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👁☯️👁JOIN ME:: theonenesssolution ⬅️⬅️⬅️💥💥💥 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ <☀️️This door of initiation is connected with the great problem of what H.P.B. calls the "mystery of electricity" the door is itself an electrical phenomenon essentially. Having said this, even if you do not understand my meaning, you can, however, grasp the possibility that (being electrical in nature) it can easily present an obstructing force, a repelling energy to the approach of the aspirant this is the correct way to look at it. It is only when the electrical energy of which the door is constituted and that of which the man is constructed at any particular time synchronize and vibrate in unison that the aspirant can pass through to greater light. This gives you a somewhat new and rather abstruse definition of initiation. Nevertheless, as science arrives at a better understanding of the human being as an electrical unit of power and light, and of his triple mechanism as created of three aspects of electricity, a truer comprehension of the significance of initiation will eventuate. The three fires of which all things are made are electrical in nature and - speaking symbolically - it is only when "fire by friction" is dominated by "solar fire" that the first four initiations can be taken, culminating in the fifth initiation in which these two fires are subordinated to "electric fire" emanating from the monad and giving a new revelation. This monadic process begins at the third initiation. It might be added that the third initiation (culminating in the Transfiguration) is taken on the three higher levels of the mental plane, and that it is therefore upon the fourth level of the mental plane that the aspirant first of all stands before the door, seeking initiation. That electrical unit or phenomenon of electricity which we call the fourth kingdom in nature, on this fourth subplane of the mental plane esoterically "ejects" the unit of electricity which is ready to be absorbed by the higher form of electricity. Fire by friction dies out and solar fire takes its place, and the relationship between the two higher forms of electricity becomes established.> ✨The Rays and the Initiations // 🔵Djwhal Khul 🔻

39 1 Feb 20, 2018

👁❤️️👁PIG MAGICK. TOUCH THE EARTH. WE ARE ONE. >>> <🌎If dominating and destructive relations to the earth are interrelated with gender, class, and racial domination, then a healed relation to the earth cannot come about simply through technological 'fixes'. It demands a social reordering to bring about just and loving interrelationship between [ALL SENTIENT LIFE], between races and nations, between groups presently stratified into social classes, manifest in great disparities of access to the means of life. In short, it demands that we must speak of eco-justice, and not simply of domination of the earth as though that happened unrelated to social domination.> ✨Rosemary Radford Ruether ➖➖➖➖➖➖▪️▪️▪️ 🎁JOIN ME:: theonenesssolution ⬅️ selfcareissacred ⬅️ boundariesarebeautiful⬅️ 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 #selfcareissacred #guineapig #shamanism #gaia #divinefeminine

50 1 Feb 20, 2018

Oh yes we do! ❤️💫📿🔱🦋🙏🏼 #rishis #wisdom #blessings #selfknowledge #ganga #babaji #himalayas #sacred #allinone #awakenlove #magicplace

12 3 Feb 20, 2018

Nem tudo está nas suas mãos, Nem todas as pessoas enxergam como você quer, Nem todos os seus sonhos acontecerão agora... Então fecha os olhos, desliga e sinta seu corpo relaxar. • danukinha 💭📝🌸 • #Poisehacontece #DaniOliveira #freedom #selfknowledge #beyourself #Bebrave #Insideout #regandoOJardim #seToque #seame #secuide #vida #thinking #pensar #agir #equilíbrio

217 3 Feb 20, 2018

Regrann from meanytaughtme - Your knowledge is most important to our future generation not man-made equivocations. but, your true knowledge of Life understanding. #knowledgeispower #truth #selfknowledge #gowithin #awaken #awareness #oneness #eachoneteachone #ancestorsspeak #elevation #meditation #knowthypower - #regrann

22 0 Feb 20, 2018

I wrote about truth and rage on the blog today. Link in bio. ——— I grew wounded by truth that only knew rage as a mode of expression. I think we all do in some ways. We might live with the wounds of injustice and inequity, or we live in the wounds of denial and lies. I’ve come to think of my dangerous relationship with truth and rage as drive-by truthing. I let it rage out of me like uncontrolled weapon spray, and then I race off in the other direction so I don’t have to feel the consequences. My young experiences taught me if I tell the truth, I best also run for cover. Image by aznbokchoy

15 8 Feb 20, 2018

I'm pride of this movie representation on both sides of the track , (some not All ),these super wake people missing the whole PART of how to undo the brainwashing of the New Generation. Planting a mental seed is power rather you agree or not. #stopbrainwashing #selfknowledge #newgenerationneedsthis #blackmagiccinemacamera

42 0 Feb 20, 2018
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