a best friend like mine 🌻

30 1 Jan 20, 2018

She threw her hand up in the air. “I’m sick and tired of you. I’m ready to take her back. I’m more stabilized now.” “Oh really? Who paying for your hair?” “None of your damn business.” “Oh so you got a new man this week, Yasmine? Nah. You not taking my daughter with another man around her.” She rolled her eyes. “It don’t matter, Tyrell.” What the? “Yes the fuck it do matter. You know what? Get the fuck out my house and don’t bother coming back because me and her moving somewhere else where you can’t find her.” She stopped and looked at me. “I’ll see your ass in court, Tyrell. I’m taking her back no matter what.” - #thesims4 #sims4 #sims4cc #sims4story

10 0 Jan 20, 2018

“What the fuck are you doing here already?” A woman in red hair was yelling at Noami. I shook my head. Noami locked eyes with me and picked up Destinee, taking her to her apartment. She turned around and looked at me. “Tyrell I told you that bitch better not be around my baby.” “I don’t give a single fuck. You better not be coming around me with all that yelling shit.” I crossed my arms. She was becoming tense. “This is why I shouldn’t have fucked with you.” I shook my head again. Making me look like the bad guy. - #thesims4 #sims4 #sims4cc #sims4story

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hmmmm.. i think this pic is overly sharpened (ತಎತ) // swipe for details!!!!🦋💧🚎🌀🗯

22 4 Jan 20, 2018

So, Alex and I started dating? Surprise! • Ever since we met at the club, we've been on a few days and noticed how well we clicked! He's a super nice guy and takes good care of me. Even though there is a five year age gap, it doesn't feel like it.

11 1 Jan 20, 2018

⠀ San Myshuno ❁ July 28, 2018 • 11:23 ⠀ It had been a little bit over a week since everyone went to Paradise Island. ⠀ Originally, their trip was set for two weeks. But everyone found after Evelynn spoke to Leo, everything was going smoothly again. And they missed home. So, they booked sooner flights home than anticipated. ⠀ Which meant, Evelynn and Ivan now live together. True to his word, Ivan spoke to his real estate agent, and no more than a day after getting back from Paradise Island they were moving in. ⠀ Evelynn realized that’s what having surgeon money means. Anything is possible. ⠀ Their relationship had been going great. He treats her like a Queen, just like he said he would. And she treats him like a King. ⠀ However, lately she had been feeling sickly. Ivan suggested she might be pregnant but she quickly shut that down, she knows how her body feels when pregnant and this isn’t it. ⠀ She and Karen have slowly gone back to their old routines. Karen calls her once a day at least, to catch up and she and Zayn are in Myshuno once a day as well because they will be moving into an apartment near by. Also, Zayn and Karen are engaged. Zayn proposed as soon as everyone landed back in Overland Park. ⠀ Leo was different, Evelynn appreciated his effort that night he spoke to her. But it was harder to get back into routine with him. She didn’t hate him or malice him, but she needed more time. She wished she could be like Ivan and move on, but she couldn’t. And then the fact he was dating Kasey, and Kasey seemed too invested in Evelynn’s life. It was weird. They also lived in Myshuno, turns out Kasey had two houses one here and one in OP. ⠀ King, Evelynn’s Doberman passed away a few weeks ago. So, to fill that void Ivan got her a cat, because he didn’t want her to think he was trying to replace King. Someone to keep her company while she stayed home during the days. ⠀ Evelynn woke up to her phone ringing.

33 3 Jan 20, 2018

I don't know what we were doing with our fingers in this picture haha • • #sims4 #simstagram #simsaddict #sims4roleplay #simsobsessed #sims4cc #sims4customcontent #sims4model #sims4lifee #sims4life #sims #sims4rp #sims4story

9 1 Jan 20, 2018

[STORY PART] || WINDENBURG || || CONVERSATION TÉLÉPHONIQUE || - Lina : Night... - Night : Maman ! Tu vas bien ? - Lina : *silence* - Night : Maman ? - Lina : Mon fils... Je me sens mal... - Night : Comment ça ?! - Lina : Je... Je crois que je suis en train de faire une crise cardiaque... - Night : MAMAN ! TU AS APPELÉ LES SECOURS ?! - Lina : Oui... Mais... J’aimerais que tu viennes... - Night : Ok ! Ne bouge pas, j’arrive tout de suite ! *raccroche* • - Lina : *tombe au sol* ( #ts4 #thesims #thesims4 #lessims #lessims4 #sims #sims4 #sims4story #sims4life #simslife #simsstory #simming #simmer #simstagram #simstagrammer #sims4legacy #sims4roleplay #sims4family #simstories)

194 32 Jan 20, 2018
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