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I never shared my top #top9of2017 for karina_lyn_photography These were definitely some of my favorite posts!

17 1 Mar 19, 2018

Back & Enlightened💡 📷: iamshpak stillshpak hair by: shaylihair 🖤

318 5 Mar 19, 2018

✨Featured inspiration: janesofresh_life ✨ Be confident in your beauty!

13 2 Mar 19, 2018

✨Book your appointment this month and get your lashes done for only $85!✨

10 1 Mar 19, 2018

Went to shoot the cherry blossoms and got distracted by this incredible magnolia tree #uwcherryblossoms #seattlemodel

24 8 Mar 19, 2018

missing these carefree vibes

74 4 Mar 19, 2018

My gratitude to the kind and stunning Natalie for shooting studio with me. She crushed it. // Model: natalieischer.

131 7 Mar 19, 2018

The other day I had a very long talk with another person I look up to hair industry that made me open my eyes to how I come across to others and it made me step back and really take a look at what I was doing and how I present myself to others. Step one learn how to smile and compliment others . This is a killer photo from 📸 _coltonthomas_

98 11 Mar 19, 2018


160 3 Mar 19, 2018

“observe what we want to cultivate and invest more energy in
While letting go of any setbacks and misguided energies 
Not with self doubt and regret
But with acceptance and realization
Refining a new, clearer vision of our path and purpose.” - Sunday Reflection🌞 Photographer: dreamhousestudios253

56 3 Mar 19, 2018

going through some edits today with the amazing louisasukanta had me thinking. lately I’ve been feeling pretty lucky by all the nice people I’ve been able to meet through photography. I have to say I am looking forward to what’s to come 😊

108 35 Mar 19, 2018

I have such an amazing relationship with all the photographers I’ve worked with , everyone knows my birthday it’s coming up this Tuesday and one of my lovely friends duffinjim edited one of our pictures into a magazine cover , unfortunately it’s not a real publication BUT it’s one amazing edit! Thank you Jim! Looking forward to working with you again ! ITS EVEN DATED FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Pc duffinjim . . . . #1940s #oldhollywoodglamour #hollywood #classy #photoshoot #photography #seattlemodel #jewlery #glamour #beauty #hair #updo #makeup #pnw #love #sexsymbol #redlips #nails #seattlemodel #seattle #washington #eyebrows #beautiful #glamhollywood #moviestar #celebrity #seattlemade #classicstyle

16 1 Mar 19, 2018
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