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What better way to end a day? #FlyICON #learntofly

318 4 Jan 24, 2018

Mount Dora Florida ! #NoFilter #Sunset #Seaplane #Florida

9 0 Jan 24, 2018

LADY ELLIOT ISLAND | 🐢 | 🦈| 🌴 Weekend spent swimming with turtles, sharks and rays... and not packing. #worthit #lastweekendinaus #turtlelove #seaplane #ladyelliot

21 0 Jan 24, 2018

Cold winter days=art experiments!!! My Fi and Gasworks park in Seattle ! #Seattle #gasworks #fridakahlo #seaplane #manipulatedphoto #art #creative #winter

23 1 Jan 23, 2018

Great, exploring, and feeding my soul.

117 5 Jan 23, 2018


251 3 Jan 23, 2018

Its not a floatplane and its not a conventional seaplane. Nor is it a ground-effect vehicle. The F2Y Sea Dart used hydro-skis to take off. During the late 1940s, the US Navy was concerned about operating supersonic aircraft from carriers. Back then, those types of aircraft required long runways which were not available on a carrier. So, use the sea. I can’t even begin to imagine the corrosion control efforts which would be required to keep this type airworthy. I recall someone dipping a CH-47 in a lake and then having to spend a couple of days in rust prevention. Servicing aircraft based near the sea sees extra corrosion over those based inland. Nonetheless the Navy tested 5 examples from 1953 to 1957. There was even consideration of the type for a submarine aircraft carrier. The F2Y was and still is the only seaplane to exceed the speed of sound. Imagine landing a jet at around 175mph on the water without crashing into the water. #aviation #usn #seaplane #airplane #seadart 🇺🇸

11 1 Jan 23, 2018

Lunch break. #pilotlife #seaplane #pilotbum #anotherlongdayattheoffice

22 2 Jan 23, 2018

Throwback to when I went on a seaplane to Vancouver Island. I was skinnier then... 🌊 ✈️

10 2 Jan 23, 2018

When you face your #fear you find your #confidence

23 1 Jan 23, 2018
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