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If you work with children, we offer #Paediatric #FirstAid training courses available for you to learn the skills you need. We have Level 2 and Level 3 courses at our #Leyland training centre on various dates in April. We can also bring our training to your organisation if you need it. Get in touch with Centaur Training Services North West Ltd now on 01772 433080, email info or visit our website to find out what we have to offer you (link in bio) #paediatricfirstaid #paediatricfirstaidtraining #training #trainingcourse #savealife #lancashire #centaurtrainingservicesltd

3 0 Mar 19, 2018

Canadian teens - we invite you to attend our upcoming National Youth Summit on Drugs & Distracted Driving May 10-13 in beautiful Welland, Ont. Learn how YOU can make a DIFFERENCE in your school & community! We've got an amazing conference planned and hope to see you there! Find out all the details & register today at or give us a call at 416-407-1693. *Pay early bird pricing on the conference fees and accommodations by registering before April 13th! #osaid #osaiddrivesafe #makeadifference #youthsummit2018 #canada #canadayouth #youthforchange #distracteddriving #impaireddriving #drivesmart #drivesafe #youth #teens #savealife

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Ready for the week! Can’t you tell?

10 1 Mar 19, 2018

⭐️뽀롱이 입양홍보⭐️ 안녕하세요, 뽀롱이 홍보대사 또코레오 누나입니다🙂 그동안 몇차례 올렸었는데 안타깝게도 뽀롱인 아직 엄마를 만나지 못했어요. 다행인지 안락사가 잠시 미뤄졌지만 언제든 일순위가 되는건 생각만해도 아찔하네요. 모든 아이들이 안타깝지만 제가 뽀롱이에게 더 마음을 쓰는 이유가 있어요. 보신분도 계시지만 뽀롱이는 저희집 막내 레오를 입양할때 마지막까지 고민했던 아이였기 때문입니다. . 레오를 선택한 이유는 딱한가지 안락사였어요. 당시 뽀롱이는 다른 보호소로 명단에 없었고 맑고 이뻐서 빨리 가족을 만날거라 생각했는데 여전히 이쁜 모습으로 남겨져있네요. . 그래서, 뽀롱군을 만나보고 왔습니다😄 첫만남의 소감은..아 이름같다ㅋㅋ 뽀롱뽀롱 혼자 조용히 잘 다니더군요ㅎㅎ 호기심이 많아 이집저집 기웃거리며 마실댕기고 그래서 처음엔 사진도 잘 못찍었네요. 한참후에 뽀롱이도 좀 쉴 타이밍에 찍었던것 같아요😂 아마 낯선사람이 카메라를 들이대니 무섭기도 했겠죠ㅎㅎ 피부도 좋아지고 안아보니 뭉실뭉실한게 너무 이쁘고 순둥했어요. 사진보다 더 이쁜 실물깡패였는데 발로찍어서 못담아낸게 아쉽네요😅 . 뽀롱이는 아주 밝고 긍정적인 에너지를 가진 아이입니다. 이 호기심 많은 아이가 더 넓은 곳에서 더 많은 것을 보고 더 큰 사랑을 느낄수 있게 보듬어줄 가족을 하루빨리 만날수있길 오늘도 바래봅니다🙂 . . #뽀롱이입양가는날까지!!🤞🏻 #리그램환영합니다🙏 . . ✔️뽀롱이는진해유기동물보호소에있어요 ✔️뽀롱이프로필은메인에링크를확인해주세요 ✔️뽀롱이입양문의24시간환영👐 . . . #강아지 #반려견 #말티즈 #멍스타그램 #펫스타그램 #가족 #유기견 #유기견입양 #입양 #사지말고입양하세요 #dog #pet #animal #puppy #instadog #dogstagram #animalshelter #adopdontshop #adopt #rescueddog #savealife

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Si no te enamoras de Haryana en esta foto 😍😍😍... Como hay tantos habitantes, hemos decidido ir, poco a poco, presentando a cada uno de ellos. Tardaremos mucho tiempo, pero seguro que valdrá la pena. Todos ellos tienen una historia terrible de abuso y explotación, pero con un final esperanzador ❤️ Haryana es una vaca de 16 años que ha vivido toda su vida junto a su compañera Ivana, atada en una cuadra a oscuras en Álava y sin poderse mover. Año tras año tenían terneros que eran enviados al matadero. La única felicidad era cuando una vecina les llevaba manzanas. Por su edad ellas también iban a ser enviadas al matadero y la vecina contactó con nosotros. Ivana y Haryana tenían tanto miedo al salir de su cuadra que tuvieron que taparle los ojos. Tras un largo viaje llegaron al santuario donde han aprendido a andar, a correr, a saltar y a seguir teniendo sus adoradas manzanas, han vuelto a nacer. Ahora Haryana recibe cariño, salta como un becerrito y lleva flores que le hacen ser la vaca más guapa, y vive libre y amada, como todas las vacas deberían vivir. Apadrina a Haryana para ayudarnos a hacerla feliz ► Hazte socio-colaborador desde sólo 6€/mes 👉 pincha el enlace de nuestra BIO ... #wingsofheart #Haryana #vaca #madrid #santuarioanimal #madridvegano #savealife #saveanimals

234 3 Mar 19, 2018

This girl is beautiful Biddi, a Shih Tzu who is estimated to be 10 years old, although she acts much younger. She is one of the 4 dogs that were dumped (likely by backyard breeders) in a rural area in Holt. We dubbed them the Holt 4 (Ford (adopted!) Lonnie, Queen and Biddi). Our President and VP went out into the woods to trap these 4 scared dogs and bring them to safety never to be unloved or unwanted again. Biddi is the second of the 4 that is ready for adoption. We believe these dogs lived their entire lives in cages, so they have had many things to learn about a being a beloved family member. Biddi weighs 10 pounds. is heartworm negative, and microchipeed. She's even had a dental cleaning since she came into our rescue. Biddi is searching for her forever family that will be patient with her shyness and allow her to open up at her own pace. Being shown love and affection and treated as a family member is something brand new to her. Biddi gets along great with other dogs, but has not been tested with children or cats. Her foster parents can't imagine there would be an issue since she is so sweet and there's not an aggressive bone in her little body. Biddi is very happy to sit on your lap and let you cuddle with her. She is a laid back kind of girl but also enjoys playing at times. She is working on her housebreaking skills. Biddi cannot go to a family that would crate her that just wouldn't be fair to this beauty after having spent her entire life in a crate. We want her to be free and enjoy a wonderful new life with her family. If you would like to be the lucky one to give sweet Biddi a home, please submit an application at #rescuedog #adopt #dog #dogsofinstagram #foster #instapet #rescue #furbaby #ig_dogphoto #dogsofig #pets #fbsbrescue #fosterdog #endpuppymills #ilovedogs #petsofig #dogpics #adoptadog #savealife #shihtzu #furever  #shihtzusofinstagram #petsofinstagram #instadog #dogstagram #animals #family #adoptdontshop  #rescuedogsofinstagram  #secondchances

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Prevent a tragedy from happening, please check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are working in your home today. ⚠️ ⚠️ Pacific Home Comfort Experts

6 2 Mar 19, 2018

This handsome boy named Buddy is a wonderful 1 Year Old Neutered Male Schnauzer that will be your best friend! He is up for adoption at Caring for Canines. #adoptme #rescuedogsofinstagram #animalsneedourhelp #adoptdontshop #welovedogs #schnauzer #schnauzersofinstagram #rescueiscool #savealife #makeadifference #welovedogs #adorable #caringforcanines #rescuedogs

6 1 Mar 19, 2018

Regrann from adoptrescue - Repost from waggingtailsdogrescueny using RepostRegramApp - These six poodles were just pulled from the meat market, where as you can see they were pacing in a frantic panic. . . We are so happy to report that they are now in the care of our vet in Korea. They will all require costly medical care in addition to the cost to transport them to NY. . . We are DESPERATE for donations AND fosters! Any donations are greatly appreciated! If fostering is something you’ve considered, please know that through fostering you are directly saving a life! We cannot continue our work without YOU! ❤️ . . Message us with any questions. Follow our website link in profile to apply to foster and find our Donate Button . . #dogmeattradesurvivor #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop #fosterdog #fosterdogsofinstagram #donate #savealife #saveadogslife - #regrann

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Dont wait for someone else to give you an opportunity. Be the creator of your destiny. Go out and find them. Not sure how? If you are ready to take action? Let's Go! Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 7pm GMT

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Consider this: Only a broke pocket man would pour Bolly on a Rolex... A person who knows true wealth wouldn't be so stupid... People of true wealth have nothing to prove. The currency is theirs and they are comfortable owning it. They use currency to make more currency. Those who show off by destroying expensive things to impress others are operating from a mindset of poverty, lack of confidence and no knowledge of self. They seek validation outside of themselves ny creating false temporary impression of wealth. Check yourself, get to know yourself. Count your blessings and resources. #Empoweringsafety

6 1 Mar 19, 2018

Our #CatsOnAPlane rescue mission continues! DPA is transporting more cats to our rescue partner Seattle Humane Society THIS WEEK to help ease the cat overpopulation in Dallas and enable them to find furever homes for the kitties very quickly. Our efforts to save these deserving cats would not be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers and supporters like you who have raised your paws to help! We are so thankful for each and every one of you! The cats’ medical & travel costs approximately $1,000. Please support lifesaving mission by donating whatever you can and sharing this post with your friends & followers! Tap the DONATE story in our profile to contribute . . . #adopt #adoptdontshop #adoptablecat #lifesaver #getyourrescueon #donate #donationsneeded #goodcause #savealife #support #share #catrescue #catsonaplane #adventurecat #cattravels

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