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omg guys we hit 1.4 k we’re almost at 1.5k jejsjsjzjahsjw ty all sm

2 1 Nov 18, 2017

STRAWBERRY DONUT 🍩———————————————————————— rn i have to go eat lunch, but i have been filming and editing all day so get ready for more videos❤️❤️ily all so much! ———————————————————————— [✈️] i sell slime! check it out with the link in my bio. shipping to the U.S only, sorry! ———————————————————————— [🌵] other accounts: fetchinqslimeshop // please no self promo, f4f, or sfs ———————————————————————tags: #slime #slimeasmr #asmr #oddlysatisfying #slimeshop #buzzfeed #asmrcommunity #satisfying #etsy #asmrslime #tumblr #clearslime #toofaced #paintmixing #satisfaction #reddit #nikkietutorials #slimetutorial #slimeamerica #soothing #relaxing #asmrvideo #instabeauty #crunchy #aesthetic #oprah #anxiety #love #instalove #talisatossel

2 1 Nov 18, 2017

*** ERZVO in The Global Art Awards 17.11.17 Dubaj, Burjn Khalifa - Armani Hotel. Organised by the Middle East Art Collector Association with associate The Wall Street Journal *** #erzvo #peterzvonar #art #awards #gallery #satisfaction #dubai #burjkhalifa #globalart #worldart

2 0 Nov 18, 2017

Creds to tibbleslimes • I honestly thought that this was going to be a cloud slime but then it crunched and I was like, “shit on my shoe” • • Qotv: do you have any weird things you say out of habit? • Aotv: ye ^^^ “shit on my shoe” • • • • • • Tags: #slime #slimey #satisfaction #satisfying #oddlysatisfying #slimetutorial #slimerecipe #slimereview #slimegiveaway #love #floam #crunchyslime #crunchy #styrofoambeads #clearslime #floam #floamslime #crunchyslime #sleepaid #calmdown #anxietyhelp #slime #slimevideo #slimeasmr #asmr #asmrcommunity #asmrvideo #asmrtingles #asmrsounds #satisfying #satisfy #satisfyingvideos #slimetymenotice #satisfying #satisfy #satisfyingvideos #slimetymenotice

6 1 Nov 18, 2017

It's the 4th quarter of the year and November is Financial Planning Month. What better way to start your financial plan without looking at your taxes! Oh, you thought you just had to do this in JANUARY? Well, that's not true! You see, now is the PERFECT time to start doing everything you can to reduce your taxes. Tax Dynasty has provided some Tax planning steps to take to minimize your 2017 and help MAXIMIZE your refund. 1. Accelerate tax deductions: Did you receive a pay raise or bonus this year that may require you to move to higher tax bracket? Did you know you can move some of tax-deductible expenses from next year to this year to lower your taxable income and tax bracket. 2. Give away things you don't need: Since the holidays are approaching now is the time to start cleaning out your closets and start donating things you don't want or need to charity. It's Win-Win, you'll get a tax deduction, others can put to great use the things you no longer need, and more space in your closet! 3. Get an education and tax credit: Do you or your child attend college? You maybe eligible for the American Opportunity Tax Credit or The Lifetime Learning Credit. Here is a tip: if you or your child is attending college next year, you can pay for the first quarter tuition before the end of the year and reap the benefits of one of the education credits on your 2017 taxes. 4. Contribute more into your retirement: if your employer matches your contributions that's even better! The best way to benefit financially is to put money away for your future in a retirement account and garner tax savings to boot. If your employer doesn't offer a retirement plan, you can still contribute to an IRA or a ROTH IRA. Let's make sure we don't run into surprises this upcoming tax season schedule your appointment to have a complimentary Tax Dynasty Review to make sure your on the right path to that MAXIMIZED REFUND. Please inbox, call or text 214-295-7470 for appointments! Click the link in my bio for more information. 👍🏽

0 1 Nov 18, 2017

It's done! It's complete! I've been working on Vanity Fair for more than a year and now I'm finally through and it's a little bittersweet. Thackeray is a wonderful writer and has given me a lot of little quotes and phrases to adore and share. What's the ultimate verdict you wonder? It was a delightful read even if at times a little tiresome with the history, which I generally like but for some reason just wasn't here for in this story. . . . . Rebecca, the little brat, I loved her unapologetic attitude to everyone and everything even if I disliked what she did to the people who cared for her. Amelia, was sweet, pity inspiring and frustrating; the kind of girl who is so good so as to deserve everything she wants in life but at the same time so naïve as to make you want to slap her a thounsand times over. Joseph.... meh.....Major Dobbin the ever constant lover and eventual savior and procurer of Amelia's heart is the kind of guy every girl wants right? . . . . I recommend it to everyone who is a lover of beautifully written words and wonderfully crafted stories. It won't be a let down. Now I can go watch the movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

1 1 Nov 18, 2017
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