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Get ready to be blown away… Just kidding, we aren’t blowing these candles out. Simple candle accents will create a relaxing and romantic ambiance for all to enjoy. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

28 1 Aug 22, 2017

Sikca aldigimiz sorulardan bir digerini de bu resimle paylasmak istedik: - Cekimlerinizin suresi nedir? - Cekimler sirasinda isimize cok ozen gosteriyor ve gunumuzu ciftlerimize ayiriyoruz. Belirli bir sure kisitlamamiz bulunmamakla birlikte, ciftlerimize en buyuk tavsiyemiz saat onerilerimize kulak vermeleri. Cunku gunesin dogusuyla batisi arasindaki zaman dilimi, dogru isik ve guzel fotograf icerigi olusturabilmemiz acisindan buyuk onem tasiyor. Dis mekan cekimlerinde, cekim yapilicak bolgeyi belirlemekle kalmiyoruz, o bolgeyi ozene bezene tariyoruz. Sadece gerekli kareleri yakalayip, binlerce guzel aniyla tamamliyoruz cekimlerimizi🤗 Sorularinizla bize ulasmaktan lutfen cekinmeyin. Biz sizden gelen mesajlari buyuk bir mutlulukla cevapliyoruz❤️🎈 #goprovideo #wedding #wedding2017 #weddingfilm #naturelover #naturephotography #instanature #weddingphotography #savethedatenyc #savethedatephotos #discekim #discekimfotograflari #dugunalbumu #dugunvideo #dugunklibi #dugunhikayeniz #dugunhikayesi #instaphoto #dugunfotografcisi #dugunfotografcisiistanbul #dugunfotograflari #dugunfotografcisiankara #dügünbelgeseli #turkey #weddingphotographer #weddingstyle #dugunvideo #dugunvideosu

322 0 Aug 21, 2017

#HappyMonday! Mondays belong to you.. You have everything you need to make the most of it this week and every week.. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

24 1 Aug 21, 2017

These delicious centerpieces sure do ring our bells! And what we love even more is that you can opt to reuse. They may just wind up on your dinner plate next time! #Savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

59 4 Aug 21, 2017

Umbrellas aren’t just for rainy days, but you can still take cover underneath them! Patterned or lit up, this unusual decor will allow you to utilize your space’s potential to the fullest. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

37 2 Aug 20, 2017

Presentation is everything. Who knew subtle statements like these geometric mirror accents would play off of the desserts so well! #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

68 1 Aug 20, 2017

Happy #WorldPhotoDay! Make your event picture perfect with these Polaroid escort cards or balloon decor! #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

29 1 Aug 19, 2017

#Flashback to one of our past events...We never really get tired of this skyline...We're thankful to say we know the best spaces with the best views! #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

40 1 Aug 19, 2017

We all know everything sparkles under the right chandelier... Refine your event's outdoor lounge with a touch of elegance to balance out your otherwise soft and relaxed space. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

57 4 Aug 18, 2017

You're going to have to take care of your spouse "In sickness and in health"... so why leave guests out? Mini hangover kits are sure to not be left behind and won't go to waste.. Show your guests a little extra love and care.. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

91 3 Aug 18, 2017

Sustainable never looked so delicious. We love these edible cups by Loliware. Perfect for any warm weather treat, these last few weeks of summer will be ones to remember with this must-have berry sorbet #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

31 2 Aug 17, 2017

This bar is 'juice' the best! There's no better way to kick off your event.. All it takes is a few sweet ingredients to freshen up for the day ahead... #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

87 4 Aug 17, 2017

Happy #WeddingWednesday! Opt to bring a whimsical charm into your space with floral filled birdcages. It doesn’t get more romantic than this for two lovebirds. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

42 2 Aug 16, 2017

Todays #DIY! In bunches, carnations can steal the show. Add a personalized touch to your jars to bring character to your table decor.. #SaveTheDateNYC jengilbertnyc

61 3 Aug 16, 2017

Happy #RelaxationDay! Take your dinner party into the comfort of your backyard with a bohemian inspired setup. It doesn't get cozier than this. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

57 2 Aug 15, 2017

#StealThis - These mini arrangements double as centerpieces and favors. Your guests can grab and go at the close of your event. Clever doesn't cost a thing.. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

55 2 Aug 15, 2017

#HappyMonday! Celebrate your small victories this week. #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

42 1 Aug 14, 2017

Take your seat! No, really, take your seat. Use these mini chair escort cards to send your guests on their way! #savethedatenyc jengilbertnyc

57 1 Aug 14, 2017
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