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Der er sket lidt på to år 😂🙈 ~ Definitely got better the past two years! #samerecipe #crocheting #crochetoctopus #oneformygirl #oneformyboy #octupusfamily

14 0 Nov 16, 2017

So do those cupcakes look darker in the blue liners? #samerecipe

20 11 Nov 11, 2017

76 7 Nov 8, 2017

Things have been so busy lately it's like biscuit Sunday literally hasn't happened "in a month-a-Sundees"! Yesterday was the first Sunday I was home where we could eat and chill and actually enjoy SUNday like you're supposed to. Soon as I got in the kitchen my baby yelled from the other room , "Biscuits?!! You gonna make biscuits?!!" and of course I was. But this time it got hella rustic up in there. For one I was doing too much singing and playin with the kid, started with the intention of halfing the recipe. Messed up, didn't half the butter so I had to balance it out by making the full recipe. We were hungry. I skipped the rolling pen and was like, knead, knead, pat, pat, hand me a mug! --Cut the biscuits with a mug and slathered the tops with some egg wash using my fingers, lol. That being said, i THINK these were the best biscuits I ever made! 👅👅👅👅Shiney Brown tops, beautifully browned bottoms, a wonderful rise, flakey...perfection. --------------------------- scrambled eggs, breakfast collards, grits cooked in pot liquor, Biscuits ----------------------------------------- #sameRecipe #seeNextpost #biscuitsunday #biscuits #sundays #biscuitherapy #ancestorfoods #honey

18 4 Oct 30, 2017

It’s that time of year #samerecipe for last 20 years! #christmas #pudding

5 0 Oct 28, 2017

Having fun with dessert!!!! Parve creamy Cheese Cake with Ganache Same recipe two different looks!!! 1 read made pie crust crumbled 4 parve cream cheese 8 eggs separated 1 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract Beat egg whites till they have soft peaks slowly add 1/2 cup sugar In a separate bowl beat cream cheese Add egg yolks, 1/2 cup sugar and vanilla Fold in egg whites Bake @ 350 for an hour or till set Cool cake and refrigerate Chocolate ganache 8 oz chocolate 1/2 cup whipping cream 1 Tbs honey Microwave for 3 minutes #desserttime #nondairycheese #chocolateganache #cheesecakelover #samerecipe #shabbos

29 3 Oct 27, 2017

After all those years of cooking cakes - one for #mymother to be proud of! #samerecipe #simplebutgood

4 1 Oct 20, 2017
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