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I found this photo on hard rubbish years ago (back when you could fill your boot with so much you’d have to go home and do a drop off 😭 - I’d wake up at 2am to take my caravan to market, go home to drop it off at 1pm then spend the rest of the daylight finding all the treasure. Killed me, but so sooo good!) And even after many ‘culling my crap sessions’ haven’t been able to part with this. It’s been in my ‘to be hung’ piles for ages and love that it’s got a spot here now. Does anyone recognise this place? I hate not knowing things! 💚

94 5 Dec 9, 2017

I made our bed for the first time pretty much since Hawkins was born so I could see how my new pillows from homegoods look 😍 I’ve been on the hunt for a lumbar that wasn’t crazy expensive and I got both of these for under $50! I thought I was just going to use one but kinda love them both stacked together. And don’t be fooled by how clean our room looks - there’s burp cloths, diapers and dirty clothes everywhere. But cleaning this little spot yesterday put a big smile on my face ☺️ #itsthelittlethings

1915 81 Dec 5, 2017

I named my footstool Mr Boombastic. #shaggy

150 5 Nov 30, 2017


115 4 Nov 26, 2017

The fox is looking smug Whilst the giraffe is just hanging around. . . I am sure that I am not the only one ... Shopping my own home .... Moving things .. The love hate word known as faffing.... They always look so different in each room ... . . But I think Master Dylan (giraffe) looks better on the dark wall .. The fox can suit himself Happy Sunday 😘 #spotlightonmyhome #howistyle #myhouzz #styleithappy #pocketofmyhome #dailydecordetail #realinstahomes #sharemysqaure #eccentrichome

53 13 Nov 19, 2017

Hey house 👋🏻 I don’t think I’ve ever told the story of the table in this pic. I bought it at Camberwell market years ago and the lady who sold it to me told me it was made by the same guy who did the wood work in St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. Love it! It was broken when I bought it, the top was off and the legs wobbly as, so I think from memory it was only $20 but I took it home, did a bit of a shotty PVA glue job with bricks as weights and levelled it by eye (which is why it’s crooked 😬) but still I love it and I justify it by saying it all adds to the story. Happy nearly Friday!

149 4 Nov 9, 2017

Yesss I finally got around to hanging my stixandflora wall vase that I bought from the life_instyle trade fair earlier this year. Stoked! My house is so alive and green! I picked some of the flowers from the back of the bunch that work got me this time, but think I’ll just pick up things I find on on the ground of my walks after this! Excited to have something permanent on my walls that can continue to change. Best idea.

156 8 Nov 3, 2017

Sometimes in life we have to do hard things.💪 It can be uncomfortable, challenging, sad, exhausting, and down right difficult. 😣 But if we keep going and do what we can to drag ourselves through it, we may find joy in the journey. 🤔 We may even wake up one day, when it is over, and realize it wasn't that bad. Or maybe it was?😉 But gosh, it didn't last forever and we survived.👊At least these are the things I tell myself when I am about to do something hard.😄 "Just keep swimming Nemo!"🐠🌊 . . . . . #theeverygirlathome #hgtvmagazine #mybhg #bhghome #bhgcelebrate #cottonstemheartspumpkins #currenthomeview #homefabulous #countrylivingmag #showmeyourstyled #ggathome #falldecor #myhousebeautiful #betterhomesandgardens #modernfarmhouse #sharemysqaure #myhomevibe #everydayibt #myhousebeautiful #sodomino #beckiowensfeature #fixerupperstyle #SMmakelifebeautiful #apartmenttherapy #neutralcolorsoffall

725 52 Nov 3, 2017

So thankful for a hubby that scraped the ice off of my car when he left for work this morning.....SO cold taking the big girls to school, 31 degrees and our first big frost! Stay warm sweet friends! And happy Monday! ❤️•sources tagged•

1432 38 Oct 30, 2017

I nearly didn’t even look at this apartment for so many reasons. The photos made the floor boards look like the most horrid shade of orange, you can look over into other neighbours balconies, and it was on the border Rd of Preston and Thornbury and for the $$ value, I wanted a Thornbury postcode butttt... I viewed it with my Brother, the floorboards were ace, the other apartments didn’t bother me in the slightest and I figured any apartment I did buy would have an apartment built across it eventually anyway. I was in my dream location for my lifestyle and if I walk 5 meters across the rd I’m in Thornbury, my balcony was huge, there was tons of gorgeous, natural light (which was actually meant to be the main point of the story here but I’m waffling) and it was a blank canvas for all my objects that needed no major renos to get it into a state I was happy with. Despite the compete ass of a real estate agent at century 21 (don’t go thereeeee) I still put in an offer and after some negotiating got it. And this is what my dreams look like and also what I get to walk into every day (plus now a puppy who goes bonkers with excitement.) Despite all the rough stuff going on atm, having this bright, happy space to fall into has made my life pretty amazing.

243 11 Oct 29, 2017

Today included rearranging my house, as I’m going to bite the bullet and get a tv for my lounge room and there wasn’t really any functional place for it before. So the idea is to hang my gregirvineartist paintings, and then place the ‘as small of a tv as I can find’ below them. My whole living/kitchen has been shuffled (and I’m still tinkering) so more photos to come!

202 12 Oct 28, 2017

Are you seeing the amazingness that is beddysbeds? I can't even handle how much this has changed my little boy's morning! (and mine) 🙆‍♀️ I wish you could jump through this picture and experience the OCD satisfaction right now. 🙏Ok, but really this bedding is where it's at. The entire comforter goes on like a fitted sheet.👐 Wait for ZIPS up on both sides.😱 The fitted sheet, blanket, and comforter are all sewn in together. I know you are intrigued now....go see more in my insta stories and on the blog today! P.S. you can get 20% off until Halloween if you use code treat20 at checkout. #ad . . . . #beddysbeds #theeverygirlathome #hgtvmagazine #mybhg #bhghome #starwarsbedroom #kidsroominspo #projectjunior #kidsroom #mycoolkidsroom #boyroom #myhousebeautiful #betterhomesandgardens #farmhouse #sharemysqaure #myhousebeautiful #sodomino #beckiowensfeature #fixerupperstyld #SMmakelifebeautiful

484 59 Oct 27, 2017

The blues don't feel so bad surrounded by touches of copper and brass..... #dawnreevesdesign #mondaymorningblues

56 5 Oct 23, 2017

Big windy day today. This is the kind of day I lock myself in otherwise my allergies are so bad I end up with sinus infections. Woke up at 2:30 am fell back to sleep around 5:00 am, not a great start today. So I played with a few projects, nothing note worthy. Scrolling through pictures and thought I'd post this one. I love table scapes. So fun to be creative 😊😍 #falltablescape #pumpkinlove #fallfeels #fallforever #tablescapes #copper #diningroomlove #sharemysqaure

45 1 Oct 21, 2017

Are you team pumpkin? I’ll admit I’m a sucker for all things pumpkin when fall rolls around 🎃 🙋🏻 Dan doesn’t feel the same way - don’t ask him about the time I made pumpkin ravioli with pumpkin sauce and we had pumpkin beer for dinner - apparently it was pumpkin overkill for him 🙄 😂

3827 88 Oct 16, 2017
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