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My family and I worked really hard training Apollo. When he was a lot younger and living full time on the farm, I use to send my sidlings dog training videos and asign each of them a thing to work on during the week. After many nights and days, poop and cleaning white carpet, almost giving up and so much reasearch, I think I can say that he's perfect. 😙 Happy 11 months Apollo! My mom has insisted I have to replace all the carpeting in the house, so one day, we'll do it for your birthday (maybe when you turn 5?). I am so proud of who you've become (accept when we're at the dog park, bc you don't listen to me and think it's alright to run away from me and ignore me) and I'm so excited for many more years to come. 😊 Did you know that Apollo actually failed his puppy class? His instuctor said it was because he barked too much during class, lol. So I asked her, "I don't understand, everyone from my family to friends work with him. He does everything at home and he isn't a barker. Tell me how I'm supposed to help him if the only place he barks is here?" The instructor told me to come in again for a one on one...but I decided not to show up for the last meeting. Apollo isn't a barker and has never had an issue with barking too much. 🐶 Instead, I got the instructor's email (it took me like a week of phone tag) and sent her multiple videos of me training Apollo. He was perfect--he is. He's come a LONG way since and I can finally admit publicly that he failed puppy school. But if you meet him, you'll never know. ❤ I think I only took Apollo to puppy classes because I wanted to assure myself that I was teaching him correctly. And I was, still am. We are currently working on getting him to listen at the dog park. 😣😭☠ I love you Apollo. You are the best. ❤ ~Mama #apolloyingjr #apollo #apollothehusky #husky #siberian #siberianhusky #siberianhuskypuppy #trainingahusky #stuborn #huskyworld #babyboy #thoseeyestho #blue #handsome #puppymom #huskymom #huskylife #huskyfamily #huskytraining #puppytraining #failed #selectivehearing #poop #love #family 💩 P.S. The instructor never replied to my email, so I'm going to assume that we showed her!

14 0 Mar 17, 2018

Always an amazing concert! #ourlastnight #selectivehearing #favoriteband

7 0 Mar 17, 2018


24 1 Mar 17, 2018

Haha Happy Friday, mamas! We hope you don't have too many 'motivational speaking' moments today! 😂

75 4 Mar 16, 2018

truly one of the best humans on this planet. trevor I love you so much & thank you for everything💞💞 #ourlastnight #denver #selectivehearing #selectivehearingtour

44 0 Mar 16, 2018

I tell Mr. Gato I have to get up but he pretends he doesn’t hear me. #sirsnowball #selectivehearing #catsofinstagram

20 2 Mar 16, 2018

You know that point when you start to wonder if your old dog can hear you anymore then you opened anything food related and realize they can hear just fine, they just choose not to listen. #selectivehearing #paidherdues #goldenyears

231 8 Mar 16, 2018

Day off today in Omaha. Such an exciting, hip hop happenin town! We play to a sold out crowd in Chicago tomorrow at the Bottom Lounge! #ourlastnight #oln #ithemighty #itm #donbroco #julevera #selectivehearing 📸: aaronkinskywlkr

53 3 Mar 16, 2018

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64 2 Mar 16, 2018

What's that Mom? I can't "hear" you.. wait what? come back home? You have treats? Meh Maybe later I need to check out these bushes first make sure there's no shady characters under here... #nosyneighbour #sillypumpkin #sillycat #orangecutie #orangemenace #catmomprobs #cats #catsofinstagram #catwalk #hearingproblems #selectivehearing #lovemyminions

16 2 Mar 15, 2018
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