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The babies are okay. The sun is out. We are supposed to have power back by 6pm. The Hot Hands Body Warmers worked GREAT in their shelters last night 👏👏. They were toasty warm overnight! But, my next delivery is late so here’s to hoping we get power back since I’m out of stock now 😂😂 Link to the body warmers I use are on our site (link in bio) on the “Products We Recommend” page! #foureaster2018 #noreaster2018 #feralkids #ferallife #ferallove #eartip #neuteriscuter #spayyourstray #feralrescue #tuxedocat #tuxcat #orangecats #orangetabby #marbletabby #tabbycatworlddomination #tabbylove #tabbycat #siberiankitty #siberianprince #siberiancatsofinstagram #siberiancat #tnrworks #communitycats #colonycats #neighborhoodcats

3 0 Mar 22, 2018

#tbt this was only my second day home with my new mom & dad! 🐾 i still love snuggling in this blanky 😻

20 2 Mar 22, 2018

I went out just before sunset to do a last check on the Yard Cats. The heavy wet snow has the trees so weighted down that I could barely get to Charlie’s Corner. As the wind picks up, his safety is at risk. After about 45 minutes and much running around from him, I managed to get him inside Orange’s house, which is closer to the people house and is in a much safer area! The cat eyes you see in the tree are Shadow’s. When I was back in Charlie’s Corner taking these pics, I heard his signature meow and found him stuck up in a tree. I have no idea how long he was up there 😢 I coaxed him down and had to dig him out a path to get out from underneath the tree, Although I think he could have gotten out on his own. I tried to show him several options for shelter that he could use. I think he doesn’t feel safe being closed in. There are also two campers on the neighbor’s property where he could hunker down, one with a Rubbermaid feral cat shelter I placed under the overhang, so I’m hoping he safely finds something to his liking tonight. This storm is supposed to be slowly winding down. My biggest concern, besides the weight of the snow, is the 50mph wind gusts they have been forecasting. Those winds with the layer of ice and heavy wet snow on the trees is a recipe for disaster out here. Living in the woods is SOOOO overrated! Prayers would be appreciated. I won’t be going back out tonight unless we lose power. If we do, I will be putting Hot Hands Body Warmers under their heating pad covers. That served us well with the last power outage! 🙏🙏🤞 I started to sing, “Tomorrow” from “Annie” while I was in the shed, but judging by the look on Orange’s face, I was gonna scare him out into the storm if I continued, so I stopped 😂😂 #ferallife #noreaster2018 #foureaster2018 #colonycats #gimmeshelter #spring2018 #tnr #eartip #neuteriscuter #saynotosnow #overit #siberiankitty #siberianking #siberiancatsofinstagram #communitycats #neighborhoodcats #feralkids

27 0 Mar 22, 2018

My big ole baby loves to woller me to death, he doesn't care that I'm sick and that he burns me up.. Lol.. ❤️ #SiberianCat #coldspringsiberians #siberiankitty

26 1 Mar 22, 2018

Got it! ☄️☄️☄️

44 4 Mar 21, 2018

Fish live in water? Where!?🐠🐟 #mickeythesiberiancat #reach #toilet #fish #kitten #siberiancat #siberiankitty #kittensofinstagram

11 0 Mar 21, 2018

I’m trying to teach Fluffy how to take selfies! As you can see, she gets a little camera shy 😂😂 She was a REAL trooper about Oreo staying with her. Especially since she hadn’t seen him in two weeks and he was sick. She could have very well attacked him and she didn’t. Oreo was about the only cat from outside that I could have put in the same room as Fluffy. When the vet came, I had no choice but to bring him and the vet tech in their room. I knew Fluffy would hide in Spunky’s hiding spot inside the roll top desk but it was all very traumatic for her. Especially because Oreo was gone when they left. In hindsight, I should have brought Oreo’s remains in to Fluffy so she would know what happened to him. She knew he was very sick though. Yesterday she spent a lot of time inside the desk. Whether she was mourning Oreo or it was because we had a lot of strangers in the house with the vet, my brother and the heater guy fixing the heater, I don’t know. I do know that she didn’t really eat for about 24 hours after the fact. She ate well last night and today so far. Oreo was her companion for four years. So I know his passing has to be tough on her. We are doing extra play time and I have her door partially open (behind a baby gate) so she feels less alone. And, of course, she’s getting lots of my love and attention. 💕 #feralrescue #rescuecat #feralmama #fluffy #floofycat #formerferal #eartip #spayyourstray #adoptdontshop #siberiankitty #siberianprincess #tabbylove #tabbytude #communitycats #colonycats #tnrworks #catmommy #rescuecatsofig #catlife #catlady #igcatclub #witchywoman #firsttnr

23 1 Mar 21, 2018
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