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Got in some well needed snuggles today with Miss Cora 😚💓 She is one of the lesson horses that I use and sadly before my boss bought her, her previous owners were jumping her.. like literally taking her monstrous self over jumps. So her back right leg flares up sometimes and usually when that happens I’ll hand walk her around our foot path and wrap her leg just to make her feel more comfy. But for the most part she’s been feeling really good and it makes me happy 😇💙 Her papers say that she’s a Belgian Draft/Appaloosa, it’s a weird mix but she’s sooo pretty and HOPEFULLY 🤞🏼 I’ll be body clipping her sometime in the near future so the strawberry color that she has will pop out tremendously 😍❤️ #GentleGiant #BelgianDraft #Appaloosa #HorseAccount #EquineAccount #HorsesOfInstagram #RidingInstructor #HorseTrainer #Snuggles #ShowBarn #ShowVibes #EquestriansOfInstagram #Equestrian

92 1 Mar 22, 2018

Those perfect little details. ✨ Gorgeous snap of our best-selling 'Hand Gallop' Derby Belt by janethedgesphotography.

624 3 Mar 21, 2018

It’s so nice to ride again, Norton is like “Mom I don’t wanna do this”. My foot still hurts but at this point it’s tolerable. I’m glad to get back in the saddle and back to work 💕 • • • #horse #horseaccount #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #english #showvibes #thoroughbred #percheron #blackhorse #equineaccount

207 2 Mar 21, 2018

No coffee, no workee. We don't make the rules. 🤷🏼‍♀️☕️✨Enjoy your morning pick-me-up in the vintage-inspired Campfire Mug.

462 6 Mar 21, 2018

What a Great weekend and show!! Thank you for all coming out and supporting the Saint Patrick's Day Bash , Everything Green Celebration!! We had Samba, Hiphop, Reggae, Live DJ , Live Band and more!! BIG!! ✌🏽💚☘️✊🏽🎤🎼 #music #showvibes #clubbing #dj #reggae #hiphop #liveband #samba #sambadancers #drummers #everythinggreen #celebration #partyplanner #ras #saturdaynight #thejam #entrepreneurlife #artistsupport

44 1 Mar 21, 2018

Twinning in Hunt Club! 🙌🏻👯✨ modernequestrian & jumpingjesss make the perfect pair in their Course Walk Sweatshirts! We love layering these cozy pullovers with collared shirts- the resulting look is super polished & ultra professional. Nice job ladies!

720 2 Mar 21, 2018

The kentuckythreedayevent (now sponsored by Land Rover) is only a few weeks away- are you planning on making the trip this year? 🐎 Whether you're a seasoned veteran or are attending for the first time, get the scoop on what to pack, see, do (and drink!) at the #BestWeekendAllYear over on the Hunt Club blog! Link in our Insta-stories. 🍀

619 4 Mar 20, 2018

• The ‘Madigan’ show shirt • A classic white shirt with feminine details - get yours in time for your next show! #ae #showvibes #showstyle #equestrianstyle #itsallinthedetails #whiteshirt

475 0 Mar 20, 2018

Spring is right around the corner- is your wardrobe ready? lydia.oliver12's sure is! 😎✨ She's wearing the versatile Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover in Blue Grey- our top pick for the season. 🙌🏻

589 6 Mar 20, 2018

Since you guys seem to love the big boys! In order from left to right: Hercules, Samson, Zoey, Thor, Rocky, Rudy, Ace, Duke, Henry, and Charlie. what a great group of horses! • • • #horse #horseaccount #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #english #showvibes #thoroughbred #percheron #swimming #skyway #blackhorse #equineaccount

242 5 Mar 20, 2018

Our secret to making it through another Monday? Pony snuggles- lots of them. 🐴🐴🐴 life_equestrian has the right idea! Helen wears the blue gray Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover, 'Single Oxer' Derby Belt & original maelort backpack. Photo by kristinleephotollc.

871 4 Mar 19, 2018

If you've been following along with our Insta-stories, then you've already caught a peek at our newest spring addition! 😎🌺✨ Meet the Seek Adventure Sweatshirt- designed for equestrians who see every day as an opportunity to try something new, explore the world and have a great ride. Available online this week, so stay tuned!

619 7 Mar 19, 2018

Kinda sad I can’t ride 😩but I should be cleared to ride this week so I’m just doing what I can till then. I think he is starting to not like when I can’t ride cause I can tell he wants to • • • #horse #horseaccount #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #english #showvibes #thoroughbred #percheron #blackhorse #equineaccount

197 4 Mar 19, 2018

Week 1 at MET 🏅 Acabamos la primera semana del MET III en metoliva 😍 Volvemos a la carga el martes con Caballos Jóvenes 😎 in2strides

82 3 Mar 18, 2018

The 'Mallet Hill' (bottom) and 'High Goal' Derby Belts join forces to form a polo-inspired duo that's perfect for spring! Pair them with breeches or jeans for a look that's cool and comfy. 😎🌺🐎

659 9 Mar 18, 2018

I really love this cause it shows both sides of Norton. He’s such a good horse, he always works so hard with whatever he does! I lucked out with him 💕😍 • • • #horse #horseaccount #horsesofinstagram #equestrian #english #showvibes #thoroughbred #percheron #blackhorse #equineaccount

156 4 Mar 17, 2018
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