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So December is busy writing, planning and being a mum/writer/speaker...the new blog goes live this week awakeningthewomen which is all about feminine self discovery, recovery and healing where I will post poetry, musings and meditations. as well as plans for sheiswellness I’ve realised a lot of you follow me for health and wellness tips which there has been little of recently so I’ll be re launching that properly in 2018 it will be full of nutrition guides, workout ideas and mindfulness tips whilst this page will remain all things self discovery! . . . #busymum #wellness #lifestyle #setherfree #standinyourpower #hustle #empoweredwomen . .

17 0 Dec 13, 2017

Baby santa! We have less than 24 hours till our crowdfunder to help refugee and asylum-seeking mamas and babies in our community here in London finishes, we have less than £300 to raise to reach the target! Link in bio. If we raise more, this will all be put towards supporting #happybabycommunity in 2018 and there is such in desperate need in South London ~ our goal is to set up a new community there in the New Year.... Hugest thanks to everyone who has supported us on this so far ~ spreading the word, donating, posting about this.. and the great team from #creditsuisse today. I wish we could give you all a big hug 🙏❤️🎆🎈🎉 It means so much to us ourmala and helenbamberfoundation but most importantly the women and their little ones. Knowing there are people out there who care and are actively supporting them without even having met them and their babies is very significant for them. We had our Christmas party today and one of the women stood upon front of all the others, mic in hand and said that coming to #happybabycommunity helps her replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and not give up and she encouraged the rest to not give up on their dreams. Six months ago, this woman was not in a place where she would have had the confidence to do this. Thank you so much again for your support and for your kindness 🙏😎

39 2 Dec 11, 2017

Finally she realized none of it was real but this.....❤️❤️❤️🌤 #setherfree #keepyourfeetontheground #standstill #morningmotivation #backontrack #morninginspiration #morningworkout@

256 0 Dec 11, 2017

Let it go and let it snow! . . . #whitechristmas #snow #setherfree #snowy #freedom . . .

56 9 Dec 10, 2017

She kept calling me back until I had no choice but to listen...image lapinblu . . . #healing surrender #barefoot #free #setherfree #backfromthedarkside #again . .

26 2 Dec 8, 2017

My six 1:1 VIP spots aren't only for women who want to lose weight! . . Because, Really I want to help you heal your relationship with food and address the real issues- such as self love/worth or stress, trauma etc, because the truth is food and weight are simply symptoms! They aren't the real issue. . . The issue could be insane stress you're going through that's causing you to have intense digestive issues. I've experienced it before and seen many others go through it. You can't keep anything down, you're loosing weight faster than ever before. You're constantly going to the bathroom. Everything hurts and you're fucking miserable. It makes you feel hopeless and like you can't eat anything! The amazing thing is though, that once I healed the stress, my symptoms went away almost instantly. I went from suffering for 1.5 years, every test possible by Specialist with NO answers to healing myself within a couple months 😱 I've witnessed many others heal themselves physically by starting with their minds! . . Or maybe you don't feel worthy of love so you're subconsciously trying to hide yourself by over eating, because you're terrified of being vulnerable. Or maybe you feel lonely and depressed and you turn to food for comfort. All of these issues can be solved and rather quickly, once you know what is truly going on and how to solve them! Once you solve the real issues (your mental blocks), you can learn how to build a healthy relationship with food (the symptom) and reach a healthy weight (positive side effect 🙌🏼). . . Everything is connected and I want to help you repair it all 😘 because everyone deserves emotional and physical freedom. It's a beautiful life once you achieve this ☺️ so let me help free you from that cage so you can live the most beautiful life 🙌🏼💋

956 5 Dec 8, 2017

Where there is a will there is a way 😎 Went to the UK national conference on Improving Mental Health Support for Asylum Seekers & Refugees in Manchester today. Great speakers including representatives from dotw_uk and mindcharity Looking forward to ourmala's 2018, working in partnership with more like-minded organisations and also outside London 🙌 #refugeementalhealth This pic is my **subtle hint** that more funding for healthcare, especially for refugees and asylum-seekers, is not only massively needed but would pay dividends. I am not holding my breath and nor am I holding it for the massive reform we need at the UK Home Office to improve the current system that is causing SO much suffering unnecessarily and compunding trauma in people seeking asylum. The pic was taken after our big #heretobe fundraiser earlier this year with lululemon and this cash was raised by l the brilliant supporters who bought raffle tickets with lululemonuk at migrationmuseumproject! See? Where there is a will there is a way. If the government doesn't prioritise adequate funding to look after the people seeking asylum in this country, I guess citizens who care will do. Personally, I have lost count of all the amazing people I know taking positive actions to show they are #withrefugees And long may it last and long may it increase! Huge respect and love to everyone we are working with ourmala and all our supporters and to everyone with spirit who isn't letting the idiots get them down. 😎 ... Oh ~ see link in bio. 5 days left to make a difference!

83 7 Dec 7, 2017

Yarls Wood is a stain on our society. I visited a woman who after a serious operation was meant to be under observation for her health, but was left in the room alone for 24hours and had to ask and ask for her bandages to be changed when they were saturated with blood. It was devastating to hear her story of domestic violence and being exploited for money for her visas, she has done nothing wrong and her mental health is deteriorating to the extent her hairs falling out. We must do everything we can to #ShutItDown!

65 4 Dec 6, 2017

Vintage Marla feeling so very at home here. #setherfree #handpainted #artfashion

10 1 Dec 6, 2017

There was once a girl who was tired of everything the world had to offer... So she started looking for the right words to change the world! . - Shubhreet . . . . . . Photo credits: mommyingbabyt (as always) Photo Edits: Moi! ;) ______________________________________ #whyiwrite #quotes #words #thoughts #wordstoliveby #writer #ilovewords #qotd #crypticbabble #blogger #mumbaiblogger #indianblogger #writer #writersofinstagram #writersofindia #belief #changetheworld #life #love #thisisme #voicesinmyhead #pentopaper #freespirit #setherfree #iamme #writersofig #instaquote #instadaily #instagood #mylife

152 39 Dec 4, 2017

She was born to be free, let her run wild in her own way and you will never lose her 💗. . . . . #free #freedom #wild #see #viewpoint #ensenada #baja #bajacalifornia #california #setherfree #justme #imtb #wanderlust #gypsy #caligirl #traveldiaries #pacificocean

91 3 Dec 4, 2017

Wild woman are an unexplainable spark of life.. If you have met one, hold on to her, she'll allow you into her chaos but she'll also show you her magic. - - #poem #nikkirowe #freedom #woman #wildness #love #setherfree #beeingherself #likes #tags #like4like #likeforfollow #likesforlikes #freeda #whatmakesyouhappy #mode #cool #hot #summer #hair #everythinghappensforareason

61 1 Dec 4, 2017

Anyone else feeling the full moon energy? I’m feeling kali fire so move outta my way if you see me coming 🔥and yet contemplative and fragile...questioning everything and everyone so now is a good time to move into editing and positive critique mode! . . . #writer #edit #setherfree #fullmoon #cycles . . .

56 6 Dec 3, 2017
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