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Honeymoon 2018

17 2 Feb 19, 2018

Alley Kat Dragon Series Murasaki Dragon, 7.5% ABV. This IPA is single hopped with Sorachi Ace hops which is grown in small batches in Japan. Pours an amber orange color with a thin white head. Aroma of lemon, orange, grains, and caramel. Taste of circus, lemon, orange, grapefruit, bready, herbal hops, bitter finish. Overall this is interesting IPA, a good beer, and the Sorachi Ace is really unique.

28 2 Feb 19, 2018

squad at brian head yesterday 🏂🏂 #saturdaysarefortheboys #remindmenottogoonaholiday

11 1 Feb 19, 2018


7 1 Feb 19, 2018

wiseraymond2 telling us another joke: “A white guy, a Mexican, and a Blackmon walk into a bar...” #metallica #shellgasstation #saturdaysarefortheboys

29 1 Feb 19, 2018

Before the party with these brothers odaka__piyasekara wolda_perera #saturdaysarefortheboys #nightout #colorado #happenings #

19 1 Feb 19, 2018

Sometimes your circle decreases in size but increases in value #saturdaysarefortheboys #eaglesnest

9 0 Feb 19, 2018

summers are for the boys😈, but i can wait for this summer with the boys😈🔥 #stupidshit #saturdaysarefortheboys #summer

3 0 Feb 19, 2018
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