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Caturday done right #shapexcurves

151 10 Feb 10, 2018

Got up so sorrr today but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 💪🏻 Don’t be with someone who makes you feel fat, not good enough or think you should be shorter, taller, slimmer or fatter #justsaying

236 7 Feb 8, 2018

so proud of myself for not taking home the ginger kitty (i could see the bibik staring at me with the penyapu lidi) 🤣 and for not getting a dozen donuts 🍩 (it’s still early but fingers crossed 🤞🏿) #shapexcurves

137 11 Jan 31, 2018

My kind of bubble bath: SWEAT bath. But thanks to my trainers in curves_bukitdamansara curvesmalaysia 💪🏻

208 5 Jan 22, 2018

What winter weather? Ran in the rain today, good thing I got my raincoat on🧝🏻‍♀️ #shapexcurves

241 8 Jan 13, 2018

resolution #1: get carol.leongsw -abs 😘

254 7 Jan 4, 2018

Thanks shapemalaysia for the #bodylove (i like how you guys put it♥️) feature on #shapeproud women🦄 (tho i’m a unicorn, i shall let this one slide) 😘 Thanks shapemalaysia Team especially jay_jayaraj for the inspiring piece on curvy women. Funny that hereisgina is on November’s shapemalaysia cover cos I’ve been watching cwjanethevirgin since I’ve been recuperating after surgery. And thank you batrisyiajay // baetrisyia for being a darling and getting all the good and that one #onpoint shot of me with my tongue out cos penat. Not easy being in a photoshoot cos you have to pose a perfect angle, perfect smile and you have to tuck that tummy in (i kid,i kid) but we had the Shape Malaysia Winning Team who made it effortless with the best stylist, make up from youngblood_my and the wardrobe pinjam from calvinklein , skechersmalaysia and forever21 🌈🦄💜 Had the best time that day , meeting new friends like rockabellarina and prolly my fittest I have been for the past month. Now road to recovery for my next full marathon 🏃🏻‍♀️ (this is when i hear everyone screaming: NOT YETTTTT) 🤣 Love for shapemalaysia ♥️ thanks again for the motivation 🌈💜🦄 #shapexcurves 📸: shapemalaysia and batrisyiajay 🦄💜 “Right now, I’m happier in my body and in myself more than I’ve ever been before, and that’s down to fitness and paying more attention to what’s going into my body. I’m definitely comfortable in my skin, and that also means having the body confidence to feel good in what I’m wearing. Some people say that for a ‘fat girl’ I show too much skin but I really don’t care about what others think as long as I’m happy. I am strong because I can really push myself in the gym. I don’t get tired easily, and I run marathons although I’m not very fast. Importantly, I finish. Now, I’m training for the Bagan Temple Marathon this month, and I’d like to finish in five hours. My personal best is seven hours. My mantra? Eat healthy, exercise regularly, go out there and have fun and always, always be happy.”

192 19 Nov 3, 2017

Thank you shapemalaysia ♥️ #Repost shapemalaysia ( get_repost) ・・・ Hear these seven strong and #shapeproud women talk about their body and why they are proud of it! Up on our website now. #shapemagazine #shapemalaysia #fitness #curvywomen #fitandstrong #fitnessmalaysia #shapexcurves #bodylove #zalbeatsovariancyst

207 3 Nov 3, 2017

a year ago, i ate everything i could find in the fridge, working out was a walk to mcdonalds and I couldn't care less about healthy eating. Today, i still love cheesecake ice cream🍦 and donuts🍩 but moderation is key 🙆🏻 #shapexcurves

168 10 Aug 12, 2017

Ordered dahmakan for my favourite strainers in curvesmalaysia Bukit Damansara today♥️ It takes a lot of patience (I mean a lot) to train me cos boy, I can whine, talk and giggle like nobody's business cos the Head Coach once said can you not giggle at every machine. But I can't help it cos i find working out tedious when I don't laugh about it. Thank you Nadia, Azirah, Ila♥️ and Carol for the boost and a whole lot of love, support and patience for me. Hope you liked today's buka puasa, insyaAllah to more workouts soon 👌🏻🥗 #day39vegetabae #postworkout #dahmakan

61 1 Jun 6, 2017

My vegetarian fix for today #day34vegetabae

69 7 Jun 1, 2017
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