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When I was a young, I've always dreamed of having a successful life then having a family afterwards. But then, our Heavenly Father really has another plan for me. ⠀ ⠀ I went to college and told myself I had to graduate with flying colors and be successful to have a beautiful career. From then, I worked hard to achieve high grades, attend seminars, have extra curricular activities, and maintain my academic performance. Despite of the struggles, I learned to balance my secular learning by attending Institute classes. Then, I graduated last March 31, 2017 with flying colors as a Cum laude.⠀ ⠀ While journeying college life, I met my husband at the institute, from then we worked out our relatonship and after his mission, we decided to get married in the temple. When we were preparing for our marriage and wedding, there were many challenges that came in our way. ⠀ ⠀ I was a graduating student when he came back from mission, and my husband had no stable job back then. There was a time that we needed to attend a marriage seminar in the morning, then have my final exams in the afternoon. There were people asking me why I am marrying at a young age. ⠀ ⠀ Some people even said, "Bakit ka naman nagmamadali? Di mo na maeenjoy ang single life" and, "Mahirap maghanap ng work pag married na, think about it". Those were the hardest time for me, but those were also the times that I felt the help and comfort from our Heavenly Father. ⠀ ⠀ And after a week of my graduation, my husband and I were married in the temple last April 7, 2017. That was the happiest day of my life - being sealed for time and all eternity with my eternal companion. Those challenges and trials were indeed worth the struggle. They were indeed worth eternity. ⠀ ⠀ Today I may not be practicing my career now as what I've planned. Now, I'm focusing more on being a wife and preparing to become a mother soon. This opportunity is irreplaceable. I know that this is my divine role, to be a homemaker. I know that this is Heavenly Father's plan for me. ⠀ ⠀ — Jen Basay, jennherachelles⠀ Marikina Stake

4 1 Sep 22, 2017

The Idaho Falls Idaho Temple was the 8th operating temple, and the first in Idaho. Did you know the Angel Moroni was added in 1983 with the assistance of a helicopter? #utah #idaho #utahtemples #adobeillustrator #pgwest #ilovetoseethetemple #ldstempleaday #grove9th #BYU #BYUAlumni #byui #byuidaho #byuialumni #mormon #brighamyoung #thomassmonson #mormontemple #foreverfamily #mountaintops #topofthemountain #saltlake #idahofalls #IdahoFallsIdaho #ldsconf #ldsconference #ldsart #sharegoodness

10 1 Sep 22, 2017

a[mar]... você é oceano, você é Atlântico, é pacífico, Ártico, Antártico, Mediterrâneo...você é onda, você é agua, você é sal, você é areia, você é Peixe... você é, nós somos... um... 🌊♥️ #tbt #aguasalgada #aguasagrada #saltwater #healling #oceanlover #ocean #peace #sharegoodness #beawake #aloha #alohalife #feeedom #noronha #dive #somosum #gopro #hero4 #nofilter

21 5 Sep 22, 2017

There is no greater example of righteousness, than that of our Savior! Tonight, as I sat in a room filled with Young Women Leaders from our stake and saw the beautiful pictures of the Savior in front of the room, I knew that, that was what today's focus would be! The righteousness of the Savior and the astonishing way he was able to use the priesthood to bless other's lives!! Isn't it neat to think that the same priesthood power that was on the earth during Christ's time, is the same power that had been restored to the earth in these latter-days!! He is still at the head of this beautiful gospel and holds ALL of the keys of the priesthood ♥️♥️ So much can be learned of him, especially all that can be done through the priesthood, when a priesthood holder lives a righteous life and has faith in the Savior! ♥️ #ponderize D&C 121:36,41-42 . . #sharegoodness #ldsblogger #ldsinfluencer #lifesjourneytoperfection #lds #mormon #scriptures #scripturestudy #Doctrineandcovenants #scripturemastery #studythescriptures #ldsseminary #ldsyouth #ldsreliefsociety #reliefsociety #mormonlife #wordsofgod

37 0 Sep 22, 2017

This guy of mine!!! He turned EIGHTEEN today! I have so many emotions about this! ❤️🎉🎈😢😢😢🎉🎈❤️👍🏻 We had to postpone our family beach vacation this summer because he broke his back in May. He had a long summer wearing his back brace and skipping out on some fun with his friends but he FINALLY got the all clear to start rehabbing his spine and getting strong again. He couldn't wait to go to the beach and get some lobster! I'm so proud of this kid! He still has quit a bit of therapy to do but he's been such a champ about it! Happy Birthday Blaise! Mommy loves you! And next time you're in Carlsbad you HAVE to try kingsfishhouse. Seriously sooooo good and a great experience!

15 1 Sep 22, 2017

"Let your light so shine" #lds #sharegoodness #light Hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy your first day of fall tomorrow! 🍂🍁- Jo

11 0 Sep 22, 2017

Skyler let me escape for some much needed me time last week and I wrote about it up on the blog :) link in bio <3

30 5 Sep 22, 2017

Friday Ritual ⚡️⚡️

71 2 Sep 22, 2017
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